Saturday, 26 July 2014

Great Diplomatic Victories, Great Military Victories, Great immigration Victories,

Obama racks up the victories and the "transquility points":
     German Chancellor Merkel finds out that Bommie is eavesdropping on her office.  The response?   She advised Bommie Soetoro that if he does it again, she will attach a vacuum cleaner hose to his nose and suck his brains out and feed the to the pigs.  The pigs protest, but Merkel stands firm.
 A date grove at an oasis in southern Tunisia
     Following Bommie's great success at the Battle of Benghazi, the United States of America withdraws it Embassy presence, all Embassy officials, from Libya's capital, Tripoli after weeks of insistence by the War Department.   The entire Embassy staff under the guard of a Marine detachment of 70 - 80 Sappers, and several F - 16s patrolling their path, they make their way to the citadel of Bommie Tranquility, Tunisia.

       Tunisia used to be a nice little backwater place before Bommie made things better during his apology tour shortly after seizing the Presidency of the United States under false pretence.  Before long, it is probable that Islamic terrorists will destroy this little picture postcard nation with a long and proud history, some good dates, and a bit of reasonable thinking in the Arabic world.   It will be gone soon.
Selena Gomez
One of the Administration's go-to
foreign policy experts with special
expertise in matter pertaining to
shopping, global warming in the
Middle East and Europe and the
Mall and everything, she's just
awesome!!  Miss UNICEF
    Herman Munster travels to Israel to force peace upon the irascible Hebrews who take offense to rockets being lobbed into their midst on a continuing basis.  The kidnapping and murder of three Jewish teenagers by Hamas thugs, plus the certain intelligence that Hamas fighters intend to launch a full-scale offensive to once and for all destroy the Jewish State on the date of the up-coming Jewish New Year prompt the Israelis to  finally strike back at Hamas in Gaza en force.
      When the fight begins and is joined by the best Hamas can throw at the Israelis, it is apparent that the Hamas fighters are once again outmatched in terms of valour, preparedness, ability, and equipment.   The Egyptians enter and broker a reasonable truce.  The Jews agree, but the Hamas leaders say no....because for them it is necessary to really being the part of the one battle that they can win.  Mendacious Propaganda.

     Hamas will begin to mislead, misdirect, and force their own people into areas they know the Israelis will probably cannonade, bomb and strafe with the IDF air power on hand, or take apart with IDF infantry in the next few minutes.   In this manner the United Nations, Miss USA - 2010, all the leftists in the world, CNN and the remainder of the vehemently Jew-hating Obsolete Press, and Selena Gomez.

     The Obsolete Press does not point out to the low-information and low-intelligence people who compose their audience that the Egyptians arrange a peace agreement and the Jews agreed but Hamas said no.  As the fighting continues, since there is no chance of victory, and since the leaders of the military effort of Hamas have taken refuge in places far from the fighting, it appears that Hamas promise to bury the Israelis in the Mediterranean again, has, again, turned into a disaster.  Hamas can celebrate, however, that they managed to kill about a thousand of their own people because of their own craven disrespect for human life.   And it is, after all, another great success of Bommie's presidency....the Oceans have begun to recede, and America is a more respected place.....(?)

      Then drunken Russian-backed militia fighting to destabilise the Ukraine drop a civilian airliner from the sky, with 300 dead the result.  They do it with a  Russian provided BUK anti-aircraft missile battery.    Bommie forcefully states that this is unacceptable.  He boldly fails to bring together NATO, he avoids pushing the Euros into a wall of rejection of the Russian swagger, bullying, and aggression.   He does not open up the Keystone Pipeline operation, and then advise the Euros that they will not lack for one drop of oil, nor one cubic yard of natural gas presently imported from the vodka-sotted Ruskis.  The United States, and especially the United States, Canada, and Mexico are in the position of essentially controlling and guaranteeing oil and gas to anyone who might need some, at reasonable market prices.  But that would take work, and work takes away from fund raising trips and leisurely hours on the golf course.

