Sunday, 26 January 2014

OROGs beware - He's baaaack.....

   We made it up this morning, after several days and nights of sometimes bitter cold down at our little place on the side of the Sierra Madre Oriental.  To-morrow morning efforts will be made to reach out to our contributors and to certain other folks with more personal notes.   Observations about things in America and Mexico will be forthcoming, with possibly two entries as well.
     It takes a bit longer for El Gringo Viejo to "gear-up" following the drive.   There is an abundance of excellent targets and topics.
     This is the first time in our experience that we have had two snow episodes in a one-month time frame....and it appears that another, perhaps more significant snow / sleet event is in store for this coming Tuesday.   Thank goodness we enrolled Alvaro  in that snowman making class.   Alvaro, for newcomers, is our on-site manager, "mil-usos", and greatest all-around mayordomo in the history of on-site managers in Mexican history.
Much more later.
El Gringo Viejo