Wednesday, 6 March 2013

When people compare the bad of Bush and Cheney to the good of Obama and Biden

This is a reprint of a comment we made earlier about the evils of Bush and Cheney.   This is an original Gringo Viejo response to one of the effete marxist one-worlder, global warming pyschoes who zombie out the bilge about Bush and Cheney.   We lost our temper a bit.  The person to whom we were responding also had the same grind about Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney, et al.    The commentator to whom El Gringo Viejo was responding was asking "Do you remember ....and then would follow some false, but stereotypical presentation about some thing the dastardly Republicans had done or said...supposedly...which was actually not a true fact.   For instance, "Sarah Palin is so stupid that she said she was qualified to be vice-president because she could see Russia from her front porch."   That means that Tina Fey is Sarah Palin, but why bother with the truth? 

     Remember Mitt? Yes. Remember the Death Panels? Yes. Remember WMD? Yes. Remember Saddam and al Qaeda? Yes Remember Cheney? Yes Remember Bush? Yes. And