Thursday, 21 August 2014

Predictable - But maddening in any regard

     We are being deluged, almost, from all sides about how Obama did "pretty good" in walking the middle line between lynching the Ferguson policeman, and worshipfully venerating the unfortunate dead boy.   He was applauded for sending in a worthy intermediary between the competing interests in the case.   Those interests are, of course, the oppressed masses and the enforcers for the slave-masters.
     The worthy intermediary is the radical and corrupt Eric Holder.  He is famous for having lied his way through several "phony scandals" to the point that he has been held in contempt of Congress once already, and will likely be cited again in the case of the Internal Revenue Service corruption and cover-up.  His performance as the bag-man in the Mark Rich pardon during the last hours will be high among his accomplishments to chisel upon his tombstone.  "Here lies the most corrupt individual to have ever served as Attorney General of the United States.  Few people could lie under oath so blatantly are remain free of imprisonment."
     Holder enters onto the scene of a small city, a suburb of Saint Louis, accompanied by up to a score of attorney - investigators who are famously corrupt, leftists to the extreme, and roundly condemned by many, including a federal judge in New Orleans who wrote a 120 page condemnation of that body's performance during a police investigation in that city.  The judge in his decision summary referred to Holder's gang as "grotesque".   He described their performance as worthy of disbarment.
    Of course, among the Democrats and the Progressive movement these are accolades.   It is the same rating (Sir Edmund) Hillary gained from her boss who was chief counsel for the Watergate Committee for the Democrats of a slightly different day.  Hillary, like Holder, like Obama are Democrats of this day, as in Peoples' Democratic Republic of Wackopelosia" or German National Socialist Democratic Workers' Party.   Hillary, of course, was discontinued in her service on the Watergate Investigation group for lying and insubordination.  She was admonished somewhat publicly by the head of the investigative group, a Democrat, and advised that she would be given a most unsatisfactory recommendation for being totally unprofessional.    Holder and his posse come from this same ethic.
     The "Ferguson Investigation" is bound by the chains of bigotry and Leftism, and little or no good can come from their efforts.
     The further deterioration of an administration that started off low and has gone ever lower, is the idea that suddenly, after Barry Soetoro gives what appears to be a grudging recognition of another dead person's blood on this hands, the "the White House" and the "Defence Department" declare that an attempt to recover various prisoner/hostages in Syria, but....the effort failed.  The number of troops committed and the various platforms and armaments were even cited and specified.   I sat with my jaw on the ground.  This was such an obvious Valerie Jarrett iron-fisted demand to sway public opinion back in favour of the Man Who Shot Liberty bin Laden (also laden with security leaks and classified information dispersal, leaving one Pakistani doctor still in prison for "treason) that it 110% flabbergasted your humble servant.
     Is nothing sacrosanct?  Is there nothing that is immune from sacrifice that will those deranged people in the White House will not do in order to explain, justify, and/or further "perfect" their god-king?  Our secret ops successes should not be revealed or discussed when they are successful.  Less when they fail.  Mon Dieu!!!
     In the matter of Obama's performance, all involving  ''shuttle theatrics" with the flying of Air Force One back and forth, back and forth from Martha's place to Michelle's place at $500,000/one way per whack (actually more), the issue is sickening.
     He flies back to the White House to figure a strategy on how to take best advantage of the matter in Ferguson, Missouri.  He injects central government authority in to the matter while at the same time declaring that he can't do much because local authorities have greater prerogative.  
     As the governor of Missouri, a fool by the name of Jay Nixon, calls for the "rapid prosecution" of this case....later declaring that he had been misunderstood....Eric Holder comes in to talk to the "victims''.  The prejudicial attitudes are overwhelming among the Democrat - Progressive race baiters and vote-turnout enhancement operatives for said political group.   They are going to milk this Ferguson Issue into all the way to the ice-cream factory.
     Holder is going to have a hard time trying to explain away the aggravated robbery of the store, 12 - 15 minutes before the shooting of  Michael Brown.  He will figure some lie to explain away the somewhat severe assembly of fractures around the front of the policeman's face and eye.  Holder is very capable of  bringing a witness forward to testify that the copper fell down when he left his patrol unit to chase down Michael Brown and shoot him in the back.  "And you see, there is no proof that Michael Brown struck the policeman.  It is clear that the policeman injured himself."
bush's last round of golf as president
     Finally, this whole matter of shuttle-vacationing is maddening enough, without having to include the idea of Obama holding a press conference yesterday to lament the gruesome passing of the photo-journalist.  Obama, as usual, arrived late to the event, made a few perfunctory, hollow remarks about something "unrelenting", left and went back to Martha's house in Massachusetts.  In minutes he was yucking it up with his buds, driver in hand and as far removed from the shambles he has made of America and its foreign policy as possible.    The junior varsity has defeated the Obama Administration with its own version of "Arab Spring" and "Lines in the Sand".

   Those "red lines in the sand" you drew, Barry, turned out to be Foley's blood.

Getty Images

George Bush:   "I just don't feel right playin' golf, when I have troops catchin' bullets and gettin' chewed up by IEDs."
26 rounds in eight years.  None after mid-2003.
Barry Soetoro:   "Stupid teleprompter didn't work.  Flew all the way over there and all the way back, and had to read some stupid statement off of note cards."
186 rounds in fewer than six years....more casualties in six years than Bush had in eight....and losing victories, cancelling the successes and sacrifices of the dead, wounded, and life-interrupted reservists and guardsmen and Regular Army, Marines, Airmen, Coast Guards, and Navy.

 May the Great Yahweh bless them and may the Saints preserve us.

Too angry to sign off politely.  Thanks for your time and patience.  Shades of Benghazi being caused by an offensive video on YouTube.
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