Friday, 10 May 2013

Marco Rubio Sees It Differently

   We begin this particular entry with the full and frank admission that we are very impressed with Senator Rubio, and we would vote for him for higher office readily.  It would seem that his hybridised political birth right....being both part of the Jeb Bush country club Republican "reasonable moderate"  and the Tea Party factions of the Floridian  Republican consist....has finally managed to put him into a position of having painted himself into a corner.
   The Country Club Republicans want to put a Happy Face on the Republican Party so as to recruit more,  what they call, "hispanics" into the party.    Those of us in the trenches of the reality of America have a more realistic understanding of these things...and it is not, as the Democrats say, to round up "all the hispanics" and ship them back to Mexico.
     Those of us who compose the huge majority of the Republican cohort of the American political scene....namely the skilled blue-collar, the small to very small business people, the barely wealthy, the professional and white collar people...know that that is how we identify ourselves.   When we go to a rally or a Tea Party function or something like that, we generally tend to assume that all the people who are there are working from a foundation of very similar catechisms.  There are a lot of Honourably Discharged people, a lot of volunteer workers, a lot of Sunday School teachers, who also hold down jobs, run businesses, drive trucks, play a few rounds of golf every year...or go fishing or hunting....maybe a Spurs game....or a Texans game if the money and time allow.    It is about the 9th thing that a person might note....that matter of what part of Europe or Africa or Asia the other folks came from historically.   But, even at that, it is simply a matter of interest..."Reality Genealogy"....but it is fact that the overwhelming majority of the people at those events are interested first and foremost in being Americans and/or Texians.     Their interest is in the future of their, be it the United States of America or Texas, or both.
White tip shark with his escort of
pilot fish.  They were commended
by Herman Melville, thusly:

They have nothing of harm to dread,
But liquidly glide on his ghastly flank
Or before his Gorgonian head;
Or lurk in the port of serrated teeth
In white triple tiers of glittering gates,
And there find a haven when peril 's abroad,
An asylum in jaws of the Fates![26]

     We also know that there are masses of people within each ethnic and racial  group who are eaten up with a disease that destroys the left hemisphere of the brain.   And what follows in this paragraph will be used immediately by some of my Bolshie-groupie,  pilot fish minders whose lives have been reduced to monitoring this poor, old,  minor-league, rightwing blogger-shark.    These leftie-pilot fish will cut and paste what is written to prove that I called "hispanics" Ku Klux Klanners.
    We continue.   These country club, highly qualified, best-saloons-and-restaurants-only, please  Republicans think that we Confederates are the same as Klanners.  They think all of us common people are low-grade Klanners at best.   They cannot tell the difference between a staunchly anti-racist equal- before-the-law person...a constitutionalist...from a stinking piece of whitetrash who can say things like..."If'n I ain't no better than no n****r, then who am I better than?"   They see the Tea Party dumboes, the ruralist dumboes, the small business people dumboes, the pro-life dumboes, and the people who eschew "benefits" to which they are "qualified" because they see them as degrading and essentially immoral, as intellectually  and socially inferior.   AND THEY PRETTY MUCH LUMP ALL THE FUNNY LOOKING, DARK SKINNED MOVIE EXTRAS NAMED GARCIA INTO A BIG LUMP CALLED ''hispanics".   And, of course, the Country Club, Reasonable Republicans know that we  need to come up with a response to "The Hispanics" so that "they" will love us.

     Jeb Bush is a really nice guy.   His wife is a real, live Mexican-type person (although we think that she has long since naturalised as an American citizen, and her area of origin in Mexico...the State of the centre of intellectual, religiously-based Conservatism in Mexico).  By them, we have established that America has had grandsons and nephews of American Presidents who were of Mexican ancestry, although we have never had such a condition drawn down from any Canadian source.   One of their children is establishing himself as a political force in Texas.   He will be making a Republic-wide race for a relatively important mid-ballot Secretariat in  2014 (I'm sorry, he IS making said run for office).  He very well could win the race, and then be on his way to the Presidency in 15 or 20 years.  (Abd, yes, El Gringo Viejo is aware that Rutherford Birchard Hayes was involved with some Canadian family genealogy entanglements.)
     Of course, and parenthetically speaking, by that time we should hope to have the Republic of Texas well established, with no FEMA, no Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative, no pyramid scheme Social Insecurity Program etc.

     The problem is that Governor Christie, Governor Bush, the Republican National Committee and all the power people of the party are driven to keep the dirty brown masses at a distance from their country club parking lot by trying to give "them" something.  

     As the difference between Confederate and Klanner, the Latin group is a huge, complex sociological globule which all but denies description, and which, if anything, is remarkable due to its lack of homogeneity .  NOT ALL HISPANICS ARE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Using the word "hispanic"reveals that the individual is working with, let us say, a very serious lack of understanding.   Hispanic, as they use the word, is a comfortable way to avoid saying that horrid word....Meks si kin....which is so insulting.  At least they think it is insulting.

