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Podesta and Duck Dynasty (DO NOT OPEN WITH CHILDREN PRESENT!!)


Phil Robertson, the Duck Commander, holding the 1
Phil Robertson
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     It is amazing.   We arrive at the point where a person cannot say that he is opposed to the practice of homosexuality, he considers homosexuality to be a sin, and that he is instructed by his catechism and religious teachings to love the sinner and hate the sin.   The is no record in Robinson's recent or distant past to indicated that he has gone out of his way to torment or injure a homosexual.  Robinson is being castigated and punished by the Arts and Entertainment channel for an attitude and belief that causes no injury.  He is being punished for having an opinion that is based upon a well thought out philosophy that recognises natural law.

One the other hand, we have John Poedesta:
   "In an old interview, my snark got in front of my judgment. I apologize to Speaker Boehner, whom I have always respected," Podesta posted.
     That's all!   Move on!  Nothing to see!   Move on!. 
     Not so fast, good buddy.  You and Lucy got some splainin' tudoo.
     John, you are an old hack, dedicated to the notion that you learned from a quick read of Lucifer's bible, Rules for Radicals, that demands radicals to denigrate, isolate, and ridicule all opponents.   Make them objects of scorn....and like all good have practiced that white-trash, low-rent method of deportment during the entirety of your professional life.
   Why?   Well, because you like being a thuggish thug.  And you like being a big pawn on the national socialist side of the board. And, no, you do not respect Boehner, nor do you respect anything that stands in the way of the final establishment of a totally corrupt, national socialist, welfare-state America.

     You, and your national socialist buddies, continue to equate a bunch of disorganised dumboes who have an extremely low crime rate, who pay and have paid taxes all their adult lives, who provide for themselves and others, who have many military citations among them, who leave the place cleaner than they find it, who give more to charities than your people by a factor of 12X per capita, who care for their own and others without complaint, who volunteer in their communities in far greater numbers than your group, who are always improving their surroundings, who are immensely cleaner and more well disciplined than the people who attend your gatherings, people who do not desire the bondage and chains of slavery produced by the public welfare system...and that the enslaved spread their wings and fly to that land of self-sufficiency, and who are the antithesis of anything that the Democrat, Communist, false prophet James Jones was.
     And furthermore, the Tea Party people do not hate Negroes, or Mexicans, or Irish, or Polish type people, or even French people;  were you to attend one of their functions you would probably find all of the above sorts of folks well represented....probably even a lesbian Eskimo or two.     Their worst enemy is usually another cracker or lesbian Inuit,  and they don't drive around looking to beat up homosexuals.  They almost all have firearms, and rarely use them save for an occasional hunting trip.  As a group, their firearms safety record is phenomenal. They teach their children...frequently they can be encountered home-schooling their children.   They are very dull and boring people, by choice.  They are responsible and compliant.

     You called a bunch of people who are the antithesis of James Jones a group of people who were like the James Jones phenomena.  You know what the truth is and you consciously said something that was not the truth, therefore you are a liar.   And since you are a that blatant of a liar, that certainly means you are a like all national socialists and Bolsheviks, a chronic, pathological liar.   So, you are in your own excellent company.   William Jefferson Blythe, (Sir Edmund) Corkscrew, Barrack Hussein Obama, and then names the Hall of Shame of vermin who people this administration:   Sibelius, Napolitano, Holder, and so forth.   The list is endless.

    You and your people call the Tea Party people "Hostage Takers", "Anarchists", "Terrorists".  This below is what was done by a deranged communist pseudo-religious leader who was transitioning his flock to live in the Soviet Union, so as to establish his "liberation theology" communal village based on communist principles.  Obsolete Media reports always carefully omit Jones's dedication to communism.  Most, if not all of his adult s of his flock had been brainwashed or were committed to cleave unto the Soviet communist construct.  You  dare to compare the Tea Party people to this scene that we post below?   May the Creator of the Universe have mercy on your rotted soul: 


Jonestown Massacre, The Peoples Temple Photos:

On November 18, 1978,  912 followers of American cult leader Jim Jones ("Peoples Temple") died in a remote South American jungle compound called "Jonestown" in British Guyana. Some members were shot, others were forced to drink poison, but most willingly participated in what Jones said was an act of "revolutionary suicide."

Jim Jones began his ministry in 1953 as an independent minister in Indianapolis, but was later ordained in 1964 by the Disciples of Christ. By the end of 1971 he had moved his congregation to California eventually establishing two churches there. His main church remained in San Francisco, but a second was also opened in Los Angeles. The Peoples Temple peaked during the 70s to include perhaps as many as 8,000 members. Though racially diverse, most of Jones followers were African Americans.

