Wednesday, 21 May 2014

El Gringo Viejo quotes a Yankee General. This quote sent from the folks at the outpost in Extreme Central Texas

"The people are responsible for
 the character of their Congress.

 If that body be ignorant,
 reckless, and corrupt it is
 because the people tolerate
ignorance, recklessness,
 and corruption."

  James Abram Garfield

President of the United States of America
Major General, United States Army
United States Representative for Ohio
Self-made, compliant, and honest man
Minister of the Word of Jesus Christ
Bargeman, Ohio Canal
Father, Husband, and Martyr

as a Confederate, we render this man, an enemy, our honours.  He was
valiant in his service to his beliefs.  He was, to the degree possible,
civil to his previous foes.  He tried and perhaps would
have succeeded in the building of many bridges.
A self-consumed assassin ruined the good
this young man could have done.