Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Please read a different Blog! Soylent Green Alert for Geezers


    No, no....El Gringo Viejo is not trying to be-rid himself of his audience.   It's just better to go over to the friend's place to look at his horses and mules and crops, especially when he has everything straight and nice to look at.   This is not an autopsy-like exercise in the dusty and shadowy pews and church graveyards of the Anglican / Episcopal decline.

     This time it is a very effective drawing to contiguousness of two parallel lines.  Social Security and the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.  Like El Zorro, and the folks from Extreme Central Texas. the Anglican Curmudgeon says more efficiently and more eloquently than El Gringo Viejo almost anything that is worth the saying.

    So, clique-forth and slay the rotted dragon.   It is, after all, a dark and stormy night.  By the linkage in red, McDuff, you shall find the truth and that truth shall make you not only free, but also better person.   Total time for the normal OROG will be about three to five minutes.

Thanks for your attention.  Hoping for some kind of solution to my template problem, I remain,
El Gringo Viejo