Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Observations and Lamentations

     To Begin:   Benghazi scandal, Fast and Furious scandal, Internal Revenue Service scandal, Obama Socialised Medicine Offensive mendacities, Two-plane vacations scandal, Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar scandal.   Now El Gringo Viejo's blood pressure is up to a functional level.

    We bear witness now to the morphing of the Zimmerman-Hindenburg phenomena  into the Stand Your Ground Crisis.....which will soon morph into the Hindenburg-Disarm Security Guards Crisis.   Then we shall learn that there are 40,000,000 people who still  do not have free health insurance because the wealthy are not paying their fair share.  Another Crisis.

     It will be time to remind people that there are a lot of fully funded pension plans that are  "just sitting there", not doing anything in terms of feeding minority children.    It will require "educating" the public that it would only be fair to take just one or two per cent of that free money that nobody is using right now in order to provide post - infant Head Start for those who are forced to remain in the shadows and on the edge of American society due to historical patterns of exploitation and discrimination.   After all,  because of the lower birth rates, it will only cost one or two billion dollars to provide every minority child in America the basic three meals per day.
     Any notion that there could be any thought or possibility of graft or corruption associated with such a program is a typical charge of racists who are forever poised to leap into the path of progress that might possibly help those who have suffered the most oppression at the hands of the American War for Profit for the Rich machine.
     Just one or two  per cent for the good of many....given by few who have so much.   Is this a democracy or is it a continuation of the plantation?   After all, democracy means, in its truest sense, that we all have the same share...none benefitting either more or less from the common efforts of all.   It is our calling from our religion and our own sense of fair play.
     So, after all this other stuff quiets down....perhaps we can get on with the Crise de Jour.....making full use of the money that is just laying around.
      Next, we shall need to establish Courts of Social Arbitration.   People who are derived from groups that have been historically exploited and discriminated against have long needed courts composed of judgement panels of arbiters drawn from similarly exploited and discriminated against persons.   The courts could run on their own fines, thereby costing the Central Government little or nothing.
     These courts could be used to set aside convictions in the traditional, biased, and privileged-class protective tribunals that historically have protected the interests of the privileged to the detriment of the interests of the exploited.  They could also serve as civil courts that would settle disputes, with a special emphasis on empathetic treatment to and for the historically oppressed.
     While all of the above is preposterous, please be aware that it is also the plan and purpose of the "progressive" elements who are found in all manners of elliptical orbit around the White House and the Administration, the Universities, the "Progressive" movement, and the general leftist milieu in America.   It is probable that five of every six people involved in what is known as "journalism" in these days could read the above gibberish and consider it reasonable.
      Please remember that Eric Holder cannot find out anything concerning the Fast and Furious debacle.   There is some oblique....very hard to focus...issue about a subordinate who might not have "fully informed" somebody, and who is punished by being promoted to a different desk....changing from Phoenix to Washington, D.C.  and at a higher pay grade.   But somehow that does not seem to be much of a punishment for indirectly managing to kill 400 - 500 Mexicans and several Americans, including members of the constabulary.
    And, one knows that if it is necessary to say on national Spanish-language television during the 2012 Presidential campaign that the program was started by George Bush and Eric Holder shut it down....we are dealing with the lowest of the lowest mendacious slime....when we listen to the present incumbent President speak.
      Allow us once again to level the accurate charge that the Fast and Furious program was expressly and purposely designed and implemented to cause killings by arms bought in American gun stores....thereby justifying a complete and permanent shutdown and cessation of the existence of  retail firearms and ammunition facilities in the United States of America.   It was the motivation of the attack on Mount Carmel in a "head of John the Baptist" for Hillary Clinton....and it was the intention of the Holder DoJ in 2009, when the Fast and Furious plan was hatched by the anti-firearm Nazis.  Elimination of the holding of private firearms in America by Americans is one of the main Sacred Cows that the progressives must destroy.
