Monday, 15 July 2013

Enough Really Never Is Enough


     To start, and as an aside to Rush, there really is such a thing as "white Hispanic".  Although El Gringo Viejo is desperately tired of  the use of the term ''Hispanic''....he will play at the edge of the water concerning the issue.   For a label that was meant  by the Latin-speaking Romans only to define the outer reaches of the Mediterranean Sea....towards where the sun sets....the West Lands (Hispania) has received a lot of use by people who are (1) ignorant (2) want to sound "with it" and "smart" and (3) do not want to use that horrid dirty word, ''Mexican" and/or who don't really know why they are saying the word "hispanic'.   Although Rush is an intelligent fellow, and a cousin of ours, he does come from Cape Giradeau, Missouri.
     We had a client many years back who was as hard headed as a dried cow's skull.  But that is neither here nor there.   While in Mexico City during one spring visit, we were making the rounds with various businesses with whom we had made appointments.    It happened to be Ash Wednesday.   As we received some ranking executives from a group involved in up-grading their telephonic switching equipment for a large banking concern, my Cape Giradeau client suddenly rose with his handkerchief and wiped the blackish grey stain off of the Mexican exccutive's forehead.   I lurched forward, too late, then settled back down to apologise for my client.
     The executive seemed bemused and amused in a way, laughing a bit. " I appreciate your concern.   No problem, no problem" he assured.   While at the same time, my client was asking, "What's wrong?''
     It was my task to also say, "It really is no problem.  But to-day is Ash Wednesday, and a lot of folks go to the churches at some time or another to receive their ashes."
    We went to quickly explain that the priests receive parishioners and others from among the Faithful, during an all day, all night affair at the communion rail and place a Cross of Ashes on the foreheads of those people.  The ashes are made from the contributed small palm Crosses from the year before that celebrate the arrival of the Nazarene into Jerusalem during the celebration of what is known as Palm Sunday.   Ashes can be augmented by unused, or overproduced Palm Sunday palm crosses or any palm frond that is respectfully burned for the purpose of making Ash Wednesday ashes.
     But, instead of saying "Oh, how foolish of me!"  or "Please forgive me!  I forgot what date it is!" or something similar, the businessman suggested that it was kind of a dumb thing to walk around with ashes on the forehead during business hours.
    This is said in no wise to be contemptuous or to presume in my own superior intellect.   It is just the nature of things.  Rush is a relative of a direct, although distant, nature.  He is not a bad person....nor was the businessman from Rush's home town a bad person.   But it is a bit surprising that a person who lives in a traditional town in southeasternmost Missouri, that surely has Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Presbyterian, and Methodist churches, would not know about the "receiving of the ashes" tradition still practiced by Apostolic Churches.
    So, and quickly, Rush says the term "White Hispanic" if he is going to guffaw and break out into belly laughter....and in so doing paints himself into a corner of being the fool that his detractors hope or would wish him to be.  He is no fool, but he is woefully ignorant of ethnic and racial compositions of all God's children.  But, the fact is that Zimmermann is 13/16ths Caucasian.  The remaining 3/16ths is dividing between people of a mulatto background (European / Black African) and people native to Peru....perhaps Quiche or some associative of the Incan grouping.   One of his grandmothers carries the Caucasian, Black African, and AmerIndian chromosomes simultaneously.
     Most white Southerners have Cherokee, Creek, and/or Choctaw blood line injected into their do most Black Southerners who can trace their presence in the United States to a time before the 1850s.   We have gone through this several times before, and we would really like for Rush and the media, including FOXNews to "get it right" finally.    In Texas, the Latino group whose members trace all sides of its ancestry to before 1900 in Texas is probably almost entirely 75% to 100% of white racial composition.
     We tire of this.  We also know that we cannot fight perception, because in the popular culture, perception is reality.  The Kardashians are real although they are false.  But then again, they are also white even if they are Armenian.  And furthermore, being Armenian does not make them white trash, but being white trash does make them white trash.
