Sunday, 4 May 2014

A Southerner's Explanation - Part II


     We carry on now with the lamentation that, by having "progressed" so much we are now hog-tied and strangled as to what can be said and by whom.  We are besieged daily with who should apologise to whom for having said whatever.    "Hillary should apologise to the families of the dead for having lied to them about the anti-Mohammed video and for saying 'What difference, at this point does it make!!?' among other indiscreet whoppers in her past, present, and for sure, future."

    Puh - leeeese.   (Sir Edmund) Hillary is a compulsive, chronic, pathological liar.   Does anyone think that if she were to apologise for anything, it would sound different from, "If anyone misunderstood what I was trying to convey, then I am very sorry they did not understand my intent and the full meaning of my statement."

    People who howl on FOX News about how the black entertainers and public figures use pejoratives when referring to Negroes and women as a matter of normal course.   These observers at times can point to the Heavens  and bemoan this horrid fact and demand that SOMEBODY apologise.   El Gringo Viejo says..."Shut up, be quiet, sit down, turn around in your school desk, and do not say anything.''
    White-trash is White-trash.  When black people act like white-trash, there are other words that are used, and perhaps we should continue to restrain and eliminate those pejoratives.    But, matter how dark-white the individual, is still white-trash.  The "reverend" Mr. Wright, Jesse Jackson, Sharpton, Calypso Louis the Anglican acolyte Muslim, most of the popular culture singers in rap, hip hop, and other such bilge who cannot sing one stanza without intoning 230,000 foul words,  pejoratives, and profane shrieks and utterances,  and all who cleave unto such bilge, are white-trash, no matter how light or dark they are.   Latins who listen to narco-ballads that glorify Santa Muerte, and cartel cockroaches who sequester for ransom, rape 12 year girls in front of their mothers, and shoot up neighbourhoods in senseless "turf wars"...people who listen to music inspired by such festering septic sludge, are white-trash.  They are all doomed.

   The "Negro Problem" we have now in the United States of America is the direct result of the liberal, Progressive, the socialist-leaning, the income-redistributionist, the person and persons who like to play the game of social engineering because they are so smart and the rest of us are so stupid.
    That is why:
          (1)   After years and years of listening to the Planned Parenthood ghouls tell us that we need to teach young people about birth control the black cohort of the population has 77% illegitimacy in terms of births, and 30% of all black females bearing at age 16 or lower.  In 1950, black illegitimacy was 7%, Latin was 6%, and other whites was 5%.   Things are better now, perhaps, because everyone is in double digits.  Spanish-surnamed of all races is 40% and the non-Hispanic whites is 30%.   Most of this is due to the availability of public assistance.  Paying for babies without fathers is a huge business.  It is supported by the Farm Bureau, the Grocery Store Industry, and the Banks.  And by several hundred thousand government welfare processors.

       (2)  So much for "sex education" for a group of people who will buy a quarter pounder hamburger instead of a one-third pounder hamburger because 4 is bigger than 3 and so you are getting more with the one-quarter pounder than a one-third pounder.   In other words, education...whether it be about sex, social studies, chemistry, or worthless when there is a lessened incentive to learn and arm oneself with the ability to provide for oneself.  If the liberals and progressives have provided for all the basic needs and wants of people with little drive to excel, then it is certain that they will begin to feel more and more entitled and justified to demand more and more, as they determine that they want and/or need more and more.

     (3)   The certainty that a crime by a white man against a black man will be dealt with all the abhorrence possible, and labelled a "hate-crime" at the very least, when crimes against white people by black people are rarely covered, and if covered, there is inference that somehow the crime was justified because of some form of subliminal black rage.   El Gringo Viejo is not complaining against the black man for these facts.  He is complaining against the leftist press, the egalitarian socialists, and the social engineers who judge lightly against the black man and harshly against the white, thereby committing a form of soft bigotry based upon low expectation for the black race.   It is, after all, you see the leftist whites in the Hamptons who "understand" that the blacks are too stupid to really climb onto the wagon of opportunity and self-sufficiency, and who know that they, the enlightened liberals have to "give" the downtrodden black race that perpetual helping hand of multigenerational public assistance.
     After all, if it weren't for the bigotry of the Southern whites and the conservatives and the Republicans not funding these programmes enough, these problems (that did not exist until they were "discovered" by leftist opportunists) could have been solved.    We, the bigoted Southern whites and the conservatives and the Republicans know that the welfare pit...fuelled by both central government and State/local governments...are the emasculating quagmire...and we know because we see it infect the black folks, the Latins, and the Angloids alike.  A person can even see its effect upon the pseudo Mormons who now practice "polygamy" more openly since the greater acceptance of homosexuals "marrying" has occurred.   Why?   Because two or three dullards with nine or ten wives can rent two houses and live like kings on the AFDC, stamps, and other freebies.   THE CANCER KILLS EVERYONE, FINALLY.

