Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Late Christmas Gifting Solutions

  We simply ran out of ideas for the discriminating woman who needed that "basic black patent heel" but who also was concerned that the rumour about
"Obamagators" would begin going door-to-door to sing their popular anthems of the season (Look for the Union Label and La Internacionale and This Land Is Our Land, This Land's Not Your Land, You Didn't Build It, Obama Will'd It).

It is known that after singing for what seems hours at the front door, they will begin banging on the doors and windows all around the house, demanding that the occupants sign up for "Free Medical Care", and they also try to shake down the occupants for the "Pensions for OWS & ACORN Martyrs" fund.   It is a form authorising a 19 USD bank draft each month made out to some people named  Reggie Love and Omar Onyango Obama and Auntie Zietuni.
We think that these shoes are the perfect fit for any such occasion.  Made in America, non-union labour, with a 1,000 - use warrantee against defects in damage-producing capability.

shipping and handling and shamwow blood-wiper cleaning towel included at no extra charge -  19.00 / one payment only.  Checks accepted.


Merry Christ's Mass  -  God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen...and Ladies.

El Gringo Viejo y familia y El Zorro del Norte y familia les desea
un fuertamente Feliz Navidad y un verderamente prospero An~o Nuevo!