Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Same Story, but Told Better...less wandering around in the weeds.

The biggest problem with machinery is that it breaks down...with visible and/or inscrutable problems, most frequently right at the very moment it is most needed.   So we move on to our team of Morgans, and we find that both of them have pebbled their rear shoes so bad that I'll have to call Old Jo Larry,  our go-to shoer.   But he won't be able to make it out to our place until Wednesday noon. So, here we are.  Back to the house and wind-up the Emerson and ring Mamie Lou to connect me.
     Then, of course, there in the latchet of the back door entrance to our old house is a fine, formal type envelope, with a carefully scripted note inside.   A quick check reveals the required rubric that cannot be duplicated.  The message is taken as important and valid on the face of it.
     This time it is a distillation of rougher thoughts that have been cured, like taking moonshine and letting it sit for seven or 12 years.  We are moving to the point where we shall be visiting El Zorro, soon. But for right now, we continue in our conspiracy to advance normalcy from our distances.   Our little cell grows, and the quality of our members is excellent.  It gives a person some relief to know that there are still those who will put an hour or a day or a month into the effort to defend Common Law and the Constitution.
    Please note how El Zorro stays on track and avoids wandering into the back alleys of saloon yarning.   You know...all Southern men are compulsive "yarners" and all the women are "darners", and I can prove it to you by my socks.   The socks are worn out and darned up because of my walking down to the saloon so often in my old boots.  And my long-Johns are all darned up, because of all the sittin' around I do at that saloon yarnin', and then I have to walk back to the house.   It keeps a woman busy.
 Gringo Viejo:
    Your blog today was really powerful.  The words of George Bernard Shaw are chilling and should be heard.  The Fabian philosophy should scare the hell out of everybody!
    The Fabian Society brought together concepts from socialist and communist ideologies prior to 1884 into a single influential entity in England.  It is probably the exact root of progressive evil infecting our Federal Republic today.  It has infiltrated our educational institutions by re-education of our university professors and the newer Young Fabians, youths up to age of 30.
    The only real difference between socialism/communism and Fabianism is the manner of implementation.
     There is so much information available to the public about this evil club on the Internet it would be too lengthy and repetitive to try to get into it here; however, to simplify the difference, it is the way  of full utopianism (aka Fabianism)… it is like boiling a frog.  You cannot throw a frog into boiling water because it will jump out but if you put the frog in cold water and bring it gradually to a boil it will boil.  (I think it was Glen Beck that upset the progressives by demonstrating on TV with a rubber frog.)
     The previous and some current socialist ideologies tend to promote revolution as the way to go from democracy to socialism.  It was determined in the early 1900’s that that would not work in the Western democracies so mostly with Woodrow Wilson “liberals” they actually became “progressives”.  In other words, the conversion from democracy to socialism would be a progression rather than a revolution.
     We can see the events of the last 100 years where America has been gradually dragged toward a socialist society.  The Constitution is the law that the progressives hate because it promotes personal liberty and individual property ownership.  Progressivism cannot achieve utopianism with either personal liberty or individual property ownership.  That is why Obama and the Fabians since Woodrow Wilson despise the Constitution and take every opportunity to circumvent it.  See the progressives today who are members of the Fabian Society or Democratic Socialists of America (DSA).
     El Gringo has explained the devious four freedoms expressed in Norman Rockwell’s famous paintings and the first inaugural speech of Franklin Roosevelt.  The ideas seem innocuous and even ideal on the surface but with critical inspection and interpretation, one can see where the considerable harm to a society  really lies.
     It is the opinion of this writer, hopefully, Obama’s grasp has exceeded his reach.  His “Hope and Change” and specifically Obamacare have come much too fast.  He has had too many “slips and falls” i.e. NSA, IRS, Benghazi, Egypt, Libya, Fast and Furious, etc.  The people are seeing the problems that are due to the magnitude of the change and elitist mistakes in the time period in which they have come.  It is our hope that this can be undone between now and the next election cycle.  Even then, the fight will have just begun.  Fabianism and socialism are not going away.  It is truly a struggle between good and evil.
    It is hoped that the low information, low interest, and low will for freebies public can become more educated so as to make the right decisions on Election Day.
     The infiltration of the Fabians and their ideology are already so deeply embedded and complex it is difficult to make the seriousness attending them apparent to many of the population.  It is probably that most Americans have not heard of Fabianism.  This note is an attempt to make a statement that can be assimilated by our brethren who, heretofore, have not had the facility to make educated, informed and moral decisions.