Monday, 21 July 2014

When Natural Law Is Repeatedly Violated and Then Subsidised

people demanding that someone else
pay their bills.  It's only fair, no?
      You know, once the Klan ceased being a Confederate Veterans' group, Gen. Forrest ordered it disbanded. It was resuscitated by an un-holy alliance of Progressives, Margaret Sanger types, Communists, and Prohibitionists back in the teens and early 1920s. It soon began a steady decline, holding sway, oddly enough in Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio....the States with the greatest membership, primarily because of their labour unions.
     Then it went through bumpy times. The irrational, white-trash dumbasses tried their best to hate coloured people as hard as they could...but the South, especially grew steadily tired of them. Sons of Confederate Veterans now greatly outnumber the ranks of the Ku Klux Klan.
     The Klan also has another replacement, but to the downside. The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People is the gaggle of the most illogical, most arrogantly insistent to the right to other people's money and place in line, the loudest with the least to say of any group save perhaps for the American Democrat National Socialist Workers' Party. We are so tired of it.


A Klan Night March in 1924 in Dayton, Ohio
Part of the unholy alliance between the eugenicists (pre-
Planned Parenthood people), communists, progressives,
Prohibitionists, and the Klan.
     You people fell for the idea of returning to the Plantation to wait for your reparations from Father Lyndonham, and Jimmieham, and BillyJeffham, and Obamaham. Did you ever look around at the number of small business people who are black and working 100 hours a week? Did you ever look around and see the Black folks who are in attendance at a Tea Party rally or a Republican event? Did you notice that they looked like.....humans. They were understated, elegant, clean, well-spoken and thinking about their children and other folks instead of the gang we see pictured above.
    Demonstrating for free water? We breed them...You feed them? Dead young males draped, bleeding over every street curb. Born without souls. Born to steal, think of self only and self first. Born to destroy, graffiti, vandalise, and terrorise and die or kill quickly over a 3 dollar tab of crack.
    One can only save himself. Follow false prophets and you and your people are and will continue to be doomed to the perpetual falling from the cliff into the fire of Hell.
    Just once, look at the nature and bearing of Americans with Black African genealogy who are Republicans and/or conservative spokesmen/women...which is better? If you have to think to answer that question, then you are lost.
El Gringo Viejo