Jim Jones was once a popular community activist in San Francisco who contributed cash and coordinated volunteers to support both causes and political leaders.

He could turn out thousands for almost any event or effort. During the 70s he appeared with many prominent politicians including then State Assemblyman Willie Brown. In 1976 Mayor George Moscone gave Jones a seat on the San Francisco Housing Authority Commission. Governor Jerry Brown was even seen attending services at the Peoples Temple.

But after the tragic deaths at Jonestown Willie Brown said, "If we knew then he was mad, clearly we wouldn't have appeared with him. But it's not fair to say what you would have done if you knew the kind of madness that would take place years later.''

Negative press reports began to surface about Jim Jones in the summer of 1977. In response to such criticism he moved many of his followers to British Guyana. Eventually about 1,000 core supporters gathered at an isolated retreat there, which was later officially named "Jonestown." But complaints from former members and families continued, ultimately culminating in requests for an official investigation.

According to an affidavit dated June 15, 1978 one-time Temple member and Jonestown resident Deborah Layton stated that "conditions had become so bad that half of Jonestown was ill with severe diarrhea and high fevers." But despite this they "were required to work in the fields from 7 AM to 6 PM six days per week and on Sunday from 7 AM to 2 PM" and the "food was woefully inadequate." Ms. Layton advised that "Rev. Jones...claimed that he was the reincarnation of...Lenin, Jesus Christ [and]...had divine powers." And further stated that Jones also "appeared deluded by a paranoid vision of the world. He would not sleep for days at a time and talk[ed] compulsively about the conspiracies against him." The compound "was swarming with armed guards [and] no one was permitted to leave unless on a special assignment," Layton said. Jim Jones warned "that the time was not far off when it would become necessary for [his followers] to die by [their] own hands," she added. A so-called "White Night" or "state of emergency" was often declared at the compound and within this context mass suicide was rehearsed.

California Congressman Leo J. Ryan received many complaints from his constituents regarding family members who were followers of Jim Jones. He subsequently responded through an investigation. With permission from Jim Jones, Ryan came to visit the group's compound on November 17, 1978. The congressman toured the settlement and met with Jim Jones. On the 18th some Temple members passed notes to Congressman Ryan's party requesting to leave with them. Ryan agreed and took some members of the Peoples Temple with him. At an isolated airstrip on the 18th, apparently under orders from Jim Jones, gunmen from Jonestown ambushed Congressman Ryan's party. Leo J. Ryan and four others were killed immediately, some of the Ryan party escaped into the jungle.

Anticipating the end of his ministry and certain arrest, Jim Jones then ordered the "state of emergency" he had so long anticipated. This carefully rehearsed mass suicide now finally took place. Everyone, except the very few that escaped into the surrounding jungle, either committed suicide or was murdered. More than 280 children were killed. Jim Jones body was found at Jonestown, fatally wounded by a gunshot to the head.

Willie Brown now the Mayor of San Francisco lamented in 1998, twenty years after the mass suicide and murders, that "Jonestown was a tragedy of the first order, and it remains a painful and sorrowful event in our history. Not a year has gone by that I have not stopped to remember San Francisco's terrible loss."


Brought to you by a fellow who was one of San Francisco Mayor Mascone's (D) top ten campaign contributors.   Brought to you by a fellow who dedicated himself to the communist cause and was comfortable in his dealings with Kremlin authorities.  Brought to you by a deranged lunatic who wanted to establish a "Communist Christian Commune" in Russia to be used as a propaganda device to show how benevolent the USSR  was and how well communism would work in an "accepting environment".   If your daughter brings a guy home who looks remotely like the above picture, you need to have a long and quick talk with her. 

    Finally Podesta, I certainly wish that I could be sly and tricky so that I could say something like.... "my mouth got out in front of my real feelings".  You national socialists and Bolsheviks are so, so very sharp about how you say tricky things that the stupid retro-hicks can't interpret.   That way you get to feel good about yourself and realize that rush of superiorist ego, knowing that you are so, so much smarter than all those hayseeds and hillbillies.  You can insult them twice and make it look like you really apologizing to them!   Aren't they stoooooopidddd!!!!   Hahahahahaa!


"Perchance he for whom this bell tolls may be so ill, as that he knows not it tolls for him; and perchance I may think myself so much better than I am, as that they who are about me, and see my state, may have caused it to toll for me, and I know not that."  John Donne

Thanks for the time and attention invested with me on the skirts of the Sierra Madre Oriental.
El Gringo Viejo

” sponsored by the Department of Religious Studies at San Diego State University.
Below are the following member's of the People's Temple of Jonestown whose bodies were autopsied upon arriving back to the United States: