Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Mandatory New Statute


      It is summarily mandatory that the Congress of the central government in Washington, D.C. pass by an overwhelming majority a bill that would specifically disallow the automatic citizenship of a child born to an illegal alien mother while that mother is on American soil.
     It is the aim of almost every female of child-bearing age coming out of Central America at this time to birth a baby in Des Moines or Paducah, so as to access the Cornucopia of benefits that accrue to the slothful.  Please remember that a person can gain the equivalent of 40,000.00 USD plus or minus, depending upon the amount of Medicaid that is sponged up by the abusing party, simply by having a baby.   It is better for the mother if the baby is born with a "disability" because that will turn the key on all kinds of "free money" and services.
    Sociologically it is all but inevitable that the girls who are pouring over....and most of the people involved in this "invasion of children" are in fact very much adults, aged 18 and over.....are going to be birthing gang members.   As the seed is planted so shall we, most certainly, reap the whirlwind in graffiti, drive-by shootings, DWI, burglary, gangsterism, and all the nice things that MaraSalvatrucha 13 and La Pandilla 18, and the like will bring to Peoria during the next few years.
     In the meantime, local communities will struggle with non-contributing people demanding basic services such a schooling, free housing, and the clogging of the emergency rooms while the babies grow into gang monsters.   Do not doubt this.  It was the fruit from the tree that was planted by the last Amnesty.  And it has been reinforced daily at the mid-wiferies here in Mission, McAllen, and throughout the Lower Rio Grande Valley.  Almost precisely 13 years after the last Amnesty, around the year 2000,  the Valley had the flowering of the previously moribund  Triple City Bombers....minimum of 100 killings in 10 years, Los 13.....the same type of violence and affiliations with the Mexican Mafia prison-based gang, the Latin Kings and several other "big-boys" gangs very similar to the Arian Nation, the Muslim Brotherhood, Bloods, and Crips, etc.  Armed Robbery and Drive-by shootings are professions and life-styles now for a sizeable percentage of the under age 30 crowd in the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley.
     Common factors in 90% of the cases?  Complete public assistance and miracle babyhood.
    Once again, we admonish the Cosmos that these folks are not the Mexicans who came upon us during the 1920 - 1970 period.   The comprehensive welfare system that we have foisted upon ourselves has brought upon us a peon class searching for a caretaker.  It is one of the reasons there El Salvador and Honduras in particular are part of the undevelopable world.  Guatemala might have a bit of a chance to rise out of the muck but all three countries will need two or three generations of direct American private investment in production based activity, perhaps agricultural processing and marketing of various crops that can be better grown there.   The problem there must be struck at the root, and not at the outer limbs and twigs.
Thanks for your time, as always.
El Gringo Viejo