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A Blast from the Past - Asia Minor and the Middle East - Understanding the Inscrutable


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Sadat, Mubarak...Muslims, Jews: All victims of Muslim Brotherhood


Folks, sometimes El Gringo Viejo has to stand back look at it clearly.

 Almost spooky, this
 early portrait of
 T. E. Lawrence and
 its simililarity to the
likeness of

   To begin this blog entry, and end it quickly....at least as quickly as a long-winded blowhard can be quick, there was no "Palestinian displacement" .   There were swarms of people who drifted in and around the areas connecting the Bedouin Tribal areas, and inside of, and in and out of, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, the Gaza Strip, the Suez-Aqaba deserts, as well as other areas of north of the Sahara Africa.    But by the time of the twixting of World Wars I and II, large numbers of Jordanians, Lebanese, Cypriot Orthodox, and people of various political persuasions....democratic, monarchical, communist, social democratic, anti-colonial, pro-colonial, and many, many other groups were converging on the ancient land marked on the maps of the day as "Palestine".   This was because the area was a mecca (so to speak) for intrigue, investment, traffic and trading.   There was also a interesting remnant of the "Chosen People", established as long time traders, shop keepers, antiquities dealers, "brokers" of "you name it", and even agriculturalists.  Many, if not most or all, were on a friendly and/or functional footing with the Arabs.  Friendships between Hebrews and Mohammedans were not comment worthy due to their commonality.  

     We are led to believe that the Palestinians are a sub-group of the Arab sub-race of the Caucasian race, somehow.  But it is not.    It has been implied that the Palestinians are the Philistines of the Old Testament.   They were the ones who tormented, and who were tormented by, Samson, weren't they?

File:Te lawrence.jpg
The ever-enigmatic,
 Lt. Col. T.E. Lawrence,
  as he appeared
 in 1918

     The word "Palestinian" pertains to that which is relevant to a geographical area known as Palestine.   It is an area pretty much contained within and around another geographical area known as Judea and Israel.

     Of the Arabs, we refer you to the movie about  and the works of T.E.  Lawrence, and to his peculiar, incredible-but-true, life among the Arabs and lesser tribes, such as British and French politicians, throughout the area of Palestine.   Much of Gone With the Wind and much of Lawrence of Arabia tell substantially and essentially true stories, both the literary works and the related motion pictures.

     T. E. Lawrence's book, Seven Pillars also provides excellent insight into the concept of "Palestine" and "Palestinian" up to the period of the arrival of Ben Gurion and the Israelite Zionist returnees to Moses's Land of Milk and Honey at the end of World War II.   Lawrence's entire episode in Arabia, as an archaeologist, as an intellectual analyst, and as a passive spy for British intelligence during the time leading up to the shots heard 'round the World, the assassination of   Archduke Francoise Fernando von Habsburg, Prince of The Austria-Hungarian Empire.  shot that was heard round the world, and his wife.  (Of interest, in a Kennedyesque twist, Francoise Fernando von Habsburg was the brother of  Franz Josef, the Emperor of Austria - Hungary and Maximilian I, Emperor of Mexico, who was executed by Benito Juarez Garcia, President of Mexico and Commander in Chief of the Republican Governmental Armies of Mexico).

File:Woolley & Lawrence at Carchemish.jpg
T.E. Lawrence, 1912 at
an archeological site
in northern part
of Syria

     As things deteriorated in Europe and the Middle East, T. E. Lawrence continued his studies both of the area's archaeology and the nature of roads, railroads, and watering holes (oases) of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, and.....Palestine.  The only great groups of Arabs and non-Arabs in and around Palestine had their sheiks or were Greeks like Cleopatra, or Kurds, or other such known groups.    Lawrence and his work-mates would have referred to the areas as Ottoman (Turkish, Kurdish, and Armenian), Trans-Mesopotamia (Syria and Iraq) and the "Levant" which is the trans-Jordanian area along with Palestine.  The last-named districts were nominally under the possession of Turkey of the Ottomans in those times.   The Ottoman Turks were Muslim but they did not mix well with the "rag-heads" as they referred to the Arabs....(the term did not originate with Bubba and Jethro down at the bar)....nor did they get along with the wiry and wily Sheiks of various small but significant Bedouin tribes, nor with the various Emirs of the lands deeper into the Suez-trans Red Sea lands.   The Emirs composed a solid block of tiny emirates that were independent of one another but which could and did, in large part, unite quickly to form a common diplomatic and military front....a formidable one.

    But!  and allow us to quickly restate...the people to whom we refer in these times as "Palestinians' are called such, not because of the OROGs's ignorance or El Gringo Viejo's ignorance, but because of the wilful transmittal of terms by the leftist American and international Obsolete Press.   It started with Abdul Gammel Nasser who allowed himself to be a satrap for the Bolshies in the 1950s...selling himself and the Egyptians to the Kremlin for a few pieces of silver and a useless pharaonic pyramid known as the Aswan Dam on the Nile.  The Bolshies somewhat skilfully and somewhat by accident managed to tap into the animosity being expressed at the Jews du jour....who happened to be Jews.

