Friday, 18 April 2014

Observations and Comments that Rattle Around in My Mind


     Things run together in what remains of the brain of El Gringo Viejo.   The work on the Quinta Treasure of the Sierra Madre was tiring.   The labour shortage in Mexico is hitting our area in spades.   Three different maestros who are normally available had to defer from helping on our job due to existing and future commitments.
    We finally had to go back to the original maestro....the one who is most capable...but who also had history of shady dealings and a tendency to never reach the end of the project.  But, he said yes...and he has good equipment.  This time he worked through the project in three days.
      One advantage is that he had Alvaro and me to help.   Rafael, the neighbour, is an engineer.  He approved my design and helped in several ways.   In any regard, it was a success.

     Across the Rio Grande, back up in Texas, we learned that the Chief Deputy of the Sheriff's Department had been "picked-up" for engineering illegal campaign contributions for his boss's re-election.   His boss, of course, is (now was) the Sheriff of the 6th most populous of Texas's 254 counties.   Within a couple of weeks, our Sheriff had pled guilty at indictment, no trial....just guilty to charges so deep and wide and corrupt that the whole ugly thing could puke a buzzard off a gut-wagon.

     While Republicans have their problems here and there and now and then, Hidalgo County has had 3 elected Sheriffs in a row who ended their terms at the licence plate factory.   At least this Sheriff's son managed to be convicted of multiple felonies and sent to a federal licence plate factory,   The Sheriff's son was the head of a special tactical "anti-drug"  and "anti-organised crime" unit.  The unit was composed of 9 commissioned peace officers.   One of them is the son of a local police chief.   All making licence plate for Chairman Mao.

     And the last primary elections, inside the Democrat Party primary in Hidalgo and the surrounding counties, there was so much voter fraud, officially recognised voter fraud, that it will be difficult to try all the cases.  In the case of Hidalgo, Texas there were precincts where over 20% of the voters required "voter assistance", allowing  thereby a "helper" into the voting booth in order to "assist" the hapless voter.   This manoeuvre is very commonplace in many voting precincts throughout South Texas.

     A County Commissioner for Hidalgo County, a woman who had, according to community common knowledge, been a bar-maid not long before becoming a member of the County Commissioner's Court, set quite a record for public service.   After doing so much for women's and children's issues like other heroines of the Democrat Women Defenders Association....she managed to use public money for private purposes, while also arranging welfare for illegal alien women whom she would hire as maids and slaves...also on the taxpayers' dimes....she finally was assigned her place in the Women's Licence Plate Factory.

    It really serves no great purpose to keep naming the hundreds along with their transgressions against the common good.   A party built on welfare, fraud, covetousness, and the sale of the canard of "....the Party for the Poor".   And not a smidgen of corruption in any of it.

     We have come to the point where it looks more and more like something may be going to happen in the IRS case, and perhaps even the Fast and Furious case.   We shall discuss this in more depth later. 

     It was and is all so depressing.


     Then, we have an event, a woman throwing a shoe at (Sir Edmund) Hillary.
As one reviews the video of the incident, it is very apparent that the Queen of All Universes is completely unaware that anything had been thrown in her direction....the shoe passes well to her right while she is looking down and beginning to look up.   The shoe is 15 feet past her when she makes her first reaction to the situation.
     Like almost everything pertaining to this hideous narcissist, the whole thing wreaks of a set-up.   The cooing, wowing, and fawning admiration for Hillary's "quick reaction" and "really sharp comeback lines" among the chattering of the Obsolete Media robotrons was another opportunity for me to drink another bottle of Pepto Bismol.   
     It was as if the "spontaneous comments" advisory had been passed around even before the event.   Vince Foster's briefcase spontaneously appears on his cold, hard, desk three days after the police have gone through the room, making notes and photographs of every possible thing....never noting the briefcase on top of the desk.   And lo and behold, there just happens to be a "suicide note" inside the convenient briefcase AND it just happens to be torn into 30 or so very convenient to tape together pieces.    No it was good that Vince wore his latex gloves to write his suicide note.   He had done a pretty mediocre, but interesting job in imitating his own printing (not cursive).


     We had an phenomena during this last stay of the arrival of numerous ring-necked doves.   There were perhaps 20 pairs.  They are coloured like milk with a slight bit of chocolate syrup, and they are bigger even than a large whitewing dove.   We had been told by the "ecology" people that there were no more ring necked doves....that the Tea Party and George Bush had killed them all.   Just an observation.
    More later.  It is time to consider Holy Saturday and the Feast of the Resurrection
El Gringo Viejo