Thursday, 25 April 2013

What is the surprise?

Folks talk past each other continuously.  Platitudes, trite sayings, overgeneralisations, dogmatic statements all abound.   As a person with an opinion, perhaps El Gringo Viejo is guilty at least as much as the worst among us.  And so, the solution for the body politic in dealing with me is to simply say, "He is too opinionated", or "He is too extreme".
     That solves the problem.  Relegate the Old Fool off to the attic, or to the shed out back that has a bed and a bit of a shower room, and tell him that supper will be brought to him in a little while.
     But, in the ephemeral swirl of ideas and notions, theories and theorem, thesis and antithesis and synthesis....what is known to be true because it is true, cannot be denied.   One who challenges what is demonstrably the truth cannot be accommodated solely for the purpose of being "reasonable" or "willing to compromise" or "finding common ground".
These truths are certainly self-evident:

     It might be inappropriate to say, but immigration is not necessarily a good thing.   If people arrive here to complain that things aren't to the liking here, because in Lower South Garbagia the government gave people two hundred quarts of borscht every three days, free, then there is a problem.
     Folks should not be surprised that the two Marathon bombers were on welfare.  Most people arriving to the United States at this time expect to have free everything.  Things have changed.   With the 1986 Amnesty, which directly reinforced the entitlement notions induced by the "War on Poverty", it was one of the main objectives, especially of the collaterals who were permitted to come in once the Amnestied relative was legalised, to obtain free goodies.
     We owned a very nice Laundromat for many years here on the border.   There were three girls who were collaterals to another, slightly older, girl who were talking.
      The older girl was giving the others a philosophical orientation about their new digs.  They were unaware that El Gringo Viejo could understand them.  She stated, and I shall remember this forever, "It's a lot better here.   Here the government takes care of you when you get tired.  If you learn how to apply, you can get almost  anything for free.  The only thing wrong is the damned gringos that live here."

     The time of the people sailing past the Statue of Liberty with nervous anticipation and joy for the smell of liberty and opportunity is dimming.    They still come, but in an ever decreasing percentage of the whole.   One must consider that one-third of all Muslim men in London are living with four wives, and all four wives are on the dole.   It is a typical form of benefit harvesting.   The Brits permit it and it might be their final blow as a place with even a residual of majesty.   Perhaps they might learn early enough that if Muslim move into a non-Sharia nation that they must abide by the laws of that nation, but that is not the view to-day, either of their immigrants nor substantial numbers of ours.

     Barak Obama's aunt Zietuni Obama and uncle Omar Onyango Obama have lived in that same area of Massachusetts....Boston and surroundings....for a combined 40 years...completely on the public dole.  And they feel offended that they have not had better treatment and consideration.  Uncle Omar has made fame as a repeat DWI.  And, he does not use a public defender.   He has upper-drawer Philadelphia lawyers.  He blatantly threatens that if anything happens to him, he has the President's private might be the bottle might not.  But he does have 1,000 dollar/hour attorney intervention.   His only work is off the record at ..... a liquor store.    Auntie Zietuni and Uncle Omar were and are both illegal aliens and have been ordered deported on occasion...but they still here.
     Auntie Zietuni has complained loud and long, a la Maxine Waters  and Shirley Jackson Lee about the deplorable treatment she has had, while dressed up like a something or another and with her nails glittering and her hair extenders glistening.  It is too much to be believed.

     And now we learn, further, that although participation in public assistance, certainly, is a matter of public record,  the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has sealed the Boston Bombers' participation in the various and sundry public assistance programs that were advantaged by them.   Auntie Zeituni and Uncle Omar cost the taxpayers a combined 120,000 per year at this time with the housing, food, recreation, walking around money, Medicaid, etc.   You just gotta love it.....

There come times when being reasonable is like drinking poison.   If I continue to drink this hemlock juice it is going to kill me.  If I continue to answer the questions, "Do you think a child should go hungry?  Don't you think someone should feed him?"    The time has long past for mobile spaying and neutering clinics, and the outright abolition of public assistance.   The grocery chains and the Farm Bureau and the Banks be damned!

El Gringo Viejo