Monday, 6 January 2014

Departure into the cold

   We shall leave at 06:30 to-morrow morning, if in fact there is certainty about the roads and bridges.   If the present sleet and slight snow persists during the night, there might be some chance that the bridges across the Rio Grande might be impassable, as well as the bridge over the floodway, almost a half mile, and it can be prone to icing.
     Barring any contretemps we should be pulling int0 our little mud hideaway around noon-time to-morrow.   It is almost certain that we shall have a large mound of firewood at the door, and there will be an accounting of all the visitors we have had during the last three and a fraction weeks.   There will also be all the gossip that is fit to repeat....and like on Hee - Haw, if it's not fit to repeat, I'll have to listen real careful-like on the first time.
     It might be a bit easier for  El Gringo Viejo to make it over to the computer chat rooms, because our dog is alone now....and his girl-friend who managed to bear him 6 s0ns and 3 daughters.   We were reluctant to leave them all alone on the last stay, so I stayed closer than normal to the hearth.   But, incredibly, all 9 dogs have found good homes, and the mother dog has a new place of her own,  about 6 miles to the south of us.  BeBe the Labrador was a good father dog, but hopefully he has learned that my house is not the house of all dogs of the Universal Caninia.    The sudden decrease in dogs, however small, will allow me the chance to take Bebe to the mayordomo of the Hacienda de La Vega in order to baby-sit BeBe for an couple of hours, so that I can do some "messaging" with my peeps.
     We have a lot of food to take in, food for Gringo No. I, for BeBe, and the three cats,  so we are hoping that there will be kinder and gentler Mexican border inspectors....we have never had problems with them...but to-morrow would not be a good time to have a delay when the temperatures are hovering in the low 30s.   Nothing we are taking in is prohibited,  so there will be no problem. 
Hopefully, more messages soon.
El Gringo Viejo