To close, we have a few observations that bear both peripherally and directly with the questions and problems about race in America.   We should note that there is no cure, and if there is a cure, it will take at least five generations to dig out of this cultural morass.  The concept of morality as a national code is all but dead.   Morality's weaker and nearly meaningless little brother, "ethics" is sidelined as a joke.   Law has become so obtuse and opaque that it is increasingly difficult to enforce, and as we have seen with this central government's exercise, law sometimes is not enforced at all at the whim of the ideologues who administer the law.   Tick-tock, tick-tock, the first solid steps to anarchy have been taken.

     Now, concerning myths and facts.   White folks lynched Negroes in the South and elsewhere.  This is very true, and it was an evil thing caused by defective souls, alcohol, and hysterical crowd frenzy that never amounts to anything good.    But, lynchings, sometimes with a rope, sometime with eight or twenty men shooting up some poor soul with their guns, or hacking him up with sugar cane machetes....were primarily works by black "decent folks" who were venting on some hapless child molester/rapist, repetitive thief, murderer, or other type of miscreant, almost always against another black who had not been judged as of that point to be guilty of anything by the Law.
     The "crowd actions" by Negroes against another Negro were three times in number to the documented 2,500 some-odd Southern lynchings by White folks against a Negro who had not been judged guilty by the Law.   These statistics are roughly drawn during the American, post-War Between the States  period.  To our knowledge there has not been a lynching of a black or white man by a crowd of white, black, or both people in the South since 1954.  If any, they have been few and far between.

(the year is 1908 - 1923)
    El Gringo Viejo's grandparents and his mother would at times talk of the rumour going out that so-and-so was in bad trouble and the "coloured" were going to string him up to-night.  At that point, influential white folks with good connections with "coloured" friends would rush to the area (sometimes as far as nearby northern Alabama) of the offense or where the "condemned" person was being held (and usually tormented).  Negro preachers and other clerics would rush over also to try, usually successfully, to extract the pitiable object of the ire of the gathered disgruntled.   The trouble with tabulating the number of Negro lynchings of Negroes is that they were frequently done at night, and pertained to sex offenses against children or a rape....things that people did not talk about much.   Also, the deceased was usually thrown into a river for the gar and occasional gators to dispose of, and not left hanging or slumped over some log with 200 machete cuts.

(the year is 1892)
     Further, El Gringo Viejo had two great-Uncles who had an emporium and a weekly newspaper, perhaps twice-weekly, in Franklin County, Tennessee.  They editorialised against the "new" Ku Klux Klan in the early 1890s and were firebombed within a very few days.   They did rebuild and continue their editorialising, proving that the best thing to do to white-trash bullies is to push them down into the mud, and kick them.

(the year is 1920)

     My grandmother would send my mother down the street to the edge of Winchester to check on "Auntie Madalia" or some such name (it escapes me while I am writing now), and that meant, usually she would have to run over to the apothecary for Auntie and pick up some very expensive ice for her "iced drink" which was some kind of rum and a soda water...probably Coca Cola at that point from the plant in Atlanta.   Then "Auntie" would tell the two or three white chilluns and the two or three black chilluns out to the "willows" on the creek bank to "take off some new twigs".  That they would do and then return to "Aunties'' front porch...where they would grind and chew up the willow-twigs with their teeth, so they would look like miniature brooms.  Then "Auntie Madalia" would set the little brooms in the sun to dry, and later during the day while she had her iced drink she could use her "little brooms'' for dipping snuff.   That was my mother's most direct contact with what she thought was an "old angel made out of shiny black porcelain."   The old woman would beguile the children with stories about the War, and the Yankees, and when her daddy caught the 50 pound blue-cat, and about being careful with the hoop-snake, "...cause'n he can reach waaaaaay 'round and ketch up his tail and make a wheel out o' hisself...and rooooooolllll real fast and ketch up to little chilluns and EAT THEM UP!!!   So you all watch for the hoop-snake and at night for Raw Head and Bloody Bones...caus'n they both be lookin to eat up bad little chilluns dat don't do no mindin to deh parents."   "Auntie Madalia" had about 30 little white squirts and 10 or so Negroe squirts who were her "official nieces and nephews".... Winchester was not a plantation or cotton area, and had never had a large portion of the population to be black.   My grandparents, nor my mother who was born in and lived in Winchester for her first ten years could remember any racial divides or difficulty.  My mother remembered "Auntie Madalia" principally because she made everyone feel good.

We hope that these two days of observations and personal ire against the progressive social engineers has been informative.  We invite questions and comments as you know...preferably via email. 
El Gringo Viejo