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Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Eric Holder - Fire Sale on Pants (blast from the past)

Several Points that need to be repeated, clarified, and understood by All OROGs:
      The first point concerns Eric Holder specifically and the entire Obamaham administration generally..   Any notion that Eric Holder is concerned about voting rights for "Hispanics" is preposterous.   He views "Hispanics" as stupid, greasy cannon fodder to be used in any way he and the entire marxist cause wish to use them.   The overall aim of his particular group on the left edge of the universe is to make certain everyone....."hispanic", black, white, green, Martian, sabre-toothed, tramsgendered, lesbian vegetarians, left-handed tiddly-winks players....everyone.... is placed either as an ant in an anthill or a bee in a bee hive.    He intends to have each knowing his place, each doing his assigned task, each receiving according to his need, and each giving according to his ability.   And, incredibly enough, Eric Holder thinks he will be one of the Queen Bees who decides who goes wherever and does whatever.
       So he counts on innocent ignorance, blatant stupidity, demagoguery, and outright aggravated mendacity to forward his agenda.    He thinks, "Like me, everybody knows that Mexicans are stupid.   So, I can go before a federal court and enjoin the Republic of Texas from requiring voters to have an official identification bearing a picture of the registrant."
       Common forms of such identification can include, but are not limited to, driver's licenses, passports, and military identification.  Texas offers non-drivers an official identification card upon demonstration of proof of citizenship by birth, naturalisation, or proof of legal resident aliency with the appropriate certificate from the United States Department of State.
         Eric Holder, however, is counting on what he hopes is a general public impression that Americans with Mexican and/or other Latin American ancestry or origin, are stupid.   He must necessarily argue against the facts by saying  "These people are so stupid, so ignorant, so hopelessly devoid of any ability to defend themselves in the common execution of normal life-chores, that they should not be required to do what everybody else in the Republic of Texas must do."
          Although there is no such thing as a Mexican race, or a Latin American race, the proponents of this initiative by Holder's Department of Justice say the policy of the Republic of Texas is "racist".   This proves, further, that the DOJ attorneys are dolts since they have not the remotest understanding of sociology, anthropology, or human genetics.    They are counting on the rest of the American public to be as bigotted as they themselves.
           Their objective in these measures is to "lard-up'' the voter rolls with unqualified voters.   This fits with their overall objective, a Saul Alinsky objective, of  introducing as many unqualified people into the general population as possible, so as to drive up public assistance outlays, foment ethnic anamousity, and generally "third-world" America to death.   Also, the illogic of their position is amply revealed by the fact that Latins are elected to majority Anglo district positions, Anglos are elected in majority Latin districts, and  that neither the Anglo nor the Latin group is homogenous unto itself in terms of voter preference.

credencial para votar ife
All Mexican voters have...and must present at the time
of voting...this document.  The poll workers at that
voting precinct have a roster, in alphabetical order
of the qualified electors...with photo...with thumb
print...and somehow 70,000,000 "stupid Mexicans"
managed to legally acquire this document, and
144,000 voting precincts managed to have the roster
catalogue in place before the polls opened.
Their percentage of participation has gone UP
since the "hard to acquire" electoral registration
document was begun.

     Finally, as concerns this point, we can observe the "stupid Mexican" procedure that is applied to "stupid Mexicans" in Mexico.  The Credencial Electoral Federal is required  of all voters, Indian, Mestizo, Negro, Mulatto, White....everyone.    It must be actuated on or before a date in February of the year of the election.  It is valid for three years.  It has 13 different fraud prevention employments.   It has digital photographic, fingerprint, and iris verification and it has, waiting for the elector at the appropriate voting precinct of the 144,000 in Mexico during nation-wide elections, a compendium of every elegible voter who pertains to that precinct...WITH A PICTURE OF THAT ELECTOR and his or her fingerprint...all in alphabetical order.   Each precinct has, by law, a citizen volunteer appointed by  each of political parties with candidates under consideration working the precinct election process, and a poll watcher from each party that is represented on the ballot(s).   The ballots are marked privately and deposited into a transparent acryllic 'urn'.
      The votes are counted by all the different party members present and counting and recounting continues up to five different times, if the representative of each party wants to count the ballots personally.   Each count must be witnessed by all election workers and official observers and all must sign their accordance with the results before the results can be forwarded to the appropriate entity (State Institute of Elections in the State Capital, for instance). 
     The Credencial Electoral Federal is considered to be a better proof of identification than a passport or birth certificate.   The latter two documents are quite detailed and also have very good security details, in spite of what one might have heard during the years.

