Monday, 2 June 2014

A Word from the Other Side of the Mountain - El Zorro Ventures into the Night

El Zorro always says more with fewer words than the old sidekick.  It is difficult to read these words, not because of the grammar and syntax and construct of the prose, but of the profound hurt it brings the soul to know how true the words are.   And then to think, "Is the the outcome of my service.?"   Who will pay for the six infantrymen dead who went to "rescue" a deserter, of all things.  Once again, Democrat National Socialists and marxists take victories in the field, be they one form or another and degrade them into tragedies and defeats.

 Solemn Reminder or Forgotten
penumbra of Grandeur?

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El Zorro stays unobtrusively (conspicuous by his silence) quiet these days on matters pertaining to scandals, lies, treason, deception, stupidity, incompetence, insolence… shall we go on… by the “administration” as we watch our beautiful America degraded into something as insidious as Sharia, Communism, and Fascism.
He is retired from direct involvement in endeavors of any meaningful import; however, he is not deaf or blind though somewhat mute.
El Zorro was a soldier and a patriot.  He believes in the literal meaning and intent of the Constitution.  He scours the Federalist papers and Anti-Federalist papers to reinforce his understanding of the Constitution.  There is no mistake in the wording of the Bill of Rights.  There is no ambiguity in it.  (a brief note: El Zorro is an acknowledged, self-studied and university-trained expert on the Constitution.)
Today we find ourselves in a full blown assault against liberty and our fundamental law.  One of the issues is the subject of this note. 
Why was there such silence during the Benghazi attack?  At the first inkling that something was underway there should have been, if nothing else, a reconnaissance drone sent to inspect.  We know the attack was not without at least advance knowledge by the U.S. Departments of State and the President.  There should have at least been a strategy for such an event.  To believe otherwise is wilful ignorance, stupidity, conspiracy or all of the above. 
On September 10, 2012, Ayman al-Zawahiri released a video calling for an attack on Libya.  This was supposedly to be in retaliation for a drone strike by the U.S. on an al Qaeda ranking terrorist in Pakistan.   Then on September 11, 2012 (911 anniversary) attacks were perpetrated on the Embassy and the CIA compound in Benghazi.  During 8 to 10 hours during the attack there was nothing out of the White House.  The big questions are: Where was Obama all that time?  Why were all potential rescue missions told to stand down and by whom?  Was the CIA compound also attacked to thwart rescue at the Embassy?  Why was there a lie or even a need to cover up the reason for the attack (begs the question also what was the reason)?
The President/Administration at least did nothing to support a rescue and, at most, deliberately did not send help.  With all support externally from Libya ordered to stand down and the CIA compound held down there was nothing to prevent the murder of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and Sean Smith, U.S. Foreign Service Information Management Officer.  They and two CIA contractors at the CIA compound were killed.  The contractors were originally thought to be State Department Security officers but Hillary Clinton later stated they were CIA contractors.  Was this part of the cover up?  Were these individuals intentionally targeted?  Was Hillary hiding operations under her direction by allowing to be killed two State Department officials?  What did these people possibly know that might have been a threat to Hillary Clinton, the State Department or the President himself?  Why was Muammar Qaddafi assassinated?
There were approximately 100-300 radicals involved in the 2012 attacks.  We do not know who organized and directed the attack.  We do know the U.S. government did attempt to cover it up.  We can only come to the conclusion that it is very probable that the Administration had a vested interest in the elimination of the Embassy personnel at Benghazi. 
Of considerable concern also is that the President and the Cabinet are being controlled by some Islamic element.  The support for the overthrow of Libyan and Egyptian governments and U.S. support of Iran at the expense of Israel lead us to believe we are being infiltrated by extremists.  There are Muslim enclaves in most of our major cities notably Detroit and New York where Christians and any non-Muslims are afraid to go.  These radicals will not assimilate and are dangerous to the communities where they infest.  And why is the President giving back gains made in Iraq and Afghanistan by our troops, many of whom gave their lives?  His apparent support for Islam is literally killing Americans.
We have great concern for the country and would only ask these questions, even at potential risk to some retaliation by what we perceive as a subversive element in control of the government, for straight answers.  The concept of our president as a Manchurian candidate is not only possible but probable from the evidence we have.  The evidence is by the prevailing deference toward Islam.  The President abuses the Constitution through executive order.  The Courts miss-interpret the Constitution and legislate from the bench.  The Congress acts in its own interest and political advantage instead of responding to the constituents in their interest.  We are in big trouble.  Benghazi is only one example of the fundamental and total change of America.  The NSA, the ACA, the VA, Dodd-Frank… all of these scandals are examples of decay.  It is by corruption and deception.
We would rather not see what, lamentably, is only too perceptible of the government but the evidence is overwhelming.  The only replies for the questions asked are lies and distortions or nothing at all.
Something must be said.  I contribute this in support of my friend, El Gringo Viejo.