Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How Things Were Made Better by Obama's Outreach to Muslims (Alice Dreams Fitfully, looking furtively for that Cheshire Cat that keeps disappearing)


     This will be brief.

     Liberal Democrats demand that we get rid of dictators.  But they love Fidel Castro.   Professors are brave to sport their Che T-shirts.   They still think that Allende killed himself, when in fact he was gunned down like a dog by members of the Maoist Communist faction of his own policy advisors.
     The New York Times loved Vlad Lenin...and after Vlad went to the big mausoleum in the sky, the Times loved Uncle Joe Stalin.   Think of all the good that he has medical care for all Russians.   Amazing.
      They loved Ho Chi agrarian reformer...a peasant seeking Jeffersonian democracy with lots of rice...Uncle Ho, they called him.  The generally pinko Wikipedia, whom we shall cite because of their generally "reasonable and moderate" posturing but, at times, they agree among themselves to tell the truth.

     This is the truth that is not taught:

     In North Vietnam during the 1950s, political opposition groups were suppressed; those publicly opposing the government were imprisoned in hard labor camps. Many middle-class, intellectual Northerners had been lured into speaking out against Ho's communist regime, and most of those who did were later imprisoned in gulags or executed; this became known as the Nhan Van-Giai Pham Affair. Some prisoners died of exhaustion, starvation, illness (often having received no medical attention), or assault by prison guards. Political scientist R.J. Rummel suggests a figure of 24,000 camp deaths during Ho's rule of North Vietnam between 1945 and 1956.
     The government launched "rent reduction" and "land reform" programs, which, according to Steven Rosefielde, were "aimed at exterminating class enemies."[55] Declassified Politburo documents confirm that 1 in 1,000 North Vietnamese (i.e., about 14,000 people) were the minimum quota targeted for execution during the earlier "rent reduction" campaign; the number killed during the multiple stages of the considerably more radical "land reform" was probably many times greater.[56] Lam Thanh Liem, a major authority on land issues in Vietnam, conducted multiple interviews in which communist cadres gave estimates for land reform executions ranging from 120,000 to 200,000. Such figures match the "nearly 150,000 houses and huts which were allocated to new occupants".[57]   A number of sources have suggested that about 30% of the "landlords" executed were actually communist party members.[57][58][59][60][61] Landlords were arbitrarily classified as 5.68% of the population, but the majority were subject to less severe punishment than execution. Official records from the time suggest that 172,008 "landlords" were executed during the "land reform", of whom 123,266 (71.66%) were later found to be wrongly classified.[62] Victims were reportedly shot, beheaded, and beaten to death; "some were tied up, thrown into open graves and covered with stones until they were crushed to death".[63] The full death toll was even greater because victims' families starved to death under the "policy of isolation."[64] As communist defector Le Xuan Giao explained: "There was nothing worse than the starvation of the children in a family whose parents were under the control of a land reform team. They isolated the house, and the people who lived there would starve. The children were all innocent. There was nothing worse than that. They wanted to see the whole family dead."[65] Hoang Van Chi wrote that as many as 500,000 North Vietnamese may have died as a result of the policies of Ho's government.[66] 6,000 peasants were allegedly massacred in response to a revolt against unbearable taxes.

    We use the above to exemplify the results of radical socialist revolutions and "cultural re-organisation" subsequent to obtaining the keys to the Main Palace and the Throne Room.  Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Fidel and Raul, Hugo Chavez, the Ortega brothers (limited by their stupidity).
     The Mexican extreme left tried it, somewhat effectively, when they began to slaughter hacendados and church people in 1920, and implemented "Agrarian Reform", essentially collapsing, then hamstringing Mexican agriculture for 60 years of demagoguery of the worst and least productive sort.
    The landlords issue is eerily similar to Stalin's "Agrarian Reform" in his native Georgia and in the Ukraine.  Echoes are heard in the form of the Ghosts of the Emperor's Gongs after Mao destroyed Chinese agriculture in three years.   In Stalin's case, as many a 7,000,000 Georgian, Ukrainian, and other traditional, private farmers and their extended families and related business people died,  while others went broke, and/or were essentially destroyed physically, emotionally, and financially.   Mexico and Russia traded their simultaneous notes on the "great successes'' of their mirrored image of "reform".  It was an "ape in the mirror show", and by the time it was well established, the purpose had been fulfilled.   Both nations were one-party states.   Russia a bit more totalitarian and Mexico a bit more authoritarian....but both decidedly one-party states.   Production was off by 90%, but...heck...progress has a price.

    We don't want any bad dictators.  We want reformers.   Out with the Shah, and in with the Ayatollahs.   No Samoza, but yes to the Ortegas.   No Batista, but yes to the Castros.   All great American foreign policy victories.   How do we know they were victories?  Because the obsolete press was happy with the changes, Democrats in Congress are pleased, and America is stained.

     Enter Barack Hussein Obama.  He picks up a Nobel Prize for Peace, tells the German Wasted Youth that he is the Messiah sent to put the trains back on their tracks, and then he tells the Arabian, Muslim world that he has come to Cairo to atone for the Arrogance of the Americans.    He returned to the United States, played some golf, had a concert or two at the White House, took a bit of a vacation, and then....we fast forward to the days that would end his first term and then start the second term.   He had spent the first term alienating the Hebrews in general, and Bibi Netanyahu in particular.  So he ended with a tacit backing of "democracy and democratic reforms" in Egypt.  Obama boots out Mubarak...found guilty of being nice to the Gringos and keeping the Muslim Brotherhood  at bay.   Egypt has elections, the Muslim Brotherhood wins and the progress that Egypt has made, in its own way, to establish a sane, faithful but secular and plural society...with considerable tolerance and millions of stunned and pleased tourists....collapses overnight.   The land of refuge of Jacob and Joseph,  the land that made the Jew Moses a Viceroy suddenly became the land of Ramses the Tyrant and torturer of the errant, the Jew, the foreigner, and those who follows creeds that are not approved.
    Egypt is reduced to further and deeper demonstrations, riots, and disorders.    Then in Tunisia....Arab Spring becomes Arab Bubonic Plague.  Next comes the dethroning of another tyrant, Kaddafi in Libya.  Even Turkey is having a confluence of protests...then Syria.   Before long all the bad tyrants are gone or are in the process of being removed, "within weeks",  and everything will be grand for the people who invented chess and algebra.

