Monday, 6 May 2013

Suggested Reading for OROGs

     It is with some humility that we begin the week with a suggestion that several entries were made during the late Friday through Sunday period.   Some are from our archives, some are submissions from favoured OROGs, and a bit is original work.   There is some exposure of our little adobe hut up against the Sierra Madre Oriental.   There are six new entries.

     As the days bring us further unfolding  of the mendaciousness of Panetta, Rice, Rodham, Holder, Jerrod, and Obama....and the 99.5% of the Obsolete Press who neglect to cover issues presented by the above named becomes ever clearer that Romney lost the election, all by himself and his Country Club Elitist Snob Campaign Management Cabal. 
      The Great Obama Machine, during life and death struggle between the Marxists  and the Americans, wound up having a 3,500,000 vote fall-off during the last election.   We must keep that figure in mind. 

     That number of low information voters, disaffected liberals, and people who felt as though they had been tricked by the dull, stupid epithet "Hope and Change" diminished the overall turnout for Obama by 5% .   An amazing statistical disaster for his team.   After one billion dollars, continuous Bolshevik-style lies by the avalanche, by the gain 95% of the vote that they had during their first slither thr0ugh the mud had to have been a bummer.

     The response of El Gringo Viejo to this is the same as a farmer who comes out of his cellar after the tornado goes by, looks around, and sees nothing.  No cows, no pigs, no horses, no barn, no house, no equipment....nothing.   He is left with a wife, two children, their clothes on their backs, and a few jars of put-ups in the storm cellar.   It did not help us much at all.

     And, as we see this Benghazi thing unfold....and we sincerely hope it does....we shall further lament that Romney did not render the knock-out blow during the last debate.   But no, he had to play the nice guy...a bad play when fighting an ear-biting thug...and even go so far as to say that he thought that "the President" had done things in the Middle East with which he was in agreement.   Wilt....melt....exhale....flat tire on the expressway.....the dog got run-over.......

      I knew what my fellow rightwing crazies would think, and do.   The snake handlers and foot washers, the Constitutionalists, the rightwing Libertarians, the Latin small business class (who are strike-force brown shirts...almost)....they all went limp.  A large portion, perhaps as many as 15% did not vote.   They also bore resentment against the Romney Camp because the same elements who had slimed Sarah Palin were also complicit in the incredible framing of Herman Cain....(all's fair in love and war and politics...hee hee hee).   The Romney  people  were more than willing to slime and defame every Republican candidate during the primary period, and then do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO REPAIR THE WOUNDS AND BRUISES.
    Dolts that we are, the large majority of rightwing crazies went forth to vote for Romney and Cruz (the Texians among us), but a mortal wound was delivered by the failure to report by 15% of the rightwing crazies.   Had half of them voted,  Romney would have won.

     So I damn them all to heck.   It would have been so much better to have a pinky Mormon with a catechism in the White House...someone with a sense of some propriety...en lieu of an out and out Marxist, anti-American who has an Aunt and Uncle living in Massachusetts, whose job title is "Professionally Unemployed Illegal Alien on Full Public Assistance and Welfare for the Combined Total of Over 20 Years".
      Why was not that one point used?  We have to be nice to Obama, but not to Cain, Bachmann, Perry, Gingrich, Pawlenty, Whatzhiznaim, and the rest.

      This is not to mention when he was campaigning to a cheering crowd in Somewhere, Northeastland, and he delivered that inspiring line...."......and the first thing we are going to do when we move into the White House is repeal the bad parts of Obamacare and keep the good parts.!!!!"

      And we are now harvesting the bitter fruit of Romney's failure....the arrogance of those who think .....who know.... that they are too good to be in a Party that tolerate people such as Palin or El Zorro or El Gringo Viejo, or any of a number of about 30,000,000 of the Republican vote that turned out in 2012.  Romney and his Cabal of Arrogantes  are the reasonable ones...the ones who want to keep the good parts of socialism and add on the bad parts later.  Free pills for Geezers, anyone?

     We now move into the Benghazi matter.  El Gringo Viejo hopes fervently that the GOP group on the panel has the good sense to not waste one second on any preambulatory blather.  Every minute, beyond swearing in and identification of the witness, must be dedicated to allowing the witness to tell and then explain his/her evidence and experience.

