Monday, 12 May 2014

Forgetful Nancy, Senile Obsolete marxist press, uncomprehending electorate, and double trouble


     Our dilemma is how to explain things to people who can be convinced that requiring a photo identification at the polling site does not possibly preclude an earnest voter from casting a ballot.    We have gone to lengths to demonstrate that in Mexico, there is now en force a nationwide voter identification system that is far and beyond anything in Texas or in the rest of the United States.
     Not only does the Mexican voter have to have a photo identification, but his/her credencial electoral Federal has a photo, recently taken, and two other biometric identifiers.  On top of that, the precinct where the voter votes is there waiting for him/here with a huge compendium of voters registered to vote in that precinct.  The voter will encounter him/herself, there alphabetically listed and with his identical photograph that is found on his Credencial Electoral Federal.  The voter still has to sign in with a rubric or signature that is a very close facsimile to the one on his/her Credencial.
Here we have the signature and  rubric of a
famous sculptor of the Mexican Colonial
period.   Pedro Joseph de Rojas.   His religious
stone and oil/canvas artwork are the standard
for many students and analysts for excellence
in terms of religious art of the 17th Century for
both Mexico and the Orthodox world.

To the point, the signature is self-explanatory,
 and the Rubric is that mess of spaghetti below
the name 'Rojas'.   At times, one might sign
 with a signature, at other times with a Rubric,
 and at still other times, with both.
     (Please note, that in Mexico many people have a stylistic rubric that is used as their sign of formal endorsement or signature.   This is found among the educated classes especially, and should not be associated with "making his mark" or "signing with your X").

     That is what is done, thoughout the Republica Mexicana. during all general elections.  The political parties now even require the CEF for internal, formal votes, such as for nominations in convention or in primaries.  The CEF is now more commonly asked for as identification than any other document, including the Mexican Secreatry of Government's Pasaporte Mexicano.   When people lose a purse or a wallet, it is said by the unfortunate,"If you find my wallet/purse, you can keep the money, I would just need to have my CFE.'

     Since the development of the CFE, Mexican elections have gradually changed from a mixture of a boring, tragicomedic a bit of an interesting now a situation whose outcome cannot be predicted even late in the campaign.   Thumbprint scanners can play hell with vote scamming.

    In the Magic Lower Rio Grande Valley, where we have far more people registered to vote than there are residents who are native-born or legally naturalised citizens aged eighteen or over.   On top of that, when the Democrats weep and moan about the Republicans making barefooted old people do the limbo dance on black ice and burning coals, tell the liar that in the Magic Valley, during the last cycle of elections, over 400 people paid fines and even went to prison for election fraud.   In one City election, over 400 people were given "voter assistance" by elected officials who were also candidates....and forbidden from entering the polling area except to vote.   That was one of the least offences. One can imagine the big cities in the North.

     So, we have a dumbed-down electorate in many ways, with fewer than 50 per cent capable of reading at a fourth grade level, and perhaps even more who cannot think critically enough to be able to determine if the First World War occurred before or after the Second World War.   We have an electorate that is in favour of direct vote for President and Vice-President who, frequently, have never heard of the Electoral College.   And that, finally, brings El Gringo Viejo to his point.

     The reasons that the Democrats have had such a hard time to determine whether or not they are going to participate in the proceedings of the House Select Committee on Benghazi are two-fold.  
     (1)    The Democrat leadership, Pelosi and Hoyer, are opposed to participating because they are arrogant, ignorant marxists.  They consider themselves, therefore all progressives and socialists in the ranks,  immune to any requirement to answer questions  from the hoi poloi, tea-bagger, astro-turf roots-movement bumpkins who don't shop at the right places.   The know that Hillary ripped her pants, and they know that Barry Soetoro is an empty chair, suit, and single A minor-league clown who is doing an imitation of the Hindenburg crash.  There first reaction to any and all of this is to tell the Republicans to go jump in a lake.  "What difference does it make. Who do you think you are?  Just a political witch-hunt.   We've been all over this 6 or 7 times already."   The irrational, mendacious talking points are there

     (2)   BUT!   The clutch is slipping after trying to put the car into high-gear. The focus groups composed of the dull, the union members, and other terminally self-inflated and intellectually limited people who feel entitled to someone else's money, do not appear to be as acerbic and roiling in the bile of bitter hatred as before.  Perhaps they have heard Sharpton's mispronunciations and his stupid statements and suddenly the "BOING" sound is heard, deep inside the almost never-used brain....and the dolt on the Democrat focus group bleacher thinks, "What in the hell does Sharpton mean when he says, 'Yes we much!!  Yes we much!!!  We are going to march and take back Amurkia from she to seeing sheep!!!!  Yes we much!!' ?" 
     And the focus group ACORN trained minders begin to note a little kickback coming from that ghostly orb floating around in the upper right corner of the focus group isolation room.  "Anti-Mohammed video?   Hillary had a brain concussion, broken jaw, dislocated shoulder, and stomach flu in 9 weeks, and  managed to fall on her .....fat ......uh....uh....face two times when boarding her State Department Private Jet to the White House in 2016?  Is something out of whack here?"

