Tuesday, 4 March 2014



     The esteemed Rachel Maddow goes back to the well to find the real reason for the lack of any reasonable and/or coherent positioning or thinking or action on the part of Obama or his administration.   The explanation....George Bush.
El Gringo Viejo responded to her lunacy as it appeared  on a popular screed, and shares his own humble wisdom below.



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         Bush and the Americans, et.al. invade Iraq. Destroy the Iraqi military, capture Saddam Hussein al Tikriti, and generally win the war. The Gringos establish some semblance of civil society and do a fairly good cultural and social mop-up. The issue remains with the marxist / anti-American elements in the United States..."Bush lied and people died". The fact that Hussein had WMDs cannot be disputed. He had them, they were used frequently against the Iranians and against Iraqis....Shiite, Kurds, and the Swamp Arabs. Many, many thousands died. During the Iraq - Iran War (8 years), perhaps 1,000,000 were affected. During Kuwait, the environmental "lack of sensitivity" expressed by Hussein was revealed by the setting afire of 142 active and producing oil wells.

  •           I did not think much of the invasion, but in military and even cultural terms it was a considered success. Most knowledgeable analysts and observers are convinced that the bulk of Hussein's WMDs were moved to Syria shortly before the outbreak of the American,
    et.al. invasion. Some of those munitions quite probably were those being used both by Assad and the "freedom fighters" during the present Syrian disorders.

  •          The anti-Hebe nutcases in the present administration (which includes all of the members of this administration) are totally committed to the total erasure of Israel as a sovereign state, and in truth, to the elimination of the Jew presence within the ranks of the human race. I am not a Jew, so I am not begging for someone to save my race and me. It must be recognised, however, that all socialists...Bolshevik, National, progressive, etc...hate the entire Judaic - Christian "thing". Many of the Jew-haters are atheist Jews who hate their own "non-existent" Yahweh, their ancestors, and any notion of Judaic historical validity.

  •           The correct analysis for what has occurred in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, the Far East, and the rest of the world is that the Bush team did a high-mediocre to sometimes excellent job, won two wars, defended Israel to all reasonable limits,....left office...and watched this administration squander it all as it snatched defeat from the jaws of victory.....purposefully.

  •           Why? It was, is, and always will be the purpose of this administration to destroy, debilitate, and denigrate everything about the United States of America. These people will continue to do it while in office and sustain their efforts upon leaving office...hoping that when they leave that there is nothing left but smouldering ruins in their rear-view mirrors.   Their creed...hate traditionalist Jews, hate traditionalist Christians, hate agnostic libertarian thinkers, hate America, hate self-reliance, and give reverence to degeneracy.  Great creed.

  • Thank each of you for your kind attention.
    El Gringo Viejo