Monday, 2 September 2013

Democrat Saviours

     It is a fairly hopeless issue to try to make the low-information and low-intelligence voter understand the truth and the facts that surround the truth.  For instance, if a person suggests that Teddy Kennedy was a slug who, if in Texas now, had done what he did with Mary Jo Kopechne, would be facing 10 years in prison for felony manslaughter, death resulting from driving while intoxicated.   A case could also have been made that he killed the girl before hand, and then faked the "bridge confusion in the dark" story.   So many rumours swirled at the time, almost all of them  reasonable, given the nature of Kennedy's history of deportment, that we shall never know the true extent and nature of this Slug of Privilege's criminality.   None of Kennedy's explanations were remotely credible.
Was it you, Bill or was it Hillary
who took care of McDougall?  Can
you look that up in your book there?

     The same holds true for William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, Hillary Rodham-Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama.  In the case of the Clintons, the worst can be imagined.   Look at his picture above carefully, and remember that this is his "Jesse Jackson Moment" . Jesse Jackson was "counselling" Billy Jeff at these moments, and it was such a crass, hypocritical gesture that the "regular folks" were both laughing at Billy Jeff and seeing his hypocrisy very clearly.  Of course, Jackson had his own troubles almost precisely at the same time when a former squeeze ratted on Jesse that she was the babymother of Jesse's little girl.   She had been being paid out of Jackson's non-profit "Operation PUSH" funds as part of her support and child maintenance to the tune of about 35,000 USD per year of money other than Jesse's.  Charges? Are we kidding ourselves?
   Case studies and numerous peculiar coincidences more than strongly suggest that the Clintons are guilty of the highest crimes.  There are simply too many bodies pushing up daisies who previously had first or second degree of relativity to the Clintons.   There is simply too much disposition on the part of both of them to lie and/or gloss over any and every aspect of their activities.   That is over and above the blatant disregard for following legal prescription, such as leaving untouched the office of a man whose body was found in a public park, dead from a bullet wound, and with no GSR on either hand. 
    Such an office is obviously an extension of a crime scene, but it was evacuated by Bernie Nussbaum and Maggie Thompson the morning of the discovery of the body, and the office was repeatedly violated, even to the point of planting of extraneous evidence after the first official inspection.   All of these actions would have resulted in prison time for any of the OROGs and certainly the author of this blog.   The idea that a "suicide note" could have been found, days later, in a previously unseen briefcase on top of Foster's desk, is ludicrous.
     Fast backwards to the continuous harping at George W, Bush.   El Gringo Viejo is content with the idea that Bush should have been led out of office and retired to Crawford at the very moment that it became apparent that he would allowed the Congress to authorise any amount of money for any amount of whatever, up to and including free pills for Geezers,   The idea of the central government setting up a program for an entitlement for the wealthiest sector of the citizenry (the Geezers) is ridiculous. The idea that a Republican President would throw his veto pen into the Patomac at flood, even with a fully Republican Congress, is astonishing.
     Add on to that the notion that he could somehow "buy" with public money the affection of Schumer and (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   We can all remember the Hag cackling en voce forte' on the Senate floor, "BUSH KNEW!  BUSH KNEW!" while rattling a front-page blaring headline from the New York Post announcing that Bush knew that the twin towers were going to be attacked.   That was a week or two after he had notified Schumer and (Sir Edmund) Hillary that they had a "blank check" for the rebuilding of New York.  Affection and gratitude by Democrat Socialists for any type of Republican or conservative is best described in the tale about the scorpion and the Lion.
     We move on.   Bush put his plan to deal with Iraq up to not one, but two votes, at the demand of the Democrat minority.   He did not want to be approved twice, but the Democrats wanted a do over so that later they could say, "Well, at least I voted against authorisation before I voted for it."  The best first identifier for the concept of  Democrat office-holder is "focus-group hypocrite".   To reiterate, Bush allowed  for a re-vote, after carrying the first vote heavily to begin with.
     Bush even went before the United Nations Security Council and won a unanimous vote there, authorising the use of force to make Saddam Hussein abide by thirteen different resolutions to abandon his genocide against the Swamp Arabs, the Kurds, and religious groups within Iraq.   The resolutions also dealt with the issues of WMDs up to and including any nuclear weaponry development.   It was known, and well known that he was into all such things.
     Then begins the next drumbeat for the succeeding six years.   Bush lied, and people died.   There were no weapons of mass destruction.  Once again Bush should have been taken out and led to a nice comfortable room in Crawford, because his usefulness as a teacher and a leader of a country was nil.  He thought within himself that there were certain inalienable truths:
         (1)     Of course there were weapons of mass destruction.  They had been used repeatedly by Saddam Hussein during the 1980s war with Iran, with scores of thousands of military and civilian casualties.   They were used against the Iraqi Kurds repeatedly, with estimates of the dead ranging from 12,000 to 30,000 individuals and many more permanently debilitated.

