Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Appropriate Theme for this Miserable Poseur

     On the one hand, we were troubled to learn that William Jefferson Blythe felt moved to sternly counsel the other poseur that it is necessary to live up to the promises made to the American people about keeping health plans, doctors, etc.    We remember that William Jefferson Blyth began his presidential administration with a confession that he would not be able to keep his campaign promise concerning providing the "middle-class" with a much needed tax cut.
     He moped and almost teared up, as he bit his lower lip to tell the nation that he had never worked harder in his life...."as I have during the last two weeks", to find some way to provide that middle-class tax break.
     It was an ignomius beginning of an administration that brought repeated disgrace upon the office of the Presidency during the entire eight years of his incumbency.   Monica was the least of it.  Red Chinese money pouring into the Clinton campaign war-chest, the Loral Corporation providing ultra-secret military technology to the Red Chinese....while making huge contributions to the DNC, to wit:

FREE REPUBLIC (credited source provider)
Clinton's China Scandals
Accuracy In Media - Media Monitor ^ | January 22, 2003 | By Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid
Posted on Monday, January 27, 2003 10:12:59 PM by NonValueAdded

     One of Bill Clinton’s China scandals may finally be coming to closure. In 1998, the New York Times’ Jeff Gerth broke a story about the Clinton administration’s willingness to permit two U.S. aerospace corporations to transfer sensitive missile technology to the Chinese. The CEO of one of the corporations, Loral, had pumped hundreds of thousands of dollars of campaign contributions into the Democratic National Committee. In return, the Clinton administration waived controls on Loral’s export of these technologies to the Chinese aerospace industry.
      Hughes Space and Communications committed similar offenses, but it was shielded from investigation by CIA Director George J. Tenet. Hughes was a key supplier of U.S. intelligence collection satellites, so when suspicions first emerged about its illicit activities, CIA employees tipped off Hughes about the impending federal investigation. Loral admitted its transgressions last year and paid $14 million in fines, but Hughes has continued to insist on its innocence. "We don’t believe we’ve done anything wrong," Hughes spokesmen told reporters.
      But internal Hughes documents show that from 1995 on, the satellite maker gave China sensitive missile technology in order to win contracts in the emerging Chinese space market. The Chinese had demanded such assistance as the price of doing business and especially after they had suffered several catastrophic launch failures. Hughes promised the Chinese "whatever data and resources are required" to improve the reliability of their space launch vehicles. This included technical analyses of launch failures and information on guidance and telemetry systems. Much of the technology and expertise the Chinese gained was also applicable to their strategic nuclear missiles.
      Now the U.S. State Department has proposed fines totaling over $60 million and bans on future exports, which could cost the company millions more in lost business. Just before Christmas, the Department charged Hughes, and its parent company Boeing Satellite Systems, with 123 violations of export control and arms transfer regulations. The charges also indicate that Hughes hired the son of a top Chinese aerospace general, who provided insider information on contract bids by one of Hughes’ major U.S. competitors.
     The announcement also represents vindication for Gerth. He got a Pulitzer for his stories, but he was harshly attacked by the Clinton administration and its allies for reporting on the export control violations. Working through sympathetic journalists at the competing Washington Post, Clinton officials sought to downplay Gerth’s revelations and dismiss their significance. One of Clinton’s favorite reporters was Walter Pincus of the Washington Post.
      His son was then the General Counsel at the Commerce Department, which had authorized the illegal transfers. Despite the obvious conflict of interest, Pincus repeatedly wrote or contributed to Post stories parroting the Clinton line. Pincus did not write the recent story about the Hughes’ fines.