     Now, to end, there is no reason to have any new immigration law.   We have not fully enforced the old law as of yet.  The old law was interpreted so loosely since 1987 that it essentially served at a 30% efficiency level, if that, in terms of inducting new blood into the American body politic.    The free-for-all allowance of "collaterals" to come in on the shirttails of the newly amnestied illegal alien of yesterday, meant that one person ballooned to 30 or so because collateral became not just immediate family, but also in-law, nephews, cousins, and grandchildren and grandparents.  And, unlike previous groups of Mexican entrants....almost all the new ones made their first stop the morning after arrival at the Texas Department of Human Resources.   And that is where the population explosion in the Lower Rio Grande Valley in Southernmost Texas came from.
     These people genuinely had no notion that they were doing anything wrong.   Catholic Charities advised them who to see, where to apply, and how to answer the 'trick questions" on the welfare applications and food stamp qualifying forms.   United Farm Workers off-shoot groups and "community organisers" helped steer the tidal wave of humanity to their new bounty of free money.

     And folks....we can pass all the "immigration reform" acts imaginable....and these people will not even see us...we are invisible to them.   They hate Mexico, they hate America, they hate each other, they practice the most amazing self-defeating deportment imaginable and they demand that the productive pay for their  bastardy, their diabetes, their defective babies whose mothers smoked dope, drank alcohol to excess, ate lard and glorp, their DWIs, their AFDC, their WIC, their Head Start, their Section 8 or public housing, free lunch, summer free lunch, ESL, utility subsidy, free cellular telephones, etc. etc. etc.

     Whitetrash Anglo-types are one thing for certain.   They are whitetrash.   They have not the vaguest notion what the term "non-deferred gratification" means....or "deferred gratification" is.   But for a person who is probably 89% Britannic, with a bit of German Saxon and Prussian, HE REALLY DOESN'T WANT TO BE LUMPED IN OR HANG AROUND WITH A BUNCH OF TOOTHLESS METH-HEAD WHITE TRASH, JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE SOME KIND OF ENGLISH BACKGROUND.   NO!  NO!  NO!

      Likewise, the Latinos  in Texas who managed to domesticate the Anglo and other non-Mediterranean European white-ancestried groups....and who have served in the military, gone to work every day, studied and advanced, been part of an established productive communitarian whole....despise the above described horde of Amnestied people.   They do not like being lumped into some amorphous thing called "hispanic".   They consider themselves Americans....even as they are, quite properly, very proud of their ancestry.    They tend to vote conservative....Republican....for a Republican Anglo over a Latin Democrat....they are numerous at any Republican precinct or County Convention...and now State Republican Convention...AND THEY DESPISE THE NOTION OF ANOTHER AMNESTY.  They are Ted Cruz.

      "We" do not need to bribe-up "their" vote.   They is Us.  We is them.   So, Senator Marco,  your experience growing up with and among the Cuban refugee community is not the experience we have here in Texas.   Here we have anchorbabymothers.  Until we overturn by statute or Constitutional Amendment, the ridiculous notion that a child born on American soil strictly for the purpose of giving that child's mother a free ride on the taxpayers' can"reform" immigration laws ad infinitum, and the problem only become further engrained.  Institutionalised, multigenerational public assistance dependency.
    We know that the last Amnesty caused the hugest induction of people who required and demanded a free ride....and who received it...courtesy of both a promiscuous business community (grocery stores, banks, saloons) and a lethargic, slothful inundating group (amnesty people and their collaterals), and the political class who will "give a child a little bite to eat"...."give a child a free baseball uniform so that...." "Give a child a free week at camp so that....."  always with somebody else's money, of course.

     Chuck Schumer and all Democrats in the "Gang of Eight" , in the Senate,  and almost all the Democrats in the Lower House, are laughing up their sleeves because they think they have their Republican colleagues  just about ready to take the bait.   They genuinely have a very low opinion of the group called "hispanic".   El Gringo Viejo can at least see the good in a fourth or a fifth part of these Amnesty 1986 people....many join the military and immediately become different people.   The ones who do not join the military very frequently join gangs.  Schumer sees only dull, dependent people who will complete the classical loop in Democrat political strategy....Tax, tax!  Spend, spend! Elect, elect!   Dependency is the Democrats' most important product.

     These are observations and facts that Republicans in the Senate should not advance one step on any immigration matter, until the Mexican military has further degraded the cartels and other organised crime elements, and until such time that the American, or preferably, Texian authority can establish a  Frontier that can only be penetrated by people legally going and coming in commerce, industry, and/or tourism.   ESTABLISH A FRONTIER THAT CAN ONLY BE PENETRATED BY PEOPLE LEGALLY GOING AND COMING IN COMMERCE, INDUSTRY, AND/OR TOURISM.

THAT IS WHAT WE WANT.  THE DEMOCRATS WANT CANNON FODDER.  We appreciate your time and interest.
El Gringo Viejo