Friday, 25 July 2014

Honduran President Blames the United States?


President of the Republic of Honduras
     We are given to understand that the individual pictured above has offered to the consideration of all that the problem with the sudden exodus of a significant segment of the population of Honduras to the United States of America is the fault of the United States of America.   To the extent that the President of the United States devised, along with Valerie Jarrett and various marxist thinkers within the cartel occupying the White House and executive ranks of the American bureaucracy, a system to induct unqualified people into the United States, there is truth to the charge.
     However, one might consider that Costa Rica is another nation where the United States has also been very brutal.   The United Nations has pictures of Israelis and Americans literally sneaking in at night and carrying away all the wealth of Costa Rica on a regular basis.  In spite of this, we do not see hundreds upon thousands of people trying to flood up to the Rio Grande to gain access to the Honey Pot of WIC, AFDC, Section 8, Food Stamps, Head Start, Medicaid, and all the other nice free things that are part of the elusive American Dream.  Costa Rica has its problems, but the Costariquenos seem to be able to stumble through Life in Paradise without a lot of nationalistic pathos and accumulated chips on the shoulder.
Population pyramid of Honduras
The birth rate in Honduras has slowed markedly in the
last three years.  It is now hovering around 2% per
annum and falling, still a nearly staggering amount.
     Geography and sociology are interesting academic and scientific theatres of thought.   For instance, in the case of Honduras, there is no other nation in the world where the value of the land divided by the number of people in the population of that nation would yield the fact that per capita, Honduras is the richest nation per capita on Planet Earth.  There are many ways to figure this and certainly Canada, Russia, and certain of the African nations in the sub-Saharan area might be in the running....but in the photo finish, Honduras and her 8,500,000 people would certainly be in the mix.   How could this be possible?

Copan is called by romantics
and hard-core archaeologists
alike, "The Athens of the Maya"
Stella "H" is an example of the
almost unbelievable detail one
finds in Copan.  Sculpture with
Chinese and Japanese overtones
abounds in the site and other in
Honduras, as well as Guatemala.
     It is possible because Honduras is laden with incalculable amounts gold and silver.   Other minerals and metals are found in abundance in the mountains of the central core of the nation.  Agricultural alternatives are limitless.  The fishing industry has never been developed to any significant degree, and considering the comeliness and archaeology of the nation, it should be overrun with foreign and domestic honeymooners and archeophyles.  The pyramid site of Copan could provoke the introduction of 1,000,000 visitors annually if developed correctly.   This could be done by developing any of several hundred "helper" sites so as to take off the daily pressure on the main star.  Presently 150,000 visitors tour Copan per year, about forty per cent are foreign.

     Honduras has about 8,500,000 inhabitants, and a total gross nation product of a little less than 9,000,000,000 (nine billion) USD.  This is a production that allows for about 2,100 USD per person.   Interestingly, a family of four or five, with a bit of luck, with two-and-one-half wage earners in the family can make do fairly comfortably, considering the lack of need for heating or cooling, for instance.
  The abundance of cheap and high quality tropical production, avocado, banana, zapote (kiwi) beans, rice, corn, and a hundred other goodies make Honduras a place where a Gringo could retire early, set up a little business and pay a little too much for better help, and live like a Duke on an income of 2,000 USD / month.   But, the civil authority gave up trying to control the most vicious of the gangs...whose membership is well above 100,000.
Numerous cruises stop at Roatan Island
on the Caribbean side of Honduras.  With
more, moderate development the number
of calls-of-port could be multiplied by 10.
     Luckily, the gangs, Los 18 and the MaraSalva Trucha, and a hundred lesser and affiliated groups tend to spend most of their time killing and terrorising one another.  But sometimes, after 10 or 12 reefers and two bottles of aguardiente (burning water) at 160 proof they set about killing and terrorising anything.  Sniff a little glue, snort a little coke or meth, and only the Devil knows what potential these people can fulfil in terms of criminality.

The nature of Copan.  Much of it is under the canopy of
Ceiba, Cocao, and tropical oak, while another large part
is displayed in wide meadows, with few visitors.  Tranquil
and elegant.
    To be sure, it would take a while, perhaps 15 to 20 years to pull Honduras up to a level similar to Mexico's right now.  But with calm, and a rigid, authoritarian, but fair, regime in place further foreign and domestic investment could raise the per capita income from the paltry 2,000 USD/year to four or five thousand in the time indicated above. The thing is, to do it!  But, after having the gumption to replace Zelaya and stand up to Chavez, the President of Honduras takes the easy road, and blames the United States for what is a systemic cultural problem within his own country.

Una Favela
Less than 1% of the favela area
 of Rio de Janiero
    Our point is that from order can come progress, and as tough as the authorities have been on the criminal element in Honduras over the past three years....with some success, admittedly, in reducing the crime rate, more must be done.   One notices that in Brazil, as soon as the Games were over, and the last penalty shot kicked,  the authority lessened its choke hold on the gangs in the favelas.   Almost immediately the gangs began a donnybrook that continues to this day.   It is almost as bad as Chicagoland or Detroitland.
     In any regard, now we are given to understand that Father Obamaham is going to send cruise ships down to San Pedro Sula to gather all the children and bring to the United States so that they can be given a place and time to report for their immigration status hearing.   That way the children will know when and where not to be or not to be.   So far, well over 90% of those who have been given dates from this last batch, have for some good reason or another apparently not reported for their hearings.  One suspects that the 90% figure will become the norm.
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