Thursday, 8 May 2014

(Sir Edmund) Hillary and her interrogation posture

A SPECIAL WORD TO (Sir Edmund) Hillary:
     Hillie, any police detective who asks a question to the guy in the interrogation room, and observes that the respondent looks down, so as to conceal his/her eyes from the question, and usually somewhat to the right, knows that the respondent is lying.   You are a chronic pathological liar so it is odd that you still have some twinge about flopping out whoppers at every turn.  Perhaps it is simply the fear that someone will finally say, "Why would you un-load a truck-load of camel-vomit-fungus on me with an answer like that?   You lying hag.  The next time you pull that off during one of my interviews, I'll slap the snot straight out both your ears, dog-breath!"

    You do a little better with the Coke-bottle lenses that allow you to act like you are looking at the little people who torment you so, when in fact you are watching the closing bids on pork bellies and cattle futures with your special Xeroskanner Glasses (made in Red China), and equipped with their own Reset Button.

Hillary Clinton testifies
Brownie Scout's Honour

  I told them six months before that damned video
 ridiculing Mohammed came out that they needed
 to go on a listening tour throughout Libya and
 an apology Camel ride tour and explain just
 what kind of a crummy dump America is.
Nobody told me the Red Cross
 and the Brits had left.

     The nerve of some people to think that they can actually question the Queen of the Universe.   For the OROGs, simply ask (Sir Edmund) Hillary if she knows the name, Mary Catherine Mahoney...Starbucks.   One might put those names into a good search engine and find out what happens. 
          Anyway (Sir Edmund)Hillary, we know what its like to have 142 people with whom a person has had close or fairly close friendship or dealings, die on you....No!  Wait a second, nobody outside of an Army officer at the Battle of the Bulge or Gettysburg or some such place would have ever had such a thing the age of the mid-forties.  Not 142 dead by murder, suicide, or 'undetermined'.    Thatsa lotta pietra tombale!

El Gringo Viejo