Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Weather in our Fantasyland - We urge OROGs to see a private note from our neighbour, in Spanish of the finest sort, referring to the effects of Ingrid on our adjacent properties.

     We finally made a connection with our mayordomo by telephone this morning.   Alvaro informed us that our place...pretty much at ground zero for Hurricane Ingrid's retirement home...had received 16 inches of rain since Sunday afternoon, last.   For the month of September that means the total has reached 30 inches total.  Alvaro indicated that it was still raining moderately but that it seemed as though it would become less or even quit later to-day.
     We are, however, keeping our eyes on another system in the northwest Caribbean that might join with a developing low pressure centre in the Bay of Campeche, pretty much as did Ingrid at birth.
     Here in the McAllen area we did have from 4 to 8 inches in the four county Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas (the southernmost counties in the Republic of Texas).   That amount fell during the past 48 hours.
     The Sierra Madre Oriental from and including Monterrey to Cd. Victoria have received copious amounts from 10 to 30 inches.   The higher amounts seem to, as usual, begin around 3,000 fasl on up to 7,000 fasl.   Various villages and a few large towns (county seats, for instance) have been isolated temporarily, but they are somewhat accustomed to a two or three day "removal from civilisation"  after a direct hit by any kind of hurricane.
     The larger towns that are county seats are Aramberri, Doctor Arroyo,   Galeana, Hualahuises, Iturbide, Linares, Los Rayones, Mier y Noriega, Pablillo, and Zaragoza.   Seven villages above the famous Horsetail Falls, south of Monterrey are also isolated temporarily....those can be found by Google-Earthing the name Laguna de Sanchez, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.   Very pretty stretch of the Planet.
     We have fared well, and all OROGs will be pleased to note that our animals are quite well, still demanding, self-centred, and eating regularly.   Alvaro also reported that although he estimated the winds to be around 50 miles per hour yesterday late, and the rains were incessant, he was always with electricity.
That is our report.  If an update is needed we shall inform everyone how our Labrador BeBe is.   Right now he is napping on the "long, west-facing corridor".
El Gringo Viejo, and review the note, practice your Spanish.  In the first sentence of text the astute observation..."...finally there was a storm and there were no winds."  Alvaro's winds were of the beginning of the rains, but at the mountains, the winds do tend to die quickly.

avid Christian Newton
13:56 (4 hours ago)

to rafasalazarl
Me ocurrió finalmente de que estuve utilizando la vieja dirección de correo electrónico  mande' varios mensajes preguntando si iba a necesitar cualquier cosa de por acá.....y también que el titulo del vehículo "nuevo" había llegado.   De todos modos, me voy a estar a las 13:00 horas +/- , el Viernes, 20 de Septiembre, 2013.   Ordename lo que se necesita.....he hablado con Alvaro sobre todo de esto.
El Gringo Viejo

David Christian Newton
a pleasantly rustic bed and breakfast at the foot of the Sierra Madre
Oriental, in the countryside not far from Cd. Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
Birds, butterflies, and other creatures framed by an absolutely perfect view into
the "real Mexico".    Pleasant accommodations, good food, and good libations.
near-perfect atmosphere for total relaxation.   E-mail us any time or call

Todo bien David! 
Muy contentos con la lluvia, finalmente fue una tormenta y no hubo vientos. Hoy el río santa engracia esta a su máximo nivel desde hace más de tres años con Alex, ciertamente Ingrid trajo mucha agua y seguirá un par de días más. 
Yo alcance a acercarle a Álvaro a tiempo el impermeabilizante y el lo aplico oportunamente en la reparación de la chimenea. La humedad no fue problema al menos hasta este pasado sábado que estuve por allá.
Yo estaré pendiente de tu llegada, no se necesita nada por ahora. Pasare un tiempo por allá para reparar algunas averías en la cerca del río, nada serio pero necesario rehabilitar.
Si necesitas algún dato antes del viernes, recuerda que esta es la vía de comunicación.
Saludos a todos por allá. Y pendientes.

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