     Even the Obsolete Press's mossback pinkoes are beginning to go wobbly.  They know they covered for (Sir Edmund)Hillary through a myriad of mendacious mega-whopper episodes, doing anything necessary to maintain the Keeper of the Golden Coathanger Trophy in charge of the movement whose centrepiece is abortion all day, all the time, forever and ever, and socialism, amen. 
     It is a simple thing to point out that if anyone reading this screed had ordered his/her staff to carry out of the office the effects of a person who had just committed suicide in a very peculiar manner....ANY ONE OF US WOULD HAVE BEEN TAKEN INTO THE PRECINCT AND AT A MINIMUM BEEN CHARGED WITH FELONY DESTRUCTION OF OR TAMPERING WITH  EVIDENCE PERTAINING TO A HOMICIDE....AND AT A MAXIMUM BEEN CHARGED WITH SOLICITATION OF MURDER....which in Texas, if carried out, can be tried as a capital crime.
      But it was (Sir Edmund) Hillary.   And for (Sir Edmund)Hillary there is no crime of any kind that can be committed, even if she commits those crimes.   This is, after all, The Twilight Zone.

      It is absolutely without humility that El Gringo Viejo....who prides himself by being able to tell when funny-looking little dark-skinned people are telling the truth...pointed out that as an American he was humiliated by the fact that he had to arrive at the correct conclusion that the pro-tempore President of Libya was telling the truth in terms of the motivation for and assault of the American personnel and facilities in Libya, and that THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES, THE SECRETARY OF STATE, THE AMERICAN AMBASSADOR to the UNITED NATIONS, THE SECRETARY OF DEFENSE WERE ALL LYING ...THEY WERE ALL LIARS.
    And, he had to conform to a foreign head of state's analysis...because it was obvious that he was simply telling the great danger to himself.     Please read El Gringo Viejo's posting of 19 September 2012.   To wit:



Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Megariaf cropped GNC.jpg
President of the General
National Congress of Libya
Mohammed Magariaf
Head of State of Libya

To the left is the President of the United States of America and below is the President of Libya, Mohammed Magarief.  One of them is an honest man.   One of them puts his people above himself.  Only one is worthy of Honour.

Here are a couple of fellows. 

Both are Presidents.  One of Libya, and the other of a nation in serious decline, somewhere north of Belize.  One tells the truth, even at the risk of his own life.  The other one lies without compunction.
    One tries to be reasonable, even in unreasonable conditions.  The other is essentially an extreme marxist ideologue, dedicated to forcing social democracy onto a common law, free enterprise country, as a form of punishment for having "oppressed" certain bodies of people.
     One is trying to re-establish a country that has had years of oppression of a kind that cannot be comprehended by most Americans.   While some speak of a War onWomen in the United States, the President of Libya must deal with armed gangs of deranged religious maniacs who think nothing of lining up the daughters, especially the daughters of people suspected of helping a different faction.   The thugs rape and shoot the girls in front of the parents, just as if the girls were common foreign female news reporters.   That is what the President of Libya sees as a War on Women.

     El Gringo Viejo noted when the President of Libya was speaking yesterday about the probable source of the disorders in Benghazi, assigning the blame to terrorists, probably under the control of an Al Qaeda group that he appeared to me to be an honest, sincere, and straightforward man.  A Statesman.

     El Gringo Viejo noted on the Letterman show that the President of the United States continued to lie and construct preposterous Windmills and Hobbit holes and Cheshire Cats concerning the probable source of the terrorist attacks.   WE CAN TRUST NOTHING THIS MAN SAYS ABOUT THIS ISSUE OR ANY OTHER.   HE IS A MARXIST WHOSE ONLY TRUTH IS THAT WHICH AIDS IN THE DESTRUCTION OF AMERICA AND ANY FREE STATE.

    We would be willing to trade Libya's President for ours, but something tells me that the Libyans would not take the trade.
And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.                                                           
El Gringo Viejo


          And the road show continues.  The entire tour of Mexico by Obama reveals the true nature of this disgusting personality.   The idea of bringing up American firearms being sent to Mexico when he and Eric Holder were among the worst personal offenders, is beyond extra-intergalactic universal kazoombah bouncing off the soft brain tissue of the millions of parasitic, low information, low intelligence, AFDC food stamp, and Section 8 voters and their twins....the leftist college professor cabal of certifiable socio-psychotic America-hating dregs.

     Romney left us this legacy by failing to attack Obama's failings and lies.   His Country Club Republican advisors have blood on their hands as well.   And they call us hillbillies, Confederates, conservatives, blue collar and small business, and Constitutionalist types "an embarrassment".

     We should keep up the pressure on this issue with the 535 useless ones (save for Cruz , perhaps Rubio...and may 10 or 12 others).   This is the time for emails and telephone calls.  Your humble submitter almost never does the emailing and calling bit.   He still sends an occasional letter by USPS, first class standard....but we need to spray the Clorox Clean-up all over this thing ".....that happened a long time ago".....Vince Foster deserves justice.  We can deliver some small measure of that justice by shredding the persona of (Sir Edmund)Hillary.
El Gringo Viejo