     But, like everything Obama, it doesn't work out quite that way.  In each case,  is now certain, the intent was to allow ultra-hard line Islamists to gain power.   Hezbollah, the Muslim Brotherhood, and various other radical factions of the Caliphate Crowd, some even affiliated with Al Qaeda, are swirling and milling, raping American female reporters, brutalising ancient Orthodox, Coptic Christians, closing touristic/academic archaeological sites, burning, looting, and generally turning everything into something not quite as filthy and littered as the aftermath of a Democrat or Occupy Wall Street Rally on the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.

     A YouTube video causes irate Arabs to kill four American State Department people.  Obama is shipping weapons to Al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood from the stores being kept in Benghazi, compromising the Turks in the process, and then lying about the failure to move to defend the American personnel in Benghazi.   Hillary is hung over the toilet, puking and wondering, "Who in the #%^^&@ could be calling at 03:00?"  when she's working on a stomach flu and a concussion and a broken jaw.   Obama is tossing fitfully wondering if Reggie Love misses him and how much money he is going to raise in Las Vegas among the poor, oppressed Democrat masses....from Hollywood.  Panetta is trying to remember if he spells his name with two "n's" and two "t's" or one of each or one of one and two of the other.....ah, phooey!  Whoever heard of anyone named Panetta anyway?

     Panetta means something like a small bread loaf.   Like a French roll or a Mexican bolillo.  Leon Panetta means a stonewalling lackey.   Leon is the guy, now, who can look into a camera and say, "These paper towels are so absorbent that you can use four times less than any other brand."

     "Uh...Mr. Secretary, how can something be used 'four times less' than anything?"

      "Well, it depends upon just what anything is,"

      "Would it not be better to say, for instance...'we can use one-fourth as much'?"

       "Around here, it doesn't really matter what we say because we just modify it the next day and deny that we said it and also that even though we never said it, it was also taken out of context."

     "Mr. Secretary, do you have any idea where the President was, or if he was aware of the situation in Benghazi, or were you with him?"

     "We spoke to the president when he called us from Tripoli.  He was frantic, as you might imagine.  We told him that we were going to arrest the Christian who made the YouTube Video and everything would be okay.  Plus, we made some progress on recovering five or six of those shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles, so that only leaves about 650 or so...more or less...don't quote me on the number.   And, of course we made a lot of progress with the program to re-mark some of the highways in Libya with American roadsigns and distances stated in miles instead of kilometres"  Panetta  then stated that he had another appointment and stopped the in depth interview with the media.
   Obama's friend Morsi,  the political leader of Egypt, has found out how to say "buyers' remorse" in the Egyptian form of Arabic.  He and all the people outside his window have learnt new names for the President of the United States as well.  The fickle mobs demand that the Egyptian Army remove Morsi the Pretender, and it is done.   Rather skilfully, the Generals manoeuvre a somewhat functional government into place, primarily by telling the American Embassy to tell Obama that he can take his suggestions and stuff them in Hillary Rodham's aeroplane.    Meanwhile, Bashir Assad of Syria, the most horrible dictator in the history of the world is still in power and the body count is so high now that they've run out of both Arabic and Roman numerals.   So they are asking Ben Bernanke for any quantitative amount he might be able to ease their way.
     The world has heard Obama say that, since he has been so suave in the handling of the YouTube mystery, and the sales of General Motors solar powered de-salinization plants for the Sahara, he is going to draw a red-line all the way through Arabia should Bashir Assad decide to take out the mustard gas "on his own people".     Assad has heard, and the Good Guys are Good Syrian Rebel Army has heard Obama say, "Red Lines are drawn when gas canisters are moved around!"   Later, of course, Obama reminds everybody that he did not say that.   It was that famous Frenchman "Tout le Monde" who said it.  And 152 countries signed a document saying that Tout le Monde had said it.   But the rebels and Bashir Assad had heard it...and one, or the other, or both began to move it around, until finally it was used, purposely, or through incompetence, or both.
    The one with the least reason to have used it, is blamed by Obama.   He says it is Assad.   The side with the best reason to have used the chemical, the rebels, also say that Assad did it.   A 26 year old Grand Master Authority tells both Sen. Col. John McCain and Obama that she is certain that Assad is at fault.   She also is caught, the next day, in a lie about her credentials and diplomas and there is no way she could ever be used as any kind of authority.   She and Margaret Mead join through the veil between life and death and celebrate the loneliness of Lance Armstrong and all those who have lied under oath.   After all, "What difference, at this point, could it possibly make?".
     And that, Virginia, is how Obama led the Arabs to the promised land full of suicide vests and beheadings and shooting prisoners in the back on as to demonstrate to the world what fine people freedom fighters are, and how Islam is a religion whose very name means "peace".
    It always helps to have a really good community organiser and a really crack teleprompter and an audience with an average IQ of 46 when people really, really want to solve problems.  Next time maybe we'll try Uncle Omar and/or Auntie Zietuni.
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