Wednesday, 11 June 2014

This is the true image of the 30% - And they are coming to get you

These nice fellows are part of those detained briefly before they can
be "repatriated" with relatives, legally or illegally in the United States.
where they can await their session with an immigration judge who will
probably grant a continuance while the tax-paid public defender asks for
times to prepare his case.  These nice boys are simply looking for a chance
take back just a tiny sliver of the American Apple Pie that the Gringos stole
 from them by war and corporate exploitation.    Please read on:


     These nice fellows (pictured above) are simply the people about whom people wrote accolades on the Statue of Liberty.   They are just like all of us.   Immigrants simply looking for a bit of opportunity.   They want to escape the hell-holes of overflowing toilets, rape, twelve-year old girls who are working on their second pregnancy, murder so common that the meat-wagons pick-up on a first-called, first-served basis. but never at night.   These are the nice boys who help the retired Chicago Police captain who had retired in Belize, finish his move to the Honduran Shangri La  Island of Rotan.  The boys from the mainland helped him, and during the party to celebrate the move's success that night, they shot the retired Captain full of holes, chopped up his body, threw it on the bars of the grill and ate a good portion of it while they smoked dope and drank beer until dawn.   Upon seeing what they had done, they stoked up the fire and warmed up some of the big pieces and ate them, before stealing the little yacht  and sailing it back to a hide-out on the Nicaraguan Coast where they had been terrorising the Moskito Indians and brutalising the female race of that tribe.
    Of course, do not worry.  Since the Moskitos were generally anti-Sandinista, and the Ortegas are "back in town" for a while, there is no attempt whatever to send in forces of order to protect the "Indigenous Peoples" that Rigoberta, the Left, the ignorant, and the ever-scheming communist movement love to talk about......unless they don't kiss Che's and Fidel's and St. Hammer's and St. Sickle's big-toe.

     When the ACLU-type public attorney manages to get these fellows out, they will laugh, hoot, giggle, and howl on their way to the nearest pick-up point where their appropriate gang contact will be waiting with a van.   In a week or two, this same group may be involved in a "turf-war" and killing each other over a few feet of asphalt.   Life's tough, and then you die.
     But in the meantime, transporting one 13 year old blond girl stolen in the United States and taken to Venezuela, can be sold to the Chinese businessman for around 100,000 USD, and the guy making the delivery will pick up 10% of the 10%, while the rest of the money will be deposited to a bank account in Caracas, thought  to be under the control of the successor to the Human Ape, Hugo Chavez....Yes, Virginia, that is what Hugo's "perpetual soldiers in loyalty" are calling the dead dicatator's rotted cadaver of a perverted slug.  At least the perpetual loyalty lasted until the new "popularly elected President" Maduro demanded that he be the Perpetual Democratic Ruler, (at least for a little while).

     And the reasonable person says, "Okay, Okay...Gringo Viejo, enough!  We are aware that you hate Mexicans and everything south of the Rio Grande." And I quickly cut off the attempt to use the counter argument of the stupid and the dull of wit.   To Wit:

    Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, and Chile are still very viable and salvageable.  Perhaps Peru and Argentina still might have a chance.   They are actually doing high-mediocre, in spite of themselves.  And, my experience with Mexicans is probably deeper and wider and more constant from birth to this late point in my life than even most Mexicans.  The same goes for the notion about my Americanism.   I wince every time that the term, '....after all, we are all immigrants'...because neither my wife nor I were derived from the body of immigrants.  We are, and forever shall be, both of us, descended here as colonials.   Most people, especially leftists, do not know the difference.  We do.   We hold nothing against immigrants, but we are not immigrants, we are colonials.

    Being of that stripe, we know the people who have come "after".  And once again, although some would like to think differently, the broad mass of Mexicans who came here during the disorders in Mexico from the Revolucion de 1910 - 1917 and the Guerra de Los Cristeros of the 1920s and the subsequent displacements were very much an overall benefit to the Republic of Texas and to the United States of America.
     After the establishment of the Great Society Programmes of the late 1960s and 1970s and all public assistance since, the leftist vote-buying, culture- debasing 'free money' and 'free food' and 'free housing' and 'free medical' programmes managed, just in a nick of time, to re-establish peonage and slavery to the Hacendado and the Massa.    Only this time it was not the "good or bad" Massa or the "good or bad" Hacendado, it was to Our Uncle who art in Washington, D.C.

    Please check the entry-before-last in this Blog. It is pointed out that about half of other 70% of those people coming over, mixed in with those pictured above, are possibly capable of becoming citizens of the United States in the traditional sense of self-sufficiency, moderation, community oriented.  The remainder are simply coming over because they were told by relatives and the "dog-whisperers" in the "immigration cloud" that the Gringos have to pay "immigrants" to eat.

     That is exactly what is happening.  It is by plan. It was engineered several months ago, and put into motion by the "Hate America First" crowd, and we had best not fall for the ruse, at our peril.

Every move they take, every breath they designed to put out every lamp on the hill.  Legal, ordered immigration...after the abolition of public assistance.  If not, return to picture at top of page.
El Gringo Viejo