Tuesday, 8 October 2013

So Many Windmills, So Few Magic Lances


     After being out on the edge of civilisation for several weeks, one becomes a bit jaded while observing the macabre and forlorn nature of the American political scene.   There are a panoply of "Central Issues" each bearing upon the birth of social and fiscal problems that will, most certainly, destroy the American Republic.   It steadily becomes more and more of a really, really bad horror movie.
     There is a debt owed by the federation which will soon be in excess of 17,000,000,000,000 American dollars.   That is the amount of 56,000 dollars from each man, woman, and child within the Republic.  Lamentably it also points to the other sad fact that only the productive will pay this freight.  One-half of the population is productive by this point, and one-half is consumptive. Therefore, each of my granddaughters, are presently scheduled to pay at this time 112,000 dollars.  And that amount will likely be increasingly steadily as they journey towards adulthood.
      Two of the many Windmills and Blackhole Monsters that have caused this morass are payments to the beggar class that is involved in mulitigenerational welfare dependency, and to the crony capitalist class that depends upon its close relationship to the members of what has been called a "parliament of whores".
      The establishment of the business / welfare industrial complex, with all the tiers of bureaucratic labyrinths is the mortar holding the bricks that build the walls that become Detroit.   Its  Draculine Sustenance depends upon the  money that the central government extorts by force from the productive.  That money is quickly burned in the digestive and reproductive tracts of the consumptive.
     These are truths that when violated by long-term profligacy on the part of the ruling class always result in the collapse of the nation involved.   It is required over the years to supply the increasingly indolent dependent class with more and more until finally it is impossible to accomplish their provision.   Then comes the slaughter, the repression, and the darkness of civilisation.  The Jungle wins.
     The Obama Administration's insistence upon forcing as much imposition and needless official meanness is the echo of disaster forecasted by the already forgotten scenes from "Sequester Disaster Movie"....George Bush remotely guiding airliners filled with minorities, Polar Bears, children into mid-air crashes, seniors keeling over from starvation, family pets going without reproductive rights from Planned Parenthood....we remember how that played out.
      But folks, let us now bluntly state the fact;  most participants in the activities of the American body politic are now either too ignorant, or too incapable of critical thinking skills, or too selfish to care or remember about the complex of lies produced by the Obama Administration at every critical climax and catastrophe and calamity it either causes or predicts.
    We lament not moving more quickly on this, but Rush is on record at this hour (11:13 AM) in his exposure of  HHS Secretary Sibelius dumping out entire truckloads of bilge, mendacity, and rotting bloviation on John Stewart's comedy show.   El Gringo Viejo was going to give her the Gong Show Award of Lifetime Whatever last night....but he was simply too lazy and worn out from the drive up from our little place in the Mexican outback.
    Point being, this Sibelius woman has always been, and remains, a chronic, pathological liar as are all marxists.  It appears to be a requisite for employment in the Obama - Soros administration.   We remember forever her blurb about how she could not do a whole lot about the flooding going on in her State of Kansas since George Bush had sent her National Guard with all its heavy equipment and soldiers to fight in Iraq.   She was almost immediately contradicted by her own Adjutant General and commanding officer of the Kansas National Guard.
     Instead of droning on uselessly, we shall draw this up with a comment about the shooting of that deranged woman in Washington, D.C.    The response was neither good nor heroic, but it certainly was a demonstration of the massive militarisation of what until recently was known as a civilian constabulary.   It seems a bit more than troubling.   And the response of the central government's park police agencies in the harassing of people "found on the grounds"  of Park facilities....closing access to private facilities indirectly associated with public parks....passing out tickets to runner / joggers at $100-a-clip fines....while then allowing a demonstration to set up on the National Mall, sponsored by the Council of La Raza, the SCIU - Soros labour union, the AFL - CIO,  and a general assembly of anarchist groups such as the Occupy Wall Street loons.   It seems that some people are subject to the "law" and others are not.
More Later.
El Gringo Viejo