     The point?   The Democrats do not want to be present on the Select Committee on Benghazi, because the normally dependable and easy to deceive, are not as convinced as they used to be that all the explanations are shovel-ready or that they really are going to be able to keep their doctors and insurance.   Once a ball of snow-lies starts down the truth-mountain, it can come up to a cliff pretty quickly, and that may be what is happening now.
     BUT, they also do not want to be outside the room should something Hillary and Barry did prove to be so horrible that the Democrats on the Committee could still run in and vote "for" something after they had voted "against" it....a la John F. Kerry in 2008.
     The inclination for the present is to obstruct and denigrate and smear, with innocuous comments like, "What difference, at this point, does is possible make?" and "Why are we going over and over the same material when it is clearly evident that mistakes were made and have since been corrected."   But, please believe, Chuckie Schumer is practicing his,  "We must face this squarely, as we always have,  and recognise errors have been made.  None so great as Watergate and the lies that were told to justify our involvement in Iraq and the resulting windfall profits for Cheney and Halliburton.....blah, blah, blah..."

      But, OROGs know.  They know and understand things much better than even the advanced Democrat and Progressive strategists.   The Great Fear is "The Video". with the forensic timer in the upper right corner that is going to show that Barry was not available during this issue and that he and Hillary both went out of their way from the beginning early hours to make certain that no one reported the matter of  fact:   An Al Qaeda-related attack had occurred and been totally co-ordinated in military terms, and totally  successful.
     The press had to be muzzled by their own will.  And the brass in the military had to be muzzled...arrested finally....and sent to a place where press and other access would be denied or very, very limited.   General Ham had to be either figuratively or literally lobotomised because his early efforts to send F - 16s and his calls to activate a couple of Spectres and/or Spooks into the battle zone.....he now says were pointless.  Scores of tactical level officers and combat pilots have let it be known that there was reasonable conviction, over the 50 - 50 probability, that Spectres could have at least shredded the area to a degree that might have even been advantageous to the Obama Administration. Why?   Because any offensive platform that has massive big-bullet, Gatling Gun capacity that can turn a football field into totally freshly turned soil in one 360 degree pass.  Every four square inches, turned to 12 inches.   Ready for tobacco, cotton, corn, dry-land rice, garbanzos....etc.   Obama could have told the truth....'' ....for the first time in my adult life, I have to report that we would like to tell you little people with IQs lower than a basement elevator that we wanted to show you some evidence from BenCasey, but those damned Spectres and Spookys destroyed all the evidence.

    Who ordered the stand-downs?   Not on the stand-down in Tripoli, but the Spectre stand-down, and the Carrier stand-down...was it (Sir Edmund) Hillary who is the probably source of the "video" defence.  Was it Leon Panetta, the only Democrat that still had a piece of warm charcoal left from the time when he had a soul? Or was it the Obsolete Media Magnate committee.....getting together to agree that this event, once understood by the dumbed-down electorate might provoke a Road-to-Damascus moment.  Or was it Michelle Robinson's mother?   Barry Soetoro was nowhere to be found. (Sir Edmund) Hillary was nowhere to be found.
   The damned Zero - three - hundred - zero - zero clock just kept dingllinginginglinging....but no one was there.   Wake up, little (Sir Edmund)Hillary, Wake up little Barry Soetoro ...the Man From A.C.O.R.N. is being called by....THE MEN FROM U.N.C.L.E. !!!!

     We are stunned!   Stunned mind you that the Democrats (Pelosi and Hoyer) will not join in the witchhunt.  They will stand by their principles until they find some.  This is cockroaches running for cover when someone walks into the nighttime kitchen and throws the light on.  And, there may soon come a moment when they might have to throw people under the bus.   These Congressional Democrats will sacrifice and and everything to satisfy their own hubris.

    But Nancy, Stevie, summer's coming up.  You might be able to pick up one of the 346.00/hour-living wage training jobs resurfacing mid-night basketball courts....depending upon whom you might know.

    We are going to look for some fishing gear, and head down to some canal to find perch.  We need to re-learn our "life-skills" sooner rather than later.  If (Sir Edmund) Hillary and her bundlers are writing the laws from 2017 through 2025....we will all be organ donors waiting in line to give Hillary our blood and organs, as she disassembles during her first two terms.   But, just think, they say it could be a Reich of a Thousand Years.

Trying to remain humorous and cheerful even as the Republic is destroyed.
El Gringo Viejo