Monday, 10 February 2014

We shall beat this drum until all in the jungle hear.


     The events surrounding the "Fast and Furious" (FaF), gun-walking programme operated by Barak Hussein Obama and Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States of America serve to qualify as grounds for the impeachment, conviction, and imprisonment of both of these marxist cads.   It is axiomatic that FaF was designed and placed into operation to establish a deadly scenario.

     The deadly scenario was used earlier, in 1993 when the Clinton anti-gun cabal, directed by Janet Reno and Hillary Rodham Clinton asked for a demonstration of force against unnecessary private gun ownership in the United States.  The Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms department complied with marking out a lackey, Vernon Howell (aka David Koresh) who had a religious compound with too many guns inside.  They were known to buy and sell guns in parking lots and gun shows.  They were lower class, intellectually slow, little people who were also religious kooks.  They were the perfect targets to use to make a strong point about the need to disarm Americans of their previously legally held weapons.

     A botched raid resulted in a stand-off.   Agents of the government, who attacked the compound with guns blazing, had been killed in what became essentially close combat.   Later, the compound was stormed with flammable gas delivered by a battering tank into the flimsy construction.   A helicopter with a mounted machine gun, loaned by General Wesley Clark to the FBI and ATF fired several hundred rounds into the compound during the final assault. There were 42 children inside, along with various women.   They along with Vernon Howell and several adult males were killed.  Many of the adults were foreigners and converts to Howell's particular un-recognised  brand of Seventh Day Adventism.

   Bill Clinton said it was Janet Reno's doing.  Nobody ever asked the Brady Gun Control People, and the name of Hillary Rodham Clinton was never, never, never, mentioned in relation to the assault, save for once during first couple of days when everybody knew that something horrid had occurred.  It turned out that the compound had no automatic weaponry.  It also turned out that the compound had fewer weapons per adult than the normal Texas household.



    We now fast forward to the first term of Barack Hussein Obama.   The Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives agency, at the behest of Obama operatives and under the command, and with the full knowledge of, Eric Holder design a new programme to forward the effort of disarming the private American population, leaving firearms only in the hands of police who have no restraints and criminals who also have no restraints.

     The plan was to suggest off the record to legally established gun dealers that they sell rifles that can be readily converted to automatic fire capability.  The ATF and E desired that these "gun stores" sell these firearms to known drug trafficking cartel members who operated on both sides of the Arizona - Sonora international border.

    To make a very long story as short as possible, the guns were sold to the traffickers.  The guns and ammunition were not chipped or made "pre-forensic" in any way.  NOR WERE THE MEXICAN MILITARY CONTACTS THAT HAD SERVED WELL DURING THE BUSH YEARS ADVISED.  That is key.  The entire project was to be "off-screen".  No Mexican Army, no Mexican Naval Infantry, nor any of their moles and contacts.    Those of us who live in Mexico know that there is only one reason to avoid the two Mexican military organisations named above.   THE FULL AND ONLY INTENT OF THIS PROGRAMME WAS FOR THE PURPOSE OF HAVING CIVILIAN AND CONSTABULARY AND FEDERAL AGENT PERSONNEL WOUNDED OR KILLED BY GUNS THAT HAD BEEN SOLD BY AN AMERICAN GUN STORE SO AS TO BEGIN AN HYSTERICAL, EMPHATIC PUSH, ONCE AND FOR ALL, TO CLOSE DOWN THE SALE OF FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION TO PRIVATE AMERICAN CITIZENS.   THE NEXT MEASURE WAS TO BE THE DOOR TO DOOR CONFISCATION OF FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION.

    "No longer will American children have to face the almost certain probability that that he or she would be killed, sooner or later, by a white racist anti-government radical with a SEMI-AUTOMATIC ASSAULT RIFLE," would have been the cheering announcement by the president.  Stroke of the pen, law of the land.   "I did it.  I made America safe for children and minorities and women! No more guns in the hands of those who didn't need them anyway!" would be Barack Hussein Obama's shouted spiking of the ball for months.