     Finally, the obsession on the part of the media....both the obsolete media and FOXNews, as well as the blogosphere and other alternative media....has been disheartening at the least.  This issue of the killing of Trayvon Martin has been ridden hard and stabled sweaty.  It does not serve any good for the dead boy.   It does not serve any good for the man who shot him. 
     Barack Hussein Obama calls for a way to honour Treyvon Martin by hauling out the gun issue again.  Guns, guns, guns.   You see, says the President, a little louder than subliminally, racism is bad and Trayvon looks like "my son".   But the way to honour Trayvon is to do something about all this gun violence.   It's time for all the Crackers to turn in their guns.
      The boy who looks like Barack Obama's son is due no honours.   He was a thug.   He had a horrible record of drug dealing on campus, stealing and selling stolen property, unwarranted aggression, not to mention almost continuous truancy.   He was on an extended suspension during the time of his death.    And with the greatest strangeness, the idea that he is out at night walking back to .....the apartment of the "girlfriend" of his father...speaks volumes.
     This boy's mother did not take him in.   This boy's father did not seem to have room for him.   He winds up with the "main squeeze"  of the moment of the father.   The father and the mother are incensed that no one would charge the cracker with murder for killing this nice boy, but neither the mother nor the father would take him in or make serious allowance in their lives to shelter him during a time of duress for their own son.   The boy's apparent good female friend is a dunce of extremely limited intellectual reach or depth.  Her main reason for being is apparently to be a lump.   And her inspiration is the vomit that pours out of hip-hop and rap music sources.  That she could be used as a lead witness in any case up to and including the establishment of the place where ear-wax is found would be a wonder.
     The case was wholly without merit.  There was no murder.  It was clearly the case of a boy beating up a man who did not know how to fight.  The beating rose to the point where the man could reasonably assume that he was going to soon have his brain splattered onto a concrete platter.   Ironically, if Zimmerman were actually a tougher fellow, Treyvon would be alive to-day.  But Zimmerman did not know how to fight, was not a particularly aggressive fellow and therefore wound up being in the position of having to take the ultimate measure in order to save his own life.
     Knowing the nature of bullies and thugs from long experience, it is a certainty that Trayvon....a racist, undisciplined, bully, and certifiable hellion and criminal....could and would have pounded Zimmerman's head flat.  Zimmerman would have wound up as, at worst, a dead man or, at best, as an organ donor and then a dead man.
     It is necessary to observe that another thug, wormy political operative, and generally disgusting cancer within the central government, Eric Holder, now contemplates filing ''civil rights" charges against Mr. Zimmerman.   The same fellow who cannot find out anything about the "Fast and Furious" mess, but who promotes the guilty parties within the ATF to higher positions as a form of "punishment", can move very, very quickly when the crackers let off another cracker for killing an innocent young product of the liberal/progressives' Brave New World brand of social development.
     He threatens to re-open the Trayvon Martin case as a case of deprivation of civil rights....which is a hard case to make when charging a civilian....especially a 'legally armed" civilian.   But such cases are a hallmark of show-trial dictatorships.   Whether National Socialist as under Hitler or Bolshevik as under Stalin or  Popular Socialist as under Fidel, Raul, and Mao, show trials serve to warn the common slobs about how they are supposed to line up and be afraid.
     Sharpton...what is there to say?  What job would this Black Klanner have if he did not have white people to hate and blame for everything from  hangnails to halitosis and black people to hate when he finds out that they eschew his construct of the Brave New Plantation.   Jesse Jackson?   What can be said when he is seen lamenting that Treyvon lost his case because he did not have a jury of his peers.   I mean, there is truly no way El Gringo Viejo can rise to the level necessary to comment upon such profundity.
     Perhaps Sharpton and Jackson can someday join the four named pilots of the Asiana Airlines Boing 777 that made the tail-first landing in San Francisco the other day.  Perhaps they all can join the presidents of Rushmore some day.  More later.
El Gringo Viejo