Friday, 9 May 2014

Alleluia!! El Gringo Viejo fixed our problem

   After considerable effort, and useless "on-line" support by, I am sure, well-meaning persons....El Gringo Viejo stumbled, but in good order, into a fix for our problem with blog-site maintenance, enhancement, modification, etc.  It was an adventure, perhaps rewarding, but not at all pleasant.

     At this stage in what has been a guilt-laden transit through a largely misspent life, any variation from my anticipated day's path is followed by a sharp feeling of claustrophobia....oddly enough.   The same occurs, now if I were to found on a deluxe bus that will not make any stops for several hours, and on any airplane, and in the back seat of my son's fancy Ford Mustang.  So, my advice to everyone is "Do not become old."

Now for the News....


(1)   Democrats assume and know for certainty that they are more informed and more sensitive to "minority, women's, children's, homosexuals', lesbian Eskimoes'" issues than Republicans and other types of troglodytes.   It's Mothers' Daze coming up, so let us throw in Mother Earth and her sister Mother Nature who are also top-drawer concerns for The Democrats and their Marxist clones. 

    The problem?   Very, very, very few Democrats, Progessives, and others of the many forms of ghastly socialism actually know anything that is true.   Also Democrats and the leftist under-pinners excel in being  the Witch's Cauldron that calls the crystal punch bowl black.   Teddy Kennedy kills a girl either in a drunken stupor or with the intent to eliminate an or the other or both....and he is awarded the title of "Lion of the Senate".   He is also considered to be a "....advocate for women's issues and rights".   As are all the tireless workers for such issues on the left...who have done so much to bring women to the condition that these Advocates now declare have left women in such a miserable condition.   They are so poorly attended and "given to" that they have to send Miss Flukie out to panhandle for pills, or to demand that the 1% (or the 2%, or the 20%, or the 50%) pay for her contraceptive devices.
     Women are underemployed, overworked, underpayed, beaten up, and generally treated roughly 349 billion times worse because of George Bush, than the lucky girl who gets to have her brains blown out at a semi-pro soccer game half-time show in Nowheristan because she was accused of thinking about being a harlot.   Would George Bush go so far as to deny this girl her 15 minutes of fame?   Discrimination is just inbred in the Bush Family.   Solution to this and any problem....blame the millionaires and billionaires and Republicans. Then go and have a fifteenth re-face-lift, just in case the Democrats win back the Lower House in November.    Seems likely from Nancy's point of view, considering she can no longer blink or close her eyes in any manner.

(2)  Differential Measuring Devices and Systems.   Had any Republican stumbled through any administration as poorly and as stupidly at the present incompetent incumbent he would have been dispatched by a scythe and pitchfork crowd, sprinkled heavily with semi-literate, Ivy-league graduates  who call themselves "reporters".
    Nixon took the blame for that which John Dean was largely responsible.  The "enemies list" is an example.   The escapades, lies, and corruption of the Rodham and Clinton show, had it occurred during the Nixon Administration, would have resulted in something like the post Mussolini capture scenes.

    The Scooter Libby silliness about him outing a "special CIA secret agent girl" who had a CIA parking permit on both her autos...and who had done a lengthy article in Vanity Fair.   In that article she spoke openly and frankly about how important she was and how great she had always been. Her unemployed husband even manage a gig in Nigeria and or Niger looking for yellow cake, semi-processed uranium.   He assured the world that although he established that Saddam Hussein was either buying or attempting to buy yellow-cake, it was his opinion that Saddam Hussein was not attempting to buy nor was he buying yellow-cake.   It all makes sense.  Once you vote for it, you can read the 25,000 pages of rules and regulations.  Keep repeating, Alice, It all makes sense, It all makes sense.

     So far we have several monstrous cases of imperial presidency syndrome.  We have a serial offender in the White House and a facilitator in the Secretariat of Justice.   Benghazi, Fast and Furious,  IRS - I, IRS - II and innumerable executive orders overturning "settled law" at them whim of a small little wimpy milquetoast "community organiser" who likes to play President and see how much china and crystal he can break in eight years. 
    The same press circles the they had done for a brutalising misogynist with a pronounced communist-leaning background and a woman raping and beating history extending all the way into the soul of Jolly Old England.   The one with the sneering, snarling hag of a wife who, when asked about the effect of her socialised medicine takeover plans on the small business community, hissed,"I can't be held responsible for every little under-capitalised business in America."       Fairly typical response of a person who is either a National Socialist or a Bolshevik-Leninist Socialist, or sometimes both at the same time.

     El Gringo Viejo is sadly humoured...(?) think that there might still be people in our own ranks who think that Barry Soetoro was an incompetent president.   It is demonstrable to whomsoever wishes to think it through that Barry is not Americanian, Kenyanian, or Himalayanian.   He is a naturalised Manchuranian, without a doubt.  He was bought, brought, and trained up as a trained seal in the water park, happily applauding himself for being able to eat as directed by the mackerel-prompter, all the admiring mackerels thrown to him during his flipper-clapping, self-congratulatory performances.
    He is Mr. NoWhere Man.  He is the nephew of Auntie Zietuni (r.i.p.) and Uncle Omar Onyango Obama, and the spawn of Lucifer and Margaret Sanger.

We leave and celebrate a clunky but better situation than the posting procedure we had during the past few days.   Thank you all for your time and patience.   As an aside, we have noticed a sharp increase in activity concerning our advertisement placements.  We try to weed out some leftist and all coarse and deceptive announcements....seeking to look for products and services that might actually be a bargain and /or useful.   We would appreciate, that if you see something that is obtusely gross, offensive, or deceptive, you notify us.   AND, notify us if any product or service is not compliant with normal business ethical and moral codes of conduct.
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