       No-growth economy, wage-deterioration, regulation avalanche, pushing environmental rules that are out-of-date and irrelevant, gestapo-like action by the internal Revenue Service, National Security Agency, and other groups behind the veil of whatever Wizard of Iz or Oz or Uz or Az , massive deficits that are sure to destroy the currency someday soon....has become the meaning of Hope and Change
     It is our certain conclusion that all of it is purposeful.  The desire of Obama's controllers...the Soros people and the Nihilists and Anarchists and to destroy America.  They hate anything founded upon the Rock of Yahweh.   It is atheist Jews hating practising Jews.   It is people taking over churches to impose social missions instead of social service...and to impose divisiveness when the religion is supposed to be in the original meaning of Book of Common for Prince and Pauper alike.
     Why have we left these people to destroy the culture and our grandchildren's chances to dream of greater conquests?
     And finally, Stand Your Ground and concealed carry.   El Gringo Viejo really does know of a personal story, and from not so long ago.   It happened in Texas, where everything is supposed to be perfect, but sometimes not so much.   Like the day a fellow was driving back to his place after doing some necessaries in town.  Before arriving at his place, a well-known bully - drunk - hothead came barrelling down the two lane country road...invaded the contrary lane, and ran our fellow off the road.   Texas has good rural roads with wide shoulders, but leaving the pavement at 45 or 50 miles per hour is going to be an adventure by any measure.
     Our friend gets out of his vehicle and while trying to collect himself, he is confronted roughly by the bully, who for no reasonable reason has come back to cause more problems.   It is apparent that the bully is drunk, no import given to the morning hour, and he is spoiling for a fight.  He pushes our friend down onto the that the image is is like a mean Larry the Cable Guy, about 35 years old, about 6' 3'' and 260 pounds pushing down our guy who is a tad over 6 feet and about 170 pounds and a little over 60 years old.    Our guy is a veteran, and has a couple of issues left over from Viet Nam in terms of physical limitations....not much...but some.
     The Cable Guy's mean bigger brother is on top of our guy in an instant.  Drunk, big, mean....does not mean clumsy...and he begins to try to whale onto our friend.   Our guy fends off most of the badly placed punches, but some land.   The weight differential becomes an issue and the issue arrives at those critical 3 to 5 seconds.
    "Am I going to lay here and let him turn me into a corpse or a vegetative organ donor or do I kill the s.o.b."   Our fellow is a combat veteran...he has taken life indirectly and even directly, but it really is not his favourite activity.   Right now, however, the sand is running through the hourglass fairly quickly.   One reason that he has not panicked is because he has his 40 calibre just coming out of its holster.   Now it is a matter of 1 to 3 seconds.
    Suddenly another big bruiser comes up and grabs the Cable Guy's brother, "Jake, you dumbass...what in the Hell are you doin'?   You know you're on probation and the judge is going to hang you up by your private parts, boy!" and the Big Bruiser double-arm lifts the Cable Guy's brother up and pushes him down on the ground.
    Our friend goes and stands over the Cable Guy's brother, who seems stunned that he met the ground in such an unceremonious manner.   He releases the hammer back down from the cocked position, while looking the bully in the eye.   The bully's friend says, "You dumbass, you missed your reserved seat in Hell by one trigger  pull.   You better thank your lucky whatever that it was him and not someone else....because Hell, I would have killed you for that trick you just pulled off."
    Our guy, still glaring at the Cable Guy's brother, re-holstered, and said, "Last warning."   and then he got back in his ride and continued home.   For a good while after that, the Cable Guy's brother would cross the street so as not to have to pass by our guy.  And day...the Cable Guy's brother decided to run over someone with his pickup, more or less intentionally.  And that gave him a whole heap of trouble.   Many years over in the Huntsville, Texas area, as a guest of the DOC, revocation of probation which added on a few more years....and all those nine yards of tribulation brought on by a life run by the demons of the soul.
     Had worse come to worse, on that earlier day out on the two-lane, our new friend would have had a fighting chance to take his cat-food back to the ranch house...along with his wife's medicines....and the other little things that a small ranch always seems to need.   And he still uses his concealed carry permit....everywhere he goes.
(a very substantially true story....identities are purposefully deleted)
Thank you all for having accompanied us during our Observations and Lamentations.  We have received various comments during the last couple of days and we appreciate each and every one.  We urge that the OROG read the very brief comments of The Anglican Curmudgeon, and share his own lamentations about the nature of the attack upon the Soul of America...a very short and pointed read.
El Gringo Viejo