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Odds and Ends: Muslims, Barry's Foreign Policy, strings, sealing wax, and other fancy stuff

      This first point is a fairly simple one, and one that has been made before here.   It is not disputable, and we use Saint Francis of Assisi as our guarantor and witness.   We also use the Koran.  We also use the foundation of the Knights Templar as a political and religious force and the ancient base of the French Masons, the Scottish Rite Masons, and the York Rite Masons.   We also use the Torah, particularly the part that is fully incorporated into the Holy Word as interpreted in the King James Bible, unabridged.

Mary receives the
announcement.  We
chose this picture
because it shows her
as a young teen-ager
which is her age at the
moment of the message.

Hagar and Ishmael begin
their trek to the west
     Mohammed and Yeshua are cousins, many times removed, but still cousins.  AND, Yeshua is a true prophet of Islam, a fellow named Mohammed said so.  AND the Blessed Virgin Mother, Saint Mary, Mother of Yeshua of Nazareth (meaning - a promontory, a place of reflection, isolation, observation)....yes, our Holy Mother....is a Saint of Islam, as is the Archangel of the Annunciation, Gabriel an Angel of Islam.   and on and on.  I know, not because I say so, but rather because Mohammed said so.

     This writer is a traditionalist, Orthodox Christian, as a member of the Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church of the Anglican Communion, but he still must see that  he has to resolve the fact that certain promises were made by Yahweh to Hagar.

      From her seed would spring another great race, and a covenant was made by Him to her that such would be.    And, it happened to the good....if one can only think of the Swamp Arabs of Iraq.   Such a wondrous place, indeed.
   But now, horrid squabbles between Shi'ite and Sunni and other smaller sects have brought Islam to these ridiculous levels.  Not only Christians and Jews,  Agnostics and atheists, Hindus and Buddhists, but always first and above all else, the scene begins with someone setting out in the early morning to blow up some other Moslem's mosque or funeral or wedding or bazaar.
    The Old Testament is replete with cross referential material that can be lifted from the Bible, put in the Torah, and then placed into the Quran.   Further, there were two main entries into Spain and England by the Jews. The first was when the Romans, supposedly, sent significant number of Jews and their families, slaves, servants, and possessions, who were associated with the minority of the Sanhedrin to Iberia and Britannia.  That minority was composed of those who were either supportive or neutral concerning Jesus's claims about being the Fulfilment.  They were sent there for their own protection.
     Next was the accompaniment by Jews of the Muslim Saracen invasion into Hispania and much of southwestern Europe in the later part of the Seventh Century.   Why Jews?  Because the Arabic and Phoenician ancestry Muslims trusted the Jews to be the quartermasters and accountants of properties and monies required for the war and occupation effort.   Buying and selling, repairs, camels and horses, provisions and forage, soldiers' and artisans' wages, and such were handled by those "other" Sons of Abraham.   The bulk of the Jews who were banished from Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella at the joining of their two kingdoms could trace their existence in Iberia to those times in the early eighth Century or just before.  As the Berbers (Barbary Arabs from Tunisia...essentially historical Phoenician peoples, confused with and somewhat mingled with the Arabian) and Saracens. (Please note that historically, Saracen quickly came to mean almost anything Arabic or Islamic.  There is no extant Saracen ethnic subdivision of the Arab division of the white race.  From the Beyond.com internet information service, To wit:  In 711, Muslims came to Spain from North Africa. They were called "Arabs" although they were mostly Berbers. (We'll now refer to them as Saracens, for the sake of consistency.) The Spanish Visigoths, with large minorities of Jews and Arians, welcomed the arrival of the Saracens. In 720 the Saracens occupied La Septimanie, the capitol of Narbonne in the ancient Visigoth Provence. In 721 al-Samah, the Muslim governer of Spain led an attack on Toulouse, and was repulsed by Eudes, the Duke of Aquitaine.: )  With this included footnote, the point is underscored about the pre-existing Jewish community, while the Germanic Visigoths were holdovers from those Germanics who hastened the final dissolution of the ancient, Caesarean Rome.  Those Teutonic types had settled in the warm and fertile southeastern part of Iberia, contributing to that motley mix of humanity often considered stunningly beautiful and generally comely to this day.   
     And for some reason or another, they got along with the Muslims and visa-versa.   As did the Croatians and other such in the Balkans when the Nazi SS would come looking for Jews.  For instance, the Muslim women, at profound risk,  would dress up the Jewesses and their children like Muslims....even teach them the language of the locale... so that the Nazi SS would just pass them by.   In the meanwhile, the Muslim men, at great risk, took the male Jews out to the caves and crannies of those beautiful little countries and hid Abie and Bennie and Jacob in places where the Nazi SS would not or could not access.    Mon Dieu!!!  Mon Dieu!!! What has caused all of this reversal?  Beelzebub himself??
      Anger at the loss of unused land???   And that the people who never lived there want to take away from the people who always lived there???  Those who then returned and changed the desert into a land of milk and honey???
     Muslims!  Please stop and think.  You are being cowed by cowards and bullies, and you are violating your own history....and you are carrying baggage with dirty clothes that cannot be unstained.  We all are.  We are humans whose original mother disobeyed the strict orders of the Almighty by attempting to be wise as He is wise....by eating of the forbidden fruit.  Move on. The South lost the War Between the States.  We can say it is ours, but the Yankees hold the title, the last time I checked and another war with a few million dead is just not worth it.   We get along pretty well, more or less, now.

