Saturday, 14 June 2014

The Demise of Grandeur, American Exceptionalism on Life-support


     There are are few things to celebrate, perhaps, when the uber-liberal females in the uber-liberal Obsolete Press have recently begun to question (Sir Edmund) Hillary in such a way so as to elicit the viperous and vituperous reaction from HRH (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   Her responses to questions as easy as, ".....yesterday you said that marriage can only be between a man and a woman, and to-day you say that homosexuals can have a marriage identical to the common traditions....." have been sparking with dagger-like glaring looks of rank hatred.   One can see (Sir Edmund) Hillary's eyes turn blood-red as her image fades to nothing in the mirrors about and around her, just before she spits out a sarcastic and condescending answer.   Thankfully, it has been seen by others in the Obsolete Press, and apparently agents in the White House, hoping to ride another marxist into the Presidential Palace, have agreed that the slippery, intellectually dull, aging hag is probably not going to last 'til the finish line.  It might be the repetitive concussions, the groping around in the dark, looking for the gin and/or vodka bottle and the orange juice, or those long, lonely night-time walks while rubbing her hands together incessantly mumbling about some "spot" she see upon them.
     The hard-core commies in the only vibrant wing of the Democrat Party really, really like Pocahontas, god-daughter of Big Chief Great Whopper of the Mendacisippi Tribe of the Mendasichusetts Nation.
    They are tired of a "never-quite-was" whose greatest tribute at the nomination speech will be..."....and in closing, remember that they never could convict her in spite of all the evidence.   And,  just think of the number of miles she flew when she was Secretary of Whateveritwas and Global Climate Alternatives for Women - Conferences XXXXVI through CCLXIV, each time gaining a trophy for frequent attendance at opening ceremonies.   Just imagine." 
     But as we look around to-day it is somber and sobering the idea that a person so small as to close the White House to tours, and blame the Secret Service, just to make the point about how bad and mean Republicans are...when it would have been easier to leave it open, can now just as easily throw away Victories of two wars, thereby dashing the value of those who died, were wounded, or lost time from their lives in a successful mission, squandered by a person who  is driven by hatred the finest and most noble nation in the History of Mankind.
     That nation, by the way, was never explained to him by his mother, and less by his biological father, nor by his maternal grandparents, because they also hated America, and would continue to hate America until it could become the same cesspool of dullness and materialism found throughout the socialist world.    Ah! Barry, can you remember the lie about how the insurance company cut your mother off from cancer treatment because she had a pre-existing think that you would lie on your mother's grave.  To think that there was at least one other American President whose word was worth even less than his rotted soul.
      Can anyone imagine a jackass so depraved and brazen as to postulate that the reason Spain was prospering while America was in the "Bush Great Recession" was because Spain had converted to total renewable energy.  Did he think that selling that lie to the dumbed-down, increasingly welfare dependent class of people would help America?   Or did he know that by fueling the fire of untrue facts he could hasten and complete the task of destroying the shining city on the hill?
      Of course, Spain's unemployment rate at the time of those pronouncements was 21% and it has not really changed much since.  And of course, electricity per K/H costs about 4 times as much as in the United States.

Spain unemployment
People wait to enter an unemployment registry office in
 Madrid, Spain, on Thursday. Photograph: Andres Kudacki/AP
The International Monetary Fund may have sighted some green
shoots of recovery in Spain – but the country's unemployment
rate has risen above 26%, according to official figures.
Data published on Thursday by Spain's statistics office show a
further 198,900 jobs were lost in 2013. The total number of
unemployed is now 5.9 million.
Although unemployment fell by 65,000 over the course of
last year, the percentage has risen because the working age
population has fallen by 267,900, through retirement or
migration. About 260,000 people left Spain in 2013,
around 40,000 of them Spanish nationals,
the rest departing foreign migrants.

Average electricity prices $/kWh

This is somewhat misleading, because China
 and India have heavily subsidised rates
and horrid pollution rates.  They also have
 dependability and quality problems that are
somewhat laughable.   They build one coal fired
 plant to come on line every week
 in Red China, but, six break down and have
 to be scrapped every month.  Therefore,
as they say, "Soon all electricity will be free.
The only problem is, there will soon be no

More than anything, however, we would like for the OROGs to notice that in spite of everything being perfect in Spain because Spain went green and gave everyone a government job, Spanish Electricity is really, really expensive, and unemployment is incomprehensibly high.  Too much dole, too much government participation in everything, too much  complacency as the government "gives" everything to everyone....for free.  And as the Spanish young people say, "Everybody is happy.  We have what we want, because we have never thought beyond these basic things.  And then we look around and we can't even afford the things that are free!   Now, Everybody is not so very happy."
El Gringo Viejo