Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bob-tailed Nag? or Bet on the Bay?


     The first observation, or perhaps Sarah Palin would say, "You betcha!" terms of betting....which I do not of the very few sins that I do not have....betting, lottery tickets, and all such ...but, the issue at hand is the following.
City Judicial Building - Rio Linda. California
     Be it this day that people can come back to me and say, "You are a genius," or "You are a fool".  The reason is because I declare that there is a better than even chance that Barry Seotoro, aka President of the United States of America,  will resign the Presidency within six weeks of the United States Senate being taken over by the Republicans.   While there is no doubt that the GOP can commit enough suicide to jerk defeat from the jaws of victory, internals of both parties, especially in the critical States, show that the Democrat Party is scaling a glass wall with Wesson Oil on it and the incline of the glass is approaching 90 degrees(Straight up and down, for those OROGs who live in Rio Linda). 

     They are waiting at this time for the elections of  4 November 2014, hoping against hope  that some miracle can occur that will keep Harry Reid standing at the dike with all 57 fingers pushing back against any reasonable legislation.

Secretary of State
United States of America
     It is known that the Soetoros are shopping for an estate in foreign countries such as California, New York, Massachusetts, and (seriously) Cuba, and the Island of Rotan, a territory of Honduras in the Caribbean, and Jamaica.  There is some mention of Costa Rica, because it also has no existing extradition agreement with the Gringos.

     Barry would leave, of course, Uncle Joe Biden in charge as President, and it is possible that Biden will name Pocahontas Warren to serve as Vice-president.  The second choice would be a dolt like Herman Munster if Herman has finished bringing peace to the Israeli - Palestinian matter and dis-armed the Iranians again.   We have to forgive Herman's appearances on the Sunday Morning  Disinformation Media Circus.   He did set a new low point, even lower than Susan Rice who managed to tell an average of 27 whoppers per show on the Benghazi Serenade Show.   Herman told about the same number of whoppers, mixed with banal euphemisms and pointless snarking.   He also managed to make it through each programme by making absolutely no sense whatsoever and being very sincere about parking his yacht in Rhode Island because the tax is less there than in the Peoples' Democratic Republic of Chappaquiddick.   So we give him first place for being a whopperoo, obnoxious, ignorant, arrogant, and generally useless and despicable.  Sorry, Susan.

     Susan, Lurch, and Uncle Joe all bring to mind the question, "Just what was it that (Sir Edmund) Hillary  was supposedly to have done while she was....just think of it....flying all those miles as Secretary of all 57 States?" 

First Lady boarding for her afternoon
shopping trip to Paris, with 57 of her
favourite friends and relatives.

Sheesh...what a bunch of ghouls and slugs.  But we do believe that if Barry Soetoro loses the Senate, he will resign and go on an extended vacay, with or without Michelle and her belles.  They will return and hide behind the protection of the Chicago legal system for a while.   But even Carol Mosely Braun, who was SOOOOOO offended because the Daughters of the Confederacy had requested a continuance of their charter to do relief work for Ist Gulf War Veterans....even Carol wound up mired in corruption charges, some of which she escaped by pleading stupidity (seriously).

Ah!  Chicago.   Mrs. O'Leary, where are ye and yer bossy-cow when we need ye?

Chicago Fire - 1871
Thanks for your time, patience, and understanding.   Obama will resign if the GOP carries the Senate.    Percentage probability?  63 of 100
El Gringo Viejo