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Fool's Mate.....or, What if Putin played a game of chess with Doper Barry?


This is Saul Linsky's class in Strategic
and Tactical, Diplomatic and Military
       The chess board above has the Russian Putin playing defence, the black pieces, on the top of the board.   On the lower row is the offense, the white pieces, being played by a weasel who has no known aptitudes or accomplishments beyond being a racist, a drug salesman, and a poseur.   He will always perform well when he has a choir of sycophants with access to the major fountains of information used by the ill-informed.   But, when he has to actually practice the actual arts and sciences of diplomacy and warfare, he is woefully unprepared.  Excuse me.  He is totally unaware and unprepared.   He is the perfect fool for the Fool's Mate.
     For a person who says that he is a highly studied Constitutional Authority, he is decidedly ignorant of the American Constitution, or he is decidedly unconcerned about deferring to that document, unless it is by accident.   For a person who has been elected twice to be the Commander of the Marine Corpse who serve all 57 States, he knew little about his duties before election and has learned nothing during the seemingly 5,000 years of his imbecilic incumbency.
    Imagine appointing a useless man, Perez, to a useless Secretariat, Department of Labour who still says that we need to repair the bridge in Minneapolis in order to solve unemployment....again.   And who then tells the breathless CNBC anchor that the unemployment rate has gone down because Obama's economic programme is working.  The same Secretary declares that the increasingly large number of people who have left the labour force is actually a good thing.   This is the quality of intellect that Barry Soetoro attracts.   Barry is really a lot like his Uncle Omar Onyango.   Look at every Secretary of Cabinet level, at the United Nations Ambassador's chair, the Secretaries of State who have served so nobly and selflessly.   Just think of (Sir Edmund)Hillary, like the woman said, flying all those is so impressive.   Like staring at an abandoned Sewer Treatment Plant in Detroit.  Think of all those miles....and all the good it did.
    Barry did nothing in high school, did nothing in prep school, and did nothing at university, twice.  He was given what the white folks used  to reserve for the sons of the important and powerful who were dull, lazy, or distracted by saloons and/or a thin ankle, that being the Gentleman's "C".  
      Of course, not even that arrangement could help poor AlGore, in that he flunked out of law school and divinity school and then, wisely, quit trying.  His grades at the undergraduate level were lower than W's as well.
      In the case of  Barry....he apparently did not even do enough classwork to justify his allowance of the soft bigotry of low expectations "C", an institutional grade  among the "prestigious universities" during the 1970s through to the present.   Since lazy, uninspired or uninspiring white boys could have a "free 'C'". the poobahs  of the Great Universities decided to give a break to the black boys who were being recruited and almost scruffed into the Ivy League.
Cat being scuffed and taken to Harvard.
  Barry has no writings, no studies in anything beyond a few "seminars" involving inculcation in the basics of rabble-rousing, shake-downs, and fomenting demands and unrest among pliable, selfish-interest groups.   His point of pride is that he was named Editor of the Harvard Law Review, but there is no evidence that  he did any more there than he did at the Nobel Peace Factory.

Please read, for instance, the entirety of the below-included article, researched, and written, and published by a real reporter:


Observations from a classmate:

While details from President Barack Obama’s college years are scant, with the exception of a few acquaintances’ recollections, in 2008 one of his Harvard Law classmates offered a few seldom-heard remembrances of the president’s time at Harvard.

     Conservative commentator Carol Platt Liebau, author of “Prude: How the Sex-Obsessed Culture Damages Girls (and America, Too!),” guest hosted Hugh Hewitt’s February 22, 2008 radio show and described her relationship with Obama during her law school years. Despite his liberal slant, she said Obama was respectful of the conservative perspective when he was president of the Harvard Law Review.

     "I knew him reasonably well — as well as most people knew him, if not better — because quite in contrast to this image that Barack tries to project, as someone who is warm and all-embracing and all that kind of stuff,” Liebau said.

     “I mean, I will tell you I’ve written a piece that has praised Barack for certain things and I stand by that piece: He was color-blind in the way he chose, staffed the law review when he was president. He did give both sides a fair hearing. He always went with the far-left side, but he did give both sides a respectful hearing, which was fairly atypical at Harvard Law School at that time.”

     The essay she referred to was published by in 2007. It described President Obama as a listener but “a liberal’s liberal.”

    At the time of Liebau’s radio broadcast, Obama was being portrayed as a great unifier, which inspired bizarre reactions from the likes of MSNBC’s Chris Matthews. But Liebau said that was hardly the way he was viewed at Harvard.
    “Quite in contrast to this all-embracing kind of ‘earth father’ image — this sort of messianic blaze of glory with which he’s deemed to envelope our television screens — he was a pretty cold fish,” she said.

    “He was not a warm person. He was not the type of person that gave you a warm and fuzzy [feeling]. And you got the sense that he even wasn’t even terribly fixated or focused on what he was doing.

    “He said, ‘Look, what do you care who does the work?’” Liebau recalled Obama saying in reference to her management of the law review. “’It is the same amount of work for you to hand out the work no matter who it goes to, so why fight it? Do what’s easiest for you. Give the work to the people who will do the work, and just don’t worry about the people who don’t want to pull their weight.’”

Liebau wasn’t impressed.
      “I guess I was young and naïve: I was like, ‘Ah but that wouldn’t be fair,’” she said.
“And what surprised me is apparently that didn’t bother Barack at all. It was just kind of like — take the easy way out. Why bother yourself with all these silly notions about justice and fairness? Do what works. Revealing? I don’t know. Good advice? I didn’t particularly think so.”


              Vladimir Putin
                   Владимир Путин
Vladimir Putin 12015.jpg

     Vladimir Putin is the new face of American foreign
and domestic policy.    This is the result of having a
lazy, incompetent, arrogant, fool's mate player at the
board, playing for the American team.

Check mate;  game over.   Fool lost and the knave has become the boss.   America is to be directed by the KGB agent, and dictator of a country that celebrates the tractor driver being slumped over the steering wheel of a tractor with a two week old flat tire.  But who cares if the tractor driver knocked off one liter of vodka for breakfast. He has two more for Brunch in his knapsack.

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