Thursday, 14 August 2014

Notes from the Other End of the Republic of Texas

In the private blog I subscribe to, consisting of confirmed Vietnam veterans, a discussion of Lurch Kerry’s “initiative” in the Middle East ensued.  To that point there was a liberal scumbo who stirred up controversy by supporting compromise with radical Islam and support of Kerry.  I cannot post his comments but I can distribute my response:
“Hey troops... I think we have a Baby Ruth in our punch bowl here. That notwithstanding, the situation with Israel and Hamas is just the beginning of a world war. It can end two ways. One, Israel loses and the rest of the world becomes Muslim extremist or two, Israel obliterates Hamas and the rest of radical Islam backs off. If Israel loses the U.S. and the free world will be in a fight to the death. If Israel prevails, the U.S. and Israel (and other democratic countries) have to keep the lid on the terrorists. This asymmetrical war in which the world is engaged is one that will never completely be solved with the tactics we know and use today. The only chance we have is to wipe out the radicals as completely as possible with as little collateral damage as possible. They have to be eradicated where ever they are found. There is nothing simple, easy, or nice about war. This one is particularly messy because the righteous have to fight two wars at the same time. A virtual war with the politicians and their media accomplices and the physical war with weapons. We had that in Vietnam... remember? That has not changed but we have not yet developed the tactics for fighting a non-state terrorist guerilla war. We've all considered the conundrum of the unmovable object and the irresistible force. The radical Islamists are the irresistible force. What are we? Consider the power and influence they have amassed since the 7 Day War. Israel is the only consistent resistance they have encountered. We had Iraq but lost it. We beat the Taliban but let them come back. Our peace initiatives have only led to more insurgency. There is no compromise. Obama can say the war is over but our enemies don't agree. Saying it doesn't make it so. It only aids, abets and emboldens them. John Kerry and his boss are working against us either intentionally or unconsciously. It doesn't matter which. They (and the rest of the conga line of conspirators) have to go. Maybe this is too far from the topic; however, it is a very important conversation to be had, here and everywhere.”