        (2)    They were used against  the Sunni in the east, in Basra and several other cities, at times almost as if it were a test...a practice...on real live human guinea pigs.  Thousands were killed over a period of five or six years.

       (3)     There is that  one particular, gut-wrenching  film that can still be fished out of the web that shows a small community  of about 500 rural people who were obviously frightened literally to death upon seeing Saddam Hussein's convoy pull into their precincts.   A month before this visit, some very stupid men had made gestures and yelled profanities and threats at Saddam.   Saddam, in his charity, had made this second trip out to the community just to show what a nice forgiving guy he was.  The people are jumping up and down, Saddam is standing in a small personnel carrier of some kind, he is smiling and giving them a paternalistic blessing and is all so pleasant.   He leaves with his convoy.   Another camera view, from further away, but of the same setting comes up on the screen, and suddenly there is a quick series of artillery explosions throughout the  community.   Several score artillery strikes hit in quick succession.  The scene continues as the peculiar smoke clears...very slowly.
     Ali Hassan al Majid, aka "Chemical Ali", the first cousin of Saddam Hussein al Tikriti, is heard to be speaking.   There is some laughter, all of which is off-screen.   Then there is a later set of moving close-ups, as the cameraman documents  scores upon scores of people who essentially died in their dead, because some dumboes made obscene gestures at a madman.
      These killings finally, over the years of Saddam Hussein's despotic, psychotic rule, numbered into the scores of thousands.   Precision is something left to a fool, because there is not the remotest way to determine precisely how many people were murdered by Hussein and his thugs.

          (4)   The Isralites  were just walking around one day and decided to go over and bomb a "secret" Iraqi nuclear reactor and weaponisation plant in 1981.


 So we can reasonably believe that, twenty years later, active measures had been taken to better protect and to re-activate the Iraqi nuclear program.   It is known, even by "ambassador" Joe Wilson's report and admission, that Iraqi agents were already combing through Africa, looking for somebody willing to sell yellow-cake uranium for enhancement.    Gas and chemical resources were no doubt.   They had been used, and used repeatedly.
          (5)      We are forced to include a form of geographic/cultural genocide, in that Saddam  Hussein and his goons also drained major parts of the marshes that had been used by the "Swamp Arabs" since the days of the Sumerians.   Legendary vegetables, dates, figs, other fruit....each morsel hand raised and delivered into markets that made wealthy people blush with their envy.  Colours and flavours that were without rival for 4,000 years at least.....drained of life.   What do people do, when their chromosomes are programmed for such a time to do something perhaps better than any other group of people...and suddenly find their "factory" destroyed?
       So, finally to make a long story longer, Bush did not lie....the Obsolete Press said that Bush lied so much, that finally it became a part of Mount Rushmore.   The unthinking parroted the phrase, and it became true.   Hitler said that it was a wondrous thing how easy it is to govern stupid people who choose to be ignorant.
     Bush was a dumboe because he did not come out and vigorously demonstrate the evidence at hand.   The issue of the transfer of much of the stocks of gasses and chemicals over to the control of Damascus is also less and less of an improbability.    Bush did not fail, but he did either wimpily or arrogantly say, inside of himself, "To hell with those idiots.  I know and have seen the existence of, the application of, and the effects of Hussein's WMD stockpiles."  I am afraid that a bit of his Prescott was showing and he was defensive and arrogant.
       He also has refrained from stating the obvious point that under his watch, the United States military and special operations people essentially won two complicated and difficult wars....and said victories have been squandered by a poseur who has demonstrated repeatedly that he is either incompetent or anti-American, or both.

     To the previous President's credit, he has consistently demonstrated the class of a person who is genuinely secure unto himself and at charity with almost all men.   El Gringo Viejo cannot believe, even though George W. Bush is just another variety of the liberal Republican....reasonable compromiser, that he could possibly have any respect for the anti-American, Linskyite in the White House at this time.   Bush has refrained from any meddling or second guessing of his successor, at least in  public, and that is the mark of a person of high degree.

    These past 96 hours have proven beyond any doubt that Benghazi was an Obama / Rodham disaster.   The delivery of Egypt to the Muslim Brotherhood in return for the head of Mubarak was another disaster.  The coming re-meltdown in Tunisia is another disaster.  The general degeneration of northern Africa and other places in the Arab and non-Arab Middle East that was caused by dreamy, pointless anti-American humming of the Beatle song, "Imagine"...just doesn't make good foreign or domestic policy in the real world.

We shall do our own imagining without cue-cards from the Beatles or Yoko.
Thanks for your time and interest. 
El Gringo Viejo