Monday, 1 April 2013

Speaking as an Episcopalian

Words from the sermon of the Rev. Dr. Father Luis Leon, who told the congregation it is acceptable to have doubts about their faith, but it is important not to dwell in the past.

“When we dwell on the past, when we dwell on the if onlys of life, we forget that God addresses us in the now,” Leon said.

Father Leon said that there are  members of the religious right who are trying to pull people back rather than letting them move forward, “The captains of the religious right are always calling us back, back back. For blacks to be back in the back of the bus, for women to be back in the kitchen, for gays to be in the closet and for immigrants to be on their side of the border.  What you and I understand is that when Jesus says you can’t hang onto me, he says you know it’s not about the past, it’s not about the before, it’s not about the way things were but about the way things can be in the now.”

“Will you accept the invitation from our gospel today to see things with Easter vision, recognizing reality in a different and new and wonderful way?” he later added. “Today the choice is yours. Jesus Christ is risen today. That’s the proclamation. May god bless you with Easter vision now and forever. Amen.”


    Rush is quite wrong. He states that Father Luis is on a bit of an adrenaline high because the Real Live President of the United States is in Pew 57.   The presence of the poseur known presently at the President of the United States did not in any wise provide the inspiration and exhileration to reach new rhetorical  frontiers.   It is the same bilge that most Episcopal priests and priestesses fork over to their parishes and communicants on a regular and steady basis.    The vast majority of the clergy of the Episcopal Church has changed from a form of Orthodox Christianity to a much more hip, modern form of church that is driven by marxism and notions held wholly within the sticky nets made in the gulags and concentration camps

     One who is ordained into a great, orthodox, catholic, and apostolic church, I presume, must now dedicate himerself to the dignigration of people who must be denigrated.....such as conservatives, Republicans, and believers in common law, natural law, and such a silly notion as having a Homily or Sermon at an Episcopal Mass celebrating the Feast of the Resurrection do something like pertain to the issue at the Feast of the Resurrection....on the first Sunday, following the first Monday, after the first full moon following the vernal equinox.

     As in most Universities, it is very lamentable that the Episcopal Church USA, the bulk of the Methodist, Presbyterian, and even Lutheran Churches....with few exceptions are much more concerned about reminding their dwindling congregations that churches are echo chambers for secular humanist talking points, and Christians are "out of style...not modernising...out of touch with the popular culture".

     Christians of the dull old style are lumped into the  snake handling, homo-phobe (what is a homophobe, anyway), group that  does not accept liberation theology as the new norm.   We are known to be the nouveau Klanners, fascists, conservatives, Republicans, conformist, self-sufficient, independent, and a hundred or so other epithets are thrown at the ancients who were the parishioners and the clergy of the Episcopal Church  and  the Anglican Communion.  These new,improved churches and clerics  preach acceptance of things that do not work, things that produce vile and horrid illness, and political systems that have failed at each instance of their imposition upon a gullible and/or helpless population.


    So, as an Episcopalian, I stride to the door and leave this tacked to the portal of the Sanctuary of Saint John's Church, Episcopal, situated not far from the White House, in Washington, District of Columbia.

     Father Luis Leon,
     Saint John's Church, Episcopal
    Washington, District of Columbia

         We have surveyed several of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer type people, reverend Father, and we have none who are in favour of returning Negroes to their place in the back of the bus.  Several of them who are old enough were not in favour of said practise when it was more common, principally because it was a governmentally imposed and generally useless provision designed to put Caesar more in charge of the affairs of man.   Nor, reverend Father, did we encounter any people who were in favour of hauling immigrants back " their side of the border".   And, we found that none of our membership had required their wives, maidservants, female slaves, or concubines to be chained to the stove, bedpost, or any other fixture in the house or hovel of their abode.

     Why do you accuse us of such things?  And why do you think that in giving of our  gain to the hand of Caesar that any good will come of it?  Do you not see the ill of central planning of public assistance?   Are you not saddened that so many children are born into welfare a life of dullness that is filled with crime, killing, multigenerational dependency upon food stamps, AFDC, public housing, drugs, free school lunches, promiscuity, depravity, filth, graffiti, and hideous addictions?   That is the path for humanity that you endorse.   Pointless "change" designed to  destroy the Church and the Republic so as to establish that perfect, classless society where none need be judged.

St. John's Church in 1918
Historical photo of St. John's Church,
Episcopal, in 1918 - public domain
     Is it so difficult to admit that our "side" sees your motives and we understand that you are on a mission to destroy the Church and the Republic.  You needn't pose and blame the people who made the nation a wondrous, largely pious, and hopeful sanctuary among nations.   You should disabuse and your fellow adherents to the heresy of 'liberation theology'....of the idea that you are operating on a plane that the "common folk" cannot understand.  Therefore you can also disabuse yourselves of the need to try to obscure your intent to subvert the religion and the culture without the "common folk" knowing or much less understanding your motives, tactics, and strategies.   We know.   We have known for a long time.

     It would have been so much better for you and yours to have studied something other than "Rules for Radicals" and sought to deal with poverty as does the Salvation Army.   How sad that you and people of your philosophical alignment use the establishment of systems that destroy entire has public a method by which you can gain more cannon fodder for your totalitarian schemes.   There is no health in you, reverend Father.   Your tommin' for the man during the Mass for the Feast of the Resurrection is lower than classless, lower than minor league, and clownish.   So, after all is said and done, maybe it really is the best you can substance....all meaningless posturing....nothing for the soul of humankind....only rhetoric designed to denigrate people about whom you know nothing and yet love to revile.   Not quite what one might call a Christian milestone, but apparently it is the best you and yours can do.

This is nailed to the door of your parish.

El Gringo Viejo


The OROGs know that we are not hiding behind a nom de plume.  Our identity is easily recovered.  But...El Zorro and El Gringo Viejo have to put on their riding clothes before they launch out into the night at full gallop!  Also, we think that it is Pew 57 that is historically used by the President when, over the many years of the Republic, Presidents have come to the inspiring facility.  But, it could be 54 or fifty-something else.
El Gringo Viejo