Sunday, 5 January 2014

A Laundry List of Brief Observations

The Insurance Companies:
     This goes pretty much to the insurance companies and the United States Chamber of Commerce.   It is you all...and each of you...who fund the campaign chests of the RINO Republicans.   It is you....and each of you....who think it necessary to defame people you deign to be more common than yourselves.
     The notion that you can on the one hand stand in line to support and assist the establishment of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative (OSMI) and on the other hand purport to be in favour of free enterprise and capitalism is insulting and repulsive to those of us you so readily scorn.
     Your notion that you can control a deranged socialist is almost scripted from the reaction by the Ruhr Valley Capitalists and the Conservatives in the Bundestag during the early 1930s.  Word for word, act by act, and with luck, you will be taken to a more comfortable work camp when your time comes. 
      When this horrid semi-nationalisation of the medical industry collapses in a couple of years, the masses will cry out for more "free medical care".   You in the National Chamber of Commerce and the participating Insurance Carrier group will tell the central government that you need further subsidies of "free money" because you are losing so much money on the no-pays and other dead-beats that you can no longer afford to underwrite the "free medical care" for the parasitical class of low-information and low-intelligence breeders.   You will ask for your "reasonable recompense" and you will receive it.   You will be Chryslered and GeneralMotored.
     All the "exploiters and profiteers" will have their interests expropriated and the insurance companies will cease to exist.   They will be equated to the anachronisms such as Plantations and Slavery, sweat-shop labour, and all forms of indentured abuse against the impoverished.   The central government will put itself in charge of the who, what, when, where, and how the health of each person.   Who lives, who dies, who births, who aborts, and who gets to contribute reproduction material into the pool to build the brave new world.
    To believe differently from the above, one must assume that all the company of the marxist choir presently ruling the popular culture and the central government are one slight degree above mentally retarded.   No one, no agency, no grouping of people could possibly build a government so hopelessly vile and dysfunctional....foreign policy, domestic policy, running guns policy, losing wars already-won policy, save for being hopelessly stupid and/or ignorant.  The purposeful avoidance of business or true administrative or management experience by Barry Soetoro and his cadre of marxist ghouls could explain some of this earthquake cum trainwreck.   But it is our opinion here that it is a combination of arrogance, intention, stupidity, inexperience, and a hatred of good order and morality, and of course, privately held firearms.
    This government has no life experience beyond wanting to control every breathe, every sip, every act, and every thought of everyone within the cast of anyone inside this horrid government presently ensconced in Washington, D.C.
     This is the legacy of the collusion by the health insurance industry with the National Socialist Democrat Workers' Party.   The health insurance industry wanted to play the populace as fools and to run free government money through them and into the coffers of the health insurance industry in a back-door scheme that would allow the central government to guarantee a profit to the private health insurance companies.   Nice racket.
   But, the government needs only to wait for the system to break down, which it will, and then wait for the "poor and huddled masses"  to demand the Nationalisation of the insurance companies and the provision of "free medical care" to said "poor and huddled masses".
    Then we shall see whom AARP will push as an insurer for a geezer and/or free medical care insurance programme.
   And the insurance company magnates?  Where will the line be drawn between the veterinarian clinics (humans accepted after hours), and the grands and swells who were poobahs playing golf with Barry and the social engineers a few years ago?
   Will all the Lear Jets be confiscated as well?   We wouldn't want anyone flying to Cuba to receive real quality care from Dr. Elian Gonzalez at the Michael Moore Memorial Hospital in Camaguey....or the Janet Reno Memorial Hospital on the grounds of the old Guantanamo Naval Base.,no,no,no,no Sen~or, this is not your floor-mat sign-nailer, phone-banker, small donor to the RNC any mas, no mas.  No RNC, and no back-and-front-stabbing National Chamber of Commerce, no reasonable Republicans reaching across the aisle to debate the length of rope the commies will use to hang the small business people, the minor millionaires, the educated, the independent, non-union,  skilled blue-collar, the cowboys and saddle-tramps who live in their own, self-sufficient world.   You, the RINOs might note that Barry Soetoro has had to do what Ted Cruz and Bill Lee were trying to get the team on board for a few months back.   You people fought them and aided the Democrat marxists in defaming those gentlemen as "hostage takers, terrorists, talibanis, unreasonable, etc."   Look who is laughing at you now.
John Roberts:

     And we turn to the most useless personality in recent history, the dishonourable Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, John Roberts.  What a disappointment.  And, yes we recognise the understatement as we use the word disappointment.   George Bush's appointment of this man was right up there with the Free Pills for Geezers, the paving of the path for the establishment of TARP, TRAP, BARF, and SPLAT programmes, and failing to pardon Scooter Libby.   His abandonment of governance during the last 5 months of his term was a dereliction of duty worthy of any hootsy-tootsy, country-club, progressive pseudo-conservative.
     Please do not even begin to get El Gringo Viejo started on the utter lack of     willingness to fight back, defend oneself, to call out and call down verminous  slugs in the Democrat choir....people like Pelosi, Schumer, and name a few of the many reptilian-Americans.

    But John Roberts....Mon Dieu!   How could a guy who seemed to be too normal to be on the Lawrence Welk Show wind up being the spawn of Lucifer and the great-grandson of both Karl Marx and Frederick Engle?   It has been said in every low and high-brow place where reasonable people of reason speak, one with the other, "What did Hillary and/or the Chicago machine have on John Roberts?"

File:James a pike.jpg
Totally deranged Episcopal
Bishop John Pike
    There is not the least possible manner by which Roberts could have arrived at such an absurd conclusion or decision so as to vote to approve the constitutionality of the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative.   Was he smoking crack and meth and talking to the leadership counsellors in Pyongyang?
    Was he reading the divine words of Bishop Pike, vicar of God is Dead Church - Episcopal?  I mean....where could such a thought come from if John Roberts were truly a believer in common law, natural law, and the Constitution.   Did Karl Rove vet this fellow's  with the caseworker at the Shady Farms Rest Village before recommending Roberts to King George the Second?


     Then, we are hopeful that the OROGs studied the wild and dangerous "5 wishes" the Texas Nationalists made when they threw their three coins in the fountain.   We wish to underscore the fact that during recent scientific polling efforts a majority of Texians are willing to check the box "Independence" when given a cluster of five relationships the Texas "might ought t' have" with the United States of America.

     Here's a message from one of our radicals:

More at a near later moment.
El Gringo Viejo