Thursday, 28 August 2014

This Post is for Traditionalist Anglicans and Orthodox. All others are invited to be bored in a very interesting way!!




     This is to allow the OROG community to see what a strange batch of people we conservative Episcopalians are.   We really are dull and boring.  We do not burn down matter how much the Devil tempts us to do so....and we do not shackle our women, one ankle to the bedpost, the other to the stove.
    We try not to follow the letter of the Law and Scriptures as we watch our neighbour's house burn down...there is time for that after the fire is out.  But we do think the Church is a Lighthouse upon the Rocks, signalling where safe passage begins and where the dangers end.   The Church cannot be a bridge that changes places across the river without notice, because THESE people find the previous placement inconvenient.  In doing so, we fail THOSE people, the ones who have had their Faith made strong by relying upon the refuge of tradition.
     We also see, by moving the bridges to adapt to the demands of the people who would be happier as Unitarians or Dyslexic Insomniacs for Peace, Social Democracy, and Space for the LGWGSEWEGDSA Community, that the pews are emptier each Sunday.
     So, we invite you to our living museum.   The video reveals a truly great thinker in terms of canon law and how that law interfaces with the law of Caesar in practice.   He is the guest host seated to the right,  aka THE ANGLICAN CURMUDGEON.  Since this programme is relatively new, we also ask that the OROG click here to build up the visitation count....nothing wrong with that because you did not know about the service or availability, clicking does not cost anything, there is no "shakedown" or credit card number required....just the same base-line traditionalist thought and point of view and verbiage.  
More later.
El Gringo Viejo