Saturday, 12 July 2014

The political / cultural full court press

     We are trying to put the train back on the tracks after being out for a month or so.   One of those actions required is to check on family matters, do some bookwork, get a bit of rest, and review mail, contributors, columns of interest, and of course, feed the cats.
     This submission is a fairly simple one.  It is profound for its simplicity, not for its burning intelligence or perception.  While reading my secular vicar's blog about Anglican, Episcopal, and Orthodox matters he paints out the extent of rigor mortis / decomposition that is the Protestant Episcopal Church of America.  The Presiding Bishopess of the Church is a dedicated modernist, at best an agnostic, and certainly a secular humanist progressive.  She and her allies are dedicated to making the Church more relevant and capable of relating to the "new paradigm" of cultural reality in the post-Christian world.  She and her cohort, who now control the previously Orthodox bastion, are the kind of enlightened people who recognise that myths and phony history made up by mystics have no place in the Real World.  In other words, Merry Solstice to All.
     In the Anglican Curmudgeon's last two very, very thorough analyses of the activities of the modernists, he spins a couple of lines that may become truly profound in the coming days.   Why?  Because they "tie it all together" in an understandable way.  The succinctness of the literary stroke belies the fact that the lines are within two very lengthy, intricate legal arguments that totally dismantle the moral and legal authority of the present governance of the Episcopal Church of America.
    One main point that invalidates their regime is the illegal abandonment of established Canonical Law.  Another main point is corruption, in that the Presiding Bishopess's "Chancellor" (chief legal officer) for the Episcopal Church of America employs his own legal firm, and charges handsomely for its service to the "relevant Church" in the continuous and on-going war against the traditionalist Diocese and Parishes.   Mr. Haley, my Chancellor, writes the following,

       "More than anyone else in the history of ECUSA, Katharine Jefferts Schori has infused the Church with a lawlessness -- a pervading disrespect for the duly enacted laws by which we Episcopalians all agreed to be governed -- that is matched only by the current Obama administration (and that is no small achievement on the part of 815). The more lawless she becomes, the greater the obligation upon her to repent."

     Lawlessness and Intent.  No anchors, no tradition save a dedication to defile and destroy anything that should be left constant with barrages of demagoguery of the worst order.  It ties the Universities (especially Roman Catholic and many other previously religiously based institutions), the Obsolete Press, the Progressive movement, and the previous standard for religious centrism and acceptance, the Episcopal Church into the morass of culture with man-made rules and standards that can change from one minute to the next.  It all requires that the rule of law be cancelled and that the rudders be removed from every craft afloat.

    While we would recommend linking on to the last two (and any others) submissions of Alex Haley in his running commentary concerning Law and Religion and the American Condition, the OROG will need patience.   This is not because the writing is bad, or even hard to understand, but rather because his work is methodical even when passionate.  So, therefore his writing, unlike mine, is meticulous and orderly.  It builds steadily to unarguable conclusions.   It usually takes me three readings for the progression of reasoning, and almost forensic case-building, to sink into El Gringo Viejo's "little grey cells".    Worth the read, but this time it will be at least 20 minutes...perhaps 22.  
El Gringo Viejo