Conclusion:   That all of this sound and fury is based upon the excesses of the various Crusades is ridiculous and specious.  The Muslims themselves had demonstrated their own successes well before the Crusades in establishing their culture and religion on European soil for over seven Centuries!  Then, at various times, large blocs of Muslim countries and kingdoms and emirates allied with those Christian countries and against those other Christian countries, as nations do.   Jews and Christians hung around, practicing great and lengthy traditions for hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of years....in some cases 1,700 years in the same place in the case of some Christian sects and denominations and for the continuity in the case of the Hebrews.   Then suddenly, a sect of Islam says "Death to Israel and those who support her!"   I accuse -  Muslim, think and take back your faith.  You must grant succour and three days passport to the enemy who touches your tent pole and requests succour.   Practice your religion in its positive passages.  Let the Samaritan be your beacon.  And remember when the Arab was associated with being generous to a fault.   Many good and bad stories came back from Iraq, but the story about kindnesses from Iraqis to the American soldiers are not uncommon.   Turn in the terrorists - turn on the terrorists, for the sake of your religion and traditions.   To think that these ISIL thugs would blow up the church/mosque of Jonah the Prophet.....
Strings, Sealing Wax, and Other Fancy Stuff:

     It does not "do" to sit on a surprise hostage liberation plan for a month and then order the plan into operation.  It would obviously have to be re-researched and scouted and re-mapped, and re-planned.  We start off with "Strike Three" and one dead, beheaded American journalist.  Shades of Benghazi.

     The commander-in-chief of the United States military said that there would be no "spiking the ball" or "dancing in the end-zone" after the killing of bin Laden.   He lied.  Since that time, he has done nothing but, like a fat, old lardbutt sitting at the bar talking about when he caught the winning pass for his team's State semi-final football championship playoffs....forty years ago.  At least that old lardbutt did not identify the Pakistani doctor by name and address....who still sits in prison in Pakistan, for "treason".
     The "junior varsity" has passed from its frenzy of victory and will now begin the fairly easy process of outthinking a narcissistic poseur, with limited intellectual ability, who is surrounded by people who are anti-military, anti-American...and who thought they were "pro-Muslim" until they found out that not all Muslims are angelic messengers exchanging new lamps for old.   The willingness of Barry the Golfer to overturn the statements and conclusion of his Secretary of War, Dolt Hegel and his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey.
   This is from the movie  "Shades of General Ham and Admiral Gaouette" about the commanding officers of land and sea forces who  had to be relieved of duty during the Night of Benghazi and transferred to a Naval Hospital on the Pacific Coast, in Washington State because of their "insubordination".  They returned after a few months, completely lobotomised and declaring that they never had thought that there would be any way to interdict the attack on the Benghazi Counsel Compound.  This was  in complete contradiction to their pre-lobotomised positions the night of the attack when they were both prepared to launch against the terrorists, and had so ordered.   The number of general officers sacked, demoted, and slandered during this administration is staggering.  The number of dismissals of thousands of middle ranking officers and high-ranking sergeants, even while at the front is all but incomprehensible.  

Joint Chiefs of Staff
Chairman  Gen.Martin
    We find the quandary facing Barry as he and his Bolshi-national socialist posse are forced into the reality corner.  All religion is an opiate for the masses, but Islam is supposed to be good and great...they have sects that  still allow the official murder of homosexuals and adulteresses.  I mean, what could be more enlightened?
    They can slaughter apostates and heretics without having a stain on their soul....although there is no such thing as a soul...and that is good because a soul gets in the way when at least 1,000 innocent Mexicans have been killed by Eric the Red Holder's illegal guns.   And, it's always better  to forget about a "Status of Arms" agreement when Marine One is winding up for the trip to the golf course.
   Drawing those lines in the sand is tough work.  And it's perfectly understandable to fly to a fund-raiser in Las Vegas while four Americans drain their blood out, abandoned to stain the sands of Libya.   Not even county the illegal, unconstitutional, and unconscionable act of ordering the harassment of small, Americanist political and social groups who made the mistake of applying for a non-profit status permit from the Internal Revenue Service.   What a bunch of slugs.
     And there ends the other fancy stuff.  Thanks for your attention.  More later.
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