    Then Bommie has the great victory of the Battle of Damascus, where Bommie outdoes Lawrence of Arabia by inspiring all the Arabs to overthrow the horrible dictator, Bashir Assad.  Another great success, like all the rest, in style, flourish, speeches, and fluffle ....sound and fury, signifying nothing, I think is the correct description....and the entire area left with hundreds of lines drawn in the sand.   It is almost a mirrored image of Bommie's greatest achievement:  stabbing Hosni Mubarak in the back so as to be able to install Bommie's Boys, the Muslim Brotherhood, into power in Egypt, an  event that collapsed on its own totalitarian weight in a matter of months and left Egypt in much better and saner hands, with the Egyptian military in charge, again.

     Celebrating the failure of every flopping effort to show the world how Bommie walks on water and cares more than the 1%, and while criminally stonewalling, through his lackey Eric the Red Holder, on the Fast and Furious Debacle....perhaps the worst breach of law, international relations, and due process of all the phoney scandals, since it is the one that left the greatest number of  people dead....Bommie begins to collect on his open ended invitation to Central America to "Come On Down!!!!". 
    When Bommie extended the invitation to the oppressed of Central America to take advantage of Catch and Release, the movement to the north began fairly quickly and then built into such a crescendo that it became another that Bommie and Valerie Jarrett actually celebrated.  The pain, suffering, and damage the Annenberg conspirators have caused the American Republic was compounded by what those pitiable folks suffered coming up here.  They will now be consigned to that thing the "progressives" call "The Shadows" until such time that Bommie grants amnesty by the stroke of his event that is coming sooner rather than later.

     Of course, Bommie still has the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative for which he can be proud....for it, like all the other supposed missteps is the one thing that can cause the most damage to the United States as a bastion of individualism, industry, self-reliance, and risk-taking, innovation, and private wealth creation.

     So many errors, so many done intentionally to weaken the Nation.  The failure to force the Iraqis to terms concerning how we would retire from the field in Iraq is certainly one of the more telling events that show what an insipid Trojan Horse personality this pretender was, is , and will continue to be until he resigns or finishes his term.   It is sincerely my opinion that if the Democrats lose the United States Senate, Bommie will resign.

     The frenzy over control of that body is the reason for his wilful neglect and poor handling even of his purposeful "mistakes"  while he hobnobs with the rich and famous, raising money to buy time to defame this, that, and every potential Republican / Conservative postulating for election to the United States Senate.  We hope that he has painted himself into such a corner now that even his low information dullards will either stay at home or perhaps even vote Republican.  We notice that the Associated Press has gone '' full-court press'' with articles now, declaring that Business is hiring again and that layoffs are no longer to be feared because of Bommie's recovery finally picking up steam.   These articles are coming out against the backdrop, however, of Microsoft cutting 15,000 workers, or about 10% of their work force, and Apple also cutting deep into the ranks of their workforce.
Image result for Image - Bill Gates
Caught in the headlights
 of Contradiction. We
 need more immigrants,
 and we need to lay
 off 15,000 at
     Bill Gates, founder and still spiritual leader of Microsoft, made a lot of sense in the past few days, as do a lot of ultra liberal, National Socialist, crony capitalists.  On the one hand he declared that we needed to have "immigration reform" that would be more fair, and allow more people to come to the table in the United States.  Then on the other hand his company was in the process of refining exactly what was going to be done to reduce the company's employment by one of every ten presently employed persons.  That is a true decimation....and speaks volumes to the notion that these billionaires who are Democrats and Progressives may be smart...but they are not all that smart.

More Later.  There is so much that Father Obamaham has done that is so foul, there is no way it can all be described in a score of years.   To think that there are politicians who would chose to play to the ignorance and slow wittedness of the citizens instead of trying to inspire people to aspire and reach to the stars and conquer the windmills.   What a pitiful little bolshie we have at our helm.

"The only thing that makes sense is that he
 is exhausted and, perhaps, has checked out of the job early.
If Nero fiddled while Rome burned, then Obama is dining
 out, golfing, and raising money while the world collapses." 
Matt K Lewis -  senior contributor at The
Daily Caller website in Washington, DC

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