Wednesday, 7 May 2014

We regret to inform you.....


     We are stuck in a situation that is most confounding.  Yesterday, very carefully, El Gringo Viejo determined that he would attempt to wade back into the Google +  theatre of operations.   We noted that even though we thought that we had shut it down some time back, it had become a hideaway for all kinds of real friends, and some strange things as well.
     As we tweaked this and fiddled with that, we were pleased to note that the Google +  site had had almost 95,000 contacts of the first order, and many more in terms of secondary contacts and readers/participants.   That was without any participation by El Gringo Viejo.

     Then, while we were in a "fix and refine" mood, it was decided to make one minor adjustment to a colour-tone on our blog.   At that point, the entire template adjustment system became dysfunctional and prohibited any modification save for some pallid, also dysfunctional default template that is absolutely useless and drab.   Worse, there is no seeming remedy.   We no longer have a template engine...even one with quirks that can be worked around.   The system is Kaput.

    We are digging around and looking for a way out.  It will not include anything to do with google +.  Or Chrome....because it just occurred to me that I was asked to send something by email on a return, and when we clicked on, the Chrome format appeared.   Please allow us to continue the hunt for the disappearing Cheshire Cat.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  All adjunct contributors will have their material posted as it comes forward....even with the poofy backdrop we have been forced to use.
El Gringo Viejo