     But it did not work out that way.   At this point, and completely disregarded by the Obsolete Press, around 1,000 men, women, and children caught in crossfires, semi-honest cops and honest cops, Mexican soldiers, and Mexican naval infantry have been killed or wounded with these weapons that were walked into Mexico under the supposed premise of tracking their path into the bowels of the cartels.  What puts the lie to that is that the guns were not chipped.   They were never intended to be used in any tracking....only the final tracing back to gun-stores in Phoenix or Tucson or elsewhere.  The ATF and E went ahead and began to shut down some stores anyway, even if they had no record of such dealings.  They thought they could get away with their deception, and they still might, at least to the degree of escaping punishment. 

     The hoped-for killing of a badge-wearing American or American civilians did finally occur.   It was a Border Patrolman, shot down in all but cold blood.   He was killed by a narco-trafficker who was known on a personal basis by at least one female ATF and E investigator, who had released him one time at the place and time of that particular arrest....just released from the scene of an on-going crime on American soil, some months before the killing of the Border Patrolman.  To-day marks the day of that murderer's sentencing in Federal Court.   As in all cases involving Obama and the degenerate, anti-America litter that he has dragged into the White House's service, there is no effort to come clean or inform in any thorough way about the nature and characteristics of the FaF programme.

     For a president who is so, so very concerned about amnesty, immigration rights, and minorities, and "Hispanics" it is patently obvious that Obama, Holder, and the ATF and E do not give a bucket of warm camel slobber about anything beyond fooling the people and disarming the Jethroes and Bubbas who look like the Duck Dynasty people.  They, the latter day Bolsheviks,  control the Attorney General's office.

     Finally, I absolutely think that Obama can be charged in this matter for depraved indifference resulting in multiple killings of innocent people.  He knew about the programme, he was informed repeatedly by his homologue, the President of Mexico and his ambassador in Washington D.C.  and by his own staff.   Then, during the campaing in 2012, he was being interviewed by Jorge Ramos and a female anchor as part of a formal campaign appearance on Univision.   He was asked by Ramos about the FaF, and Obama responded with the biggest lie of his entire presidency.  Obama declared that he had been unaware of the programme when he assumed the presidency, but that when he found out about it, he immediately cancelled it.  He made it plain that it had been a programme initiated under the previous president.
     The lie was so profound El Gringo Viejo was certain that Ramos could not pass up the chance to essentially commit political regicide.   Everybody who had studied the issue knew that the Bush Administration's Wide Receiver Programme had been cancelled long before Obama had darkened the doors of the White House.   It had been cancelled because the Mexican Army, who had worked very closely with the Bush Administration's version of the AT and F gun walking effort learned that  the chipping process had been discovered.  The Army and the AT and F decided mutually and instantly to throw the ball into the stands, and huddle up for another play.  In the meantime informants were moved out for their own protection, and the issue ceased to have a life.  All of this 19 months before Obama arrived into the Rose Garden.
     Therefore, complicity in an illegal act that resulted in numerous deaths and injuries, and the further aggravating factor that by essentially testifying, on a national television network, that he had closed the programme that had been established by his predecessor....he was committing a form of non-judicial perjury... all lies....damned lies...fully rising to the level of a misdemeanour of the highest order, and in the case of the deaths caused by his depraved indifference....the highest of crimes.   And in this cause we include not only the totally morally corrupt Eric Holder, but also the Secretary of State at that time, Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has done so much for women and girls, minus the ones who were gunned down by Obama's plan to disarm Americans.   Gunned down, legs blown off with a 50 calibre Barret rifle  And also minus  the millions who have been enslaved by her progressive cabal's pro-active comprehensive welfare slavery.
     It is time that this issue be moved forward, along with the Benghazi disgrace.  The Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) is something that speaks for itself in terms of purposeful mendacity and purposeful mis-administration.
We shall stand by and see if the Lion roars to-night.
El Gringo Viejo