File:Man see school nakba.jpg
900,000 people fled the
 coming war to drive the
 Jews into the Mediterranean
 Sea.  "To-day we annihilate
 the Jews, and to-morrow
 we return to Palestine. 

    Hordes of displaced people, some involved with the Ottoman rule, others displaced by the anti-colonial movements, especially in Algeria....and even Libya flocked into the trans-Suez and eastern Egypt and the Gaza Strip.   Truth be told....not one Arabian country wanted these people around.   The Brits, French and the various heads of the strangely shaped new settlement countries in the old Ottoman Empire began to settle on lines, capitals, and the new satraps, aka "royal houses"...and/or "political leaders with realistic orientations,"  but no one wanted the swirling unwashed masses.

    One place where there was some acceptance of Arabs living somewhere was in the new Zion....in the Jewish Republic of Israel.   To be sure, these were long-time Arabs with a record of co-operation and/or at least acceptance of Jews as neighbours.   They would have been the people of trades, shops, dealers and brokers of antiquities, and professionals...such as doctors, teachers, and archaeological analysts.

     This was the backdrop to the events before 1950 when the Arab countries surrounding the newly formed State of Israel all decided to express the will of the people of the region and drive the Jews into the Mediterranean Sea.    A simultaneous offencive was launched by forces totalling populations roughly 50 times the size of the population of Israel.   The Arabs living in the new Zionist State were warned to leave, because soon, the entire country would be laid waste so as to purify it from the contamination of Jew sandals.

File:Shah Abbas Horse.jpg     Those who chose to leave, perhaps were being reasonable, because no one would like to be purified after first being lain waste.    And, any reasonable Gentile even would have had to bet on the great knights of the desert, scimitars glistening in the rays of the crescent moon.   Those scimitars would have come at the Israelis in the form of French, British, and Russian armaments...including tanks, MIGs, all nature of mortar and artillery, while the boots on the ground favoured the Arabian Putsch to be a 15 to 1 advantage.  Everybody knew that Jews could not fight and even worse....would not fight.

     When it was all over....in a matter of days...the entire Arabian Nights story had become something more like arabian nightmares.  All the armies assaulting Israel had been either destroyed or almost destroyed.   A couple of the armies were a legitimate AAA minor league rating...while the Jews had not even played a game at semi-pro level.   It was a dark humiliation from which most of the  Arab world has not recovered...and perhaps  will never recover.

     For so long as the Israelis do not become flabby and effeminised as have the  Americans and the British in these early moments of the new millennium there is a chance that the little country can continue to play the role of David against it surrounding potential Goliaths.   Indications are that such an even might well be underway...with more and more Israeli youth opting to find ways of avoiding military service.



      After this war, the 900,000 people who had left Israel to await its destruction, still wait.  They are lethargic, serfs of deranged religious extremists.  Their population is comprised in large part by parents who celebrate the "success" of a son or daughter by how many Jews he or she killed with the homicide vest blew up in the bus.

Two Draculene Hags - The
 price of several million and
 billions of other peoples'
  money and futures?
Sure, why not?

      Sixty years have gone by, and the camps, hovels, and labyrinth of bunny trails connecting hovels made of cinder block in what had been intended to be, at best, temporary facilities for a month or two....now celebrate the birth of another potential homicide bomber great-grandson.   Four...even five generations....occupy these dismal places.   They live by taking....having essentially been on welfare the entire time.   The live as vassals of the bloodthirsty religious nuts of Hezbollah and Jamas....surrounded completely by moral and material corruption, decadence, and dysfunction.    The people are essentially held hostage, even allow themselves to be held hostage, by one mafia that is secular, marxist, Jew-hating, America-hating and that controls hundreds of millions of dollars of "charity'' contributions.   Four million and some odd people now....still waiting still waiting to go back and destroy the buildings, farms, industries, schools, shops, and other structures and places put into place by a small group of people who apparently have more intelligence, concentration on objectives, and willingness to move in a positive direction.

     AND.....These "refugees" are also held hostage by severely mentally ill religious maniacs who will murder a 10 year old girl because she was taken to Tel Aviv for a kidney transplant.   She was tortured and stoned and hacked to death because she was "unclean" being part Jew and only part human.   These things go on day in and day out in the refugee camps.....And the proof...the slob, bleach blonde, prostitute looking widow of Yassir Arafat...one of the greatest of all charlatan....is still working through the two billion and then some dollars that he raked off the top and the bottom of every farthing that came into the PLO treasury.   And his hag wife is in a corner suite in the Ritz in Paris, going shopping every day.   She bought a villa somewhere not far from Cannes a year or two ago, and it is said that degenerate fiestas go on non-stop during her stays there.  She has been run out of Tunisia and essentially from Gaza by politicians and social elements, ostensibly (1) for marrying the Tunisian President's brother or brother-in-law without the necessary protocols. (2) for not cutting in old friends and others on the honey pot of shekels left by Arafat's grimy fingers handling the money for the PLO....and (3) for generally putting plenty of flesh on the bones, so to speak, about how the Arafats always did live large, by her very public displays of hedonism and self-indulgence.

