Thursday, 10 July 2014

Please Stay Away, Barry

This is a scene from our corridor looking
towards the Rio Corona, showing the tier
effect of our plantings.   
     The stay down at our adobe hideaway was pleasant enough, but it was a bit exasperating to listen to my side's pundits and commentators at times.  It is simply disappointing to think that there is still  anyone who can say something like, "Why can't Obama see that his measures are hurting America?".    Or,  Saints preserve us, "Obama needs to go to the Rio Grande Valley and see this crisis with The Children."

     Once again, Conservatives in all 57 States, and every member of the Marine Corpse must remember that every single move made by Obama and his minions has been made deliberately.   Every single move, programme, and measure has been made specifically and purposely to diminish, disable, and degrade the grandeur and prosperity of the American Republic.   It is called Fundamental Transformation.

     We have seen the disabling of the Department of Justice.   All successes by the military in two relatively small but costly wars have been squandered by purposeful sabotage of the stand-down procedure.  Major private industrial projects are snidely shelved for "environmental reasons" related to a non-existent climate emergency.
     One of the reasons the Mexican President Pen~a Nieto has been slow to intervene in the case of the Marine being detained in Tecate, Baja California is because Obama has never addressed the culpability of the ATF and E in the matter of the Fast and Furious disaster.  Eric Holder snidely assured the Congress that he was working on finding answers about the programme, when, in fact, nothing has been done.  Hillary would not address the issue, nor has Secretary John Kerry Munster.
We have a nice crop of avocados coming
off, probably in late August.
    Mexican potentates have their flaws and foibles....usually including arrogance....and they are particularly grumpy when the American presidency indirectly manages to get a couple of thousand Mexican innocents killed  and wounded by automatic weapons being fed into the country.   Of course American sensibilities are offended by many Mexican excesses and offences, too numerous to mention.   But resolution of issues will never be on any agenda drawn up by Obama.   It is a wonder relations are as good as they are, and the cause might be the good fortune of benign neglect.
     Pointless overhaul of the medical industry was, is, and will continue to be a disaster for the economy and the culture.  The Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative will be the crowning Pamper in the Parking Lot of his administration.   Thoroughly corrupt and corrupting.   It really must be overturned, rescinded, and repealed.
Alvaro finishes the repair of the main central
support beam.  We installed a steel pipe as a
"tip" piece on both ends.  The old extension
had been damaged by exposure to weather
but the beams on the inside are in perfect
     The ridiculous becomes sublime when an Army deserter can be raised  to the level of honourable victim....even giving him rank when, at best he was AWOL and at worst was an enemy combatant, a deserter, and a traitor.   And to imagine trading five leading elements in the panoply of  Islamic extremists for a deserter.    At each turn in the ever-changing explanations about the conditions, Obama lied and his lackeys lied. 

     The Benghazi affair continues to putrefy and the stench has spilled into the collapse of the Syria - Iraq - Middle Eastern disintegration.   It could not have been co-ordinated better by the White House to demoralise and denigrate the American military and America's cultural and commercial interests.   I assure the readers that the general sentiment of the military personnel who served through the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars is very broadly negative.  The reaction of the West Point graduates to Obama's absurd graduation address represents a good measure of how the rest of the military feels about Our Favourite Manchurian.

     This entire "sudden crisis" of illegal aliens pouring into the country is something that was not at all sudden.  It has been building from Central America, especially over the past three years.  Anchor-babying, the ill, the retarded,  the criminal,  and the indolence that is coming upon us has been all but recruited by carefully executed, illegal changes to the detention orders and procedures put into place by Obama and his ogres. 
     One could listen to Guatemalan radio coming out of Guatemala City, wherein talk programmes would openly discuss how to make it into the United States and "evaporate" by not reporting for a deportation hearing before an administrative judge.   "Just don't report for your hearing date.  And do not remain in the city or place where your hearing is."   It is like orientation and training lectures.  Many of these last batches of several thousand came to the Rio Grande on their own, with no "coyotes" as guides and organisers.  They negotiated the Rio Grande on their own, and literally flagged down Border Patrol agents and turned themselves in.
      Because of the sheer numbers, and the abnormally high number of children, the system clogged-up and the Border Patrol had no place to store the people.   The illegals were given permission papers and were allowed to leave under a promise to appear at a later date.   It helped if the person had a family member or friend somewhere in the United States who could forward bus fare, and then the Border Patrol would take the aliens and dependents to the McAllen Bus Terminal.   Churches in the area and the Salvation Army have helped with food, clothing, and in some cases boarding the aliens briefly and providing money, transportation, and baby supplies

     It is a mess, and it was all done purposely.  The 2011 assertion by Obama that "The border is secure.   The border has never been more secure," which is frequently repeated by Homeland Security Obama-lackeys  is just another Obama act of arrogant mendacity.   So, Barry....Please stay away. 


     In other news,  the drive up was mainly accomplished in a moderate to heavy rain.   It was  also the case that the militarisation of the State of Tamaulipas has been fully implemented.  There were at  least 5,000 Federal Civil Police, Army, and Naval Infantry, by a fairly careful count.   There were five check-points, all in good order and functioning professionally.   Throughout the State there are a couple of score thousand effectives at this time.
El Gringo Viejo