Friday, 31 May 2013

A Prediction: Geezers Take Notice of this Warning

     Once the people between the ages of 18 and 35 figure out that Father Obamaham is going to saddle them with some bad choices, there are going to be problems for us Geezers.
     The whippersnappers are going to learn, with mouths agape, that they will have either "exchange insurance" which is fairly useless and qualifies a person for conveyor belt medical service, or private insurance that will cost around 500 dollars per month per person in family.
     This will be done while the Geezers maintain their old Medicare and whatever supplemental they are buying....still not cheap...about 100 to 300 dollars a month extra for the enhanced coverage...even after many years of contributing into the "Medicare Trust Fund".
     But. as we suggest, the low information, low intellectual power mass of "younger people"  have been trained to hate people who "have".  Once they see the premiums they will have to pay for their "free medical care", there will be a visceral, cave-man response by people who have been fed moral relativism for the past 50 years in public schools.
     So, it's just a thought.  All us Geezers might want to avoid 6th Street in Austin on Friday and Saturday nights....not just because of the "urban situation", but because of the groupings of 26 year-old sophomores at the  Peoples' University of Texas who are just learning that they are going to have to pay Obama 6,000/year as a matter of force, law, and fact....or they are going to go exchange or private and get to pay 18,000/year for a family of four (whatever a family is defined as in Austin by that time).   Quite a sticker-shocker for "free medical".
    So, maybe I can move back up to the real world and set up a saloon there by that auditorium....I can call it "Old Gringo's Soylent Green Saloon:   last stop on the happy trail" .
Soylent Greenly,
El Gringo Viejo