Monday, 13 May 2013

Anglican Curmudgeon: A Musical Break in Dispiriting Times

Numerous relevant not-too-depressing Cello solos.  Excellent for the ears and soul.
please notice and respect the copyright of Mr.  Haley, the Anglican
 Curmudgeon, whose short story surrounds several excellent
selections that actually will bring The Calm.
It will be necessary for the OROGs to scroll
down through the story to arrive at the
videos of the Cello pieces
A bit of an interlude.  Our nation is fraying.  Even El Gringo Viejo seeks refuge in the nearly childish notion of sealing off the Republic of Texas from the degeneracy and totalitarianism offered to people who will trade their liberty for security, and who therefore deserve neither.  A place to hide for El Gringo Viejo and The Boss is in worthwhile labour, baseball, in music, in gardening, in sewing and baking goodies for the granddaughters and the few friends that are left, and finally fixing the treadle sewing machine, in cleaning the old rifle and replacing that weak spring, thinking about friends, dealing with the guilt of not having been one of the dead ones coming back from the wars...or at least wounded.
Let us await the Will of the Great Cosmic Force whose daughter has spoken to children from Lourdes to Fatima and to an Indian in Tepeyac.   Almighty Father, grant me the power to change the things that must be changed and to accept such things that must remain, and further grant me the Wisdom to know the difference.   Amen