Friday, 12 July 2013

Brief heading north


     After a really brief rest-up and a little housekeeping, El Gringo Viejo and his better three/quarters are going to Central Texas on a pilgrimage to the American Atheist Centre in Austin to light a candle for the continued success of Janet Napolitano as she assumes the crown and right to reign as Chief Bozo of the California University System.   She will announce during her ordination and beatification that there will be a new degree that will replace all other degree programmes within the system.
    That degree will be a Really Super Doctorate in Relevancy and Reverse Recycling and Equivalency.   Only two minors will be offered;  Castration and How to Use Public Transportation.   One elective will be offered system-wide under the title "Whatever".   The students whose surnames begin with A - C will come by to get their food stamps and contraceptives and pro-Obama placard, stickers, and campaign material for the third term on Tuesday.   Wednesday will cease being a name because it is day named after a man who was a god.   ycccchhhh!  How tacky.   Therefore, all schools in California will be on a six-day week.   Further instructions will be passed out advising everything that must be thought and said, and what must not be thought and said.   Please bring your own ergonomically and environmentally correct wheelbarrow to carry off your rules, because of the need to print all the rules in the basic 316 languages required by Californication Supreme Law, each required copy weighs 10,144 pounds....we mean 4,201 kilograms.
    Remember!  Think globally and act like a deranged fool locally.  It becomes you.  And you become it.
We are so sorry.
   Our hacking service got inside the last draft of Miss Napolitano's acceptance speech.    We are certain she will do as good a job of turning her main office area into a romper room for her "friends" and "assistants" as she did in her Central Government office digs.
     Now then, we shall be visiting the family and checking into a few things for the next few days in the Austin area.   The Central Texas family will then be coming down to this area for a few days to visit friends and show off their incredibly beautiful and accomplished daughters to friends and more relatives.  It should be a pleasant few days.
We shall remain in contact.
El Gringo Viejo