Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Vote down the tax and spend budget deal

     We were looking over this ghastly blueprint worked out by the joint committee on budget resolution, and we are, after having read it before voting on it, stunned by the stupidity of the document's preparers.   It is either that or the preparers are thinking that there no longer exists  sizeable numbers of people who can do basic mathematics, or who can do basic deductive reasoning.
     We are given an "agreement" worked out after "hard negotiation" between a moderate Republican who is trying to be reasonable and a hard-case socialist Democrat who is such a nice girl that you just have to like her sincere and gentle tone.   The poor dear looked so exhausted, after all that hard work.  And she had the hard row to hoe, as you know.   She had to make certain that the taxtax, spendspend, electelect program had to be funded at all costs.  She is also saddled with the responsibility to put someone else's money where her mouth and all the Democrat elected officials, and their parasitic coterie of interests, mouths are ready to slurp up the goodies.
     And then that nice Ryan boy comes out...a true, hard-case conservative.  Boy, don'tcha know?   He really gave it to that lefty Yankee girl.  So let's see.
We lard on 70 billion USD of pork renderings....enough to render soap for the Winter and quite a bit of cured sausage ready for Spring.   And of course that has to be done right away, because there are a lot of people out there suffering and it's cold and Christmas....excuse me....Solstice Kwanza is coming up.   So we need to put 70 billion dollars back into the kitty for necessaries like the Elderly Lesbian Eskimo Trapeze Artiste Retirement, Re-education, and Astronaut Training Program for African-American, Hispanic, and American Samoa and Virgin Island Eskimoes.   And for the Minority Obese Child Supplemental Feeding Program.  And the Women-only UNESCO and UNICEF and UNICYCLE three-year WORLD CRUISE, guided by (Sir Edmund)Hillary, HRH Michelle, and Miss Flukie.....they are such delightful, caring people.  So concerned about others, you know.
     That is a one-year allocation, to begin, essentially immediately.
     But Ryan stuck it to the  National Socialist Democratic Labour Union Party,  by golly!   He wrangled a 23 billion dollar reduction in spending outlays, to begin sometime after the next fiscal year, that would be spread over a period of ten fiscal years.   WOW!  I guess.  Maybe....kind of.
     Twenty three billion dollars over ten years.   Two billion, three hundred million per year for ten years.   Obama managed to lose Ten Billion just on the stock sale loss over the Union-ownership of GM initiative.   Then add on another billion just on Solyndra and Fisker 'green energy" initiatives and then almost a trillion on ineffective "shovel ready" and union-hiring initiatives that had no effect in terms of permanent employment.
     Let's see.   Over ten years.   Over ten years, the United States Government will spend at least 40,000,000,000,000 USD.   That is if the USD is still an extant currency.   So we put 2,300,000,000 over the amount of 40 trillion USD...what does that look like?
      It's just obvious that Ryan is being way, way, way over-optimistic.   El Gringo Viejo doesn't see any possible way that anyone could keep from spending 200 pennies for every 40,000 dollars over that length of time.  So, in order to be fair, we must just go ahead and surrender that part of the agreement because if not, funding for Al Gore's Brazilian Baked Alaska Museum will have to be cut back over 2 per cent, and we can't really expect that much suffering to be inflicted upon the people.....and the children.
Sheesh....Merry Kwanza, Happy Solstice.....let me see, where is my picture of Saint Mary with elephant dung by Ofili?   Oh! Here it is.

Chris Ofili: The Virgin Mary

Chris Ofili: The Virgin Mary
Ofili's work is made up of paper collage,

 oil paint, glitter, polyester resin and
 elephant dung on linen.
This was one of those other wondrous investments of somebody else's money.   The National Endowment for the Arts, and the New York Harlem Museum of the Arts....several thousands of pennies plus travel, accommodations, and such for that nice boy, Chris Ofili....he was soooo, soooo talented.  It was a shame when he and most of his friends all....well, we shan't diverge.   We think that although the content might be offensive to some throwback type people, that the subject is handled with great respect and deference.   It makes such a magnificent statement about the nature of the "envelope pushers" of our culture.  

We retire for at least a moment.  Time for feeding the cats for the 9th time, you know, once for each life, each day, each cat.   That is the best deal I could work out with the Sindicato Nacional de Gatos.
El Gringo Viejo