     We could go on with Hillary's travel office shenanigans, her demanding and receiving FBI raw data files for bedtime reading apparently, as well as her forcing Web Hubell to do her prison time for billing fraud, or else....and the really, really peculiar death of Vince Foster who actually officed in the White House almost adjacent to both Billy Jeff and Hillary.   Not to mention the peculiar, sudden death of Ron Brown three days before he was to "go State" concerning his collusion with Hillary and Billy Jeff concerning kickbacks being paid by businessmen seeking the Investment Tour seats on Department of Commerce sponsors "Asian Investment Tours".   And, of course, the "Dollars for Pardons" programme operated by Hillary's brother at the end of the second verminous term.   There never was anybody willing to tell anybody else who hired Craig Livingstone.
     These are only a few of those wonderful moments....shim, shim, sheree..of those days of burning down kooky religious compounds and killing children turns chargeable offence.
     Billy Jeff could liven things up by his own indoor sports and exercise campaign, but he had his share of other foibles, and was finally stripped of his law license and fined 25,000 USD for rendering false testimony and also for giving false testimony about having given false testimony.  A really twisted Billy Jeff, especially for a guy who never inhaled his reefer madness fumes during his "I loathe the military" days.
     But, after all this is a guy who is not too sure about whether the meaning of is is is or if it isn't is.   The meaning of "is" might be is but there is the chance that the meaning of "is" is not "is" if it is not the true meaning of what "is"  is not.     Whew.   That is all taken from Grand Jury testimony by Billy Jeff.....when he left the Grand Jury room, six of the grand jurors were slumped over their desks in a hypnotic catatonic coma.
    Billy Jeff's dealings with women were frequent and left much to be desired by all parties....and he had a history of violence against women which endeared him to Gloria Alred and the National Organisation of Women, etc.  The "women's movement" women were content to put up with all nature of rape, beatings, and unforgiveable aggression against scores of women if only because Billy Jeff would protect the right of a woman to choose abortion as a first choice up to and including the first six years post-partum.   

     These are little notes that just the tip of the tip of the iceberg concerning the Clintons.   But, perhaps a few low-information people might be moved to do the merest checking into the past of Obama, his horrid wife, his Uncle Omar Onyango Obama and Auntie Zietuni Obama, and Obama's close friendships and associations with Marxist radicals and Jew-hating groups and individuals, as well as his own writings (let us say, ghost-written material that he was told to approve). 
     Marxist community organiser types and people with very active anti-American socialist agendas learned that Obama could read a good teleprompter.   They also knew that a lot of low-information whiteys would probably like Obama's variation of  the black-face act of a person assuming the role of a Southern Negro preacher at the Holy Tabernacle of Shiloh and Jericho Baptist Church....and that whitey would be moved by such eloquence.  It would be just like a real imitation of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King.   Like a generic brand....a lot cheaper....but just as good, don't you know?

At least as good as (Sir Edmund) Hillary's ...."I ain't no ways tired....'' in the Black Church in the South during a friendlier time.

     But the song we include below says it all.   The performers speak to a time when the Black Man and Woman had a lot more class, discipline, and patience....and lots real, live barriers that they were overcoming without the help of northern white liberals and radicals.  And yes, El Gringo Viejo knows that the white man/woman seems to have been enjoying following the downward helix, back into the swampy tar-pits from whence we came.   Look at the lyrics as the song progresses.   It is almost as if Obama has the same psychological difficulties...but not over some bimbo that will be forgotten next week.  His lament is in the loss of his adulating crowd, his worshipping serfs and slaves, his apologists in the Hamptons and the corridors of the buildings occupied by the Obsolete Press.

J.J. Goulds depiction of Amos and Andy

(l to r) Moe, Curly, and Larry
      If ever there were an example of Kettles and Pots calling each other black, this must be the best of the bunch.   It even works a bit into the double entendre of both of the principals, Billy Jeff Blythe and Father Obamaham being the first black Presidents of the United States of America.  Perhaps we should say President Kettle and President Pot.   One could be....following the double entendre....a stinking kettle of fish, while the other could be a pot smoking dullard who really did inhale and deal the weed on campus, according to his own words (written by someone else).  If someone wrote this up as a sit-com, nobody would believe it.   Perhaps we could do a bit of cutting and pasting and re-working with the script and make a pilot called "Curley, Larry, and Moe meet Amos, Andy, and Lightning".

    We shall have more as the developments reveal that Cruz, Lee, and Company were the Knights Valiant.   Those with the wobbly knees were not the ones  who had been given the power to take the Sword from the Stone.  We should extend our hand to them, our weaker brethren, but only if they swear upon their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honour (to the extent that any is left) to expend all effort in this quest to save the American Republic from the slavery for which the ruling elites and the parasitic class has been preparing us.
El Gringo Viejo