     In Texas, we have a crummy piece of posterboard paper, no picture, no fingerprint, no nothing.   That is verified against a voters' roster, a computer printout that also has nothing more than the name, sex, address of the voter.    Our County has a little over 775,000 people, of whom about 435,000 are aged 21 or more. Of that number 287,000 are registered to  vote.  That would seem to include all the native born and  naturalised Americans in the county at this time.    That would be about 63% of the adult population.   About 90% of those are of Mexican national or Spanish colonial origin in whole or in part.   They seemed to have no problem obtaining a voter's registration by showing citizenship papers of the required type.    Many of the ones in the graph below who are shown not to have a correlating Department of Public Safety ID Number might well be using a military identification, since we have a huge number of WWII, Korea, and Viet Nam veterans and, especially among the Latins, who are particularly proud of their service and honourable discharges. 

 / HC

     Eric Holder does not give a whit if, by purposefully facilitating the registration and participation of unqualified voters, they  dilute....for instance...a Mexican-born individual who fought in France and Germany against the National Socialist nightmare that intended to eat the world.   That individual, once back, had the right to almost automatically gain American citizenship.   How is it, then that Eric Holder can equivilate the value of that individual with some anchor-baby-mother-slug who comes over illegally to participate in the 250-metre pamper-throw competitions  and the accounting wonder of balancing four different Lone Star Card accounts in her head.

     No, Mr. Holder....nobody is kept from legally voting in Texas in these days.   Registration is easy and convenient.   Too easy and too convenient.  It is simply your desire to try to "lard up" the rolls with people you can scare by having your operatives  frighten them with threats of being turned in to the Border Patrol if they don't register and vote.

     And then the second point...of many available.
     Mr. Holder you were successful in one thing, even better than (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   Janet Reno, Gen. Wesley Clark (the Hero of the Battle of Mount Carmel), and (Sir Edmund) Hillary were only able to kill about 63 people among the dumboe religious Kooks...including about 42 especially young children.   Their original offense was in having a bit fewer than the normal number of guns per adult individual in the living area as any other home situation in Texas.   Janet Reno, the FBI, the ATF & E wanted to bring the head of John the Baptist (Vernon Hill, aka David Koresh) to (Sir Edmund) Hillary as an offertory in the War Against Private Ownership of Firearms....especially firearms that look mean or that shoot bullets.   Too bad she couldn't have found the gun Vince Foster used.
      Even though you are so concerned about the sensibilities and conditions pertaining to people of Mexican background, you will be proud that your actions in the effort to disarm the innocent did have a pronounced impact on the Mexican people.   Some 212 soldiers, naval infantry, honest and semi-honest cops, civilian men and women, and some children are all dead now.   They were killed in the case of the military and police engaging cockroaches of the Cartels.   The civilians were killed in crossfires by cockroaches who have no rules of engagement.    You killed 212 people under false pretenses, under incompetent, uncaring admistrative procedures with ulterior, hidden motives.  Well done.

Fire Sale on Eric Holder's Pants.   But who would want them?
El Gringo Viejo             

(UPDATE:   This blog contribution is somewhat dated.   It is a two-pronged blog-entry.  It deals with voters' registrations, and with the gun-grab compulsion of totalitarians.  Since this writing the number of "collateral casualties" in the Mexican drug wars has risen to nearly 500 in which Eric Holder's weapons have been involved.  Once again we are only counting soldiers, naval infantry, honest and semi-honest cops, civilian men, women, and some children are dead now.)