Arc Triomphe.jpg     At the time  of Yasser Arafat's death, he was giving his wife something in the order of 100,000 USD per month for her personal walking around money in Europe.  She stayed for a year, taking out either one-half or one entire floor of a top-line hotel in Paris, on the Champs Elysee at the cost of 9,000 USD per night.   She later bought a flat on the Champs Elysee, within less than a stone's throw from the Arc du Triumph.   Just to be on the safe side, she also has bought a mansion in the area of Paris associated with the titled people.   She is French, schooled in a fine Roman Catholic college,  converted to Greek Orthodox, and then to Islam, and now to consumption and profligacy.


     The wealth is nothing negative in and of itself, of course.  The only problem with the entire issue is that it is  money that is essentially stolen.   Like Hillary, making false billings at the Rose Law firm in Arkansas,  both women are certain that anything that they want, is theirs.  Mdm. Arafat had her one and only child in Paris in a private hospital that cost 2,000 dollars a night just for the hotel part of the deal.  PLO money paid for it.  She stated that she was not heroic enough to have a baby surrounded by all the filth in Gaza.   Rather much like Hillary snarling about how her socialised medicine plan would leave a lot of small businesses in the lurch, and probably cause them to shut down, she snipped, "I'm not responsible for making all those little under-capitalised businesses run correctly".    You know....like baking cookies.


     All of the people in all of the refugee camps surrounding Israel are willing prisoners and lambs.   Were it to have been 140,000 Japanese Americans interned in a detention facility, the camps would be clean, flowers, social co-operation would be the rule, there would even be prosperity.    The Vietnamese refugees who came over to the United States after the US Congress sided with the communist North Vietnamese and cut off military support for the South.   The Vietnamese who came here, spread their wings and flew high in almost all cases.

All the people who come here and who stay away from welfare and "help" from the government, prosper.   But the refugees surrounding Israel, they rot, lob missiles, moan, and allow themselves to be pin~atas for the various mafias who enslave them.   They deliver their children to the ghastly schools that program the children to be unthinking robots, much like our public schools here in the United States have become, and then hope that they can raise up a child who can break through security and blow up a school bus in the Israeli sector of Jerusalem.   Makes a mother proud.....?????





File:Temple Mount.JPG     So, Obama's speech to the students in Cairo in 2009, to build a new day...had no effect on anything.   The Muslim Brotherhood had already scheduled the riots and disorders that would bring the Brotherhood to power and get rid of Old Mubarek.   After two years, Egypt has changed from a peculiar, somewhat tolerant functional soft dictatorship, to a hell-hole with people talking seriously and sincerely about the necessity to blow up the Sphinx and the Pyramids of Giza, and all the Pharoanic monuments of Lexor and the entire run of the Nile.  The oppression decried by the Obsolete Press during the rule of Mubarek, has of course, become much worse with gangs of "extra-official" thugs from the Brotherhood tormenting Coptic Orthodox and "undesirable Muslims".

     Obama's show from the last week was just as pointless, worse in a way, when he doesn't have the guts to go before the Knesset and speak to the representatives of all the Israeli nation...but chooses instead to go before a hand-picked group of marxist  university students who are members of known progressive, marxist, and other extreme leftist organisations.  His failure to go to the Wailing Wall was strictly because he wanted to comply with the Islamist extremist notion that non-Muslims should never be allowed to touch the structural parts of the Dome of the Rock.

We think Obama would have been well served to review the contents of this linkage, regarding the status and treatment of Arab Israelis, and how many would prefer to live under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, or Hamaz.


     His speech urging the "Israeli young people" to reject the distrust and inertia of the past, is reflective of a mental dullness that defies description.   The utter shallowness and failure to engage intellectually with the hard facts that the refugees in the camps tore down everything in the last exchange of land for peace.   Destroyed it.   It is still a garbage heap full of litter, where once there had been prosperity.    Like Obama, and all communists and marxist negotiators, the Palestinian authority is not going to agree to anything, even if it is what they ask for, because the thugs who run the place will lose their money, and their control over the slugs and dregs who apparently wish to be cannon fodder, slaves, and victims of mafias and tyrants.  The islamist extremists carry it just a bit further;  they say, "What difference does it make when or where, we are going to kill every one of you anyway."


     Please also note, finally that all the Arabs who stayed in Israel, before that first war, when the dust settled, they went out opened up their stores, showed up at work and are citizens of Israel.   They prosper, argue with the Jews, get along, have Jews who are friends...vote, and even serve in the Knesset, and have held high portfolios in the Israeli government....more proof of the the nature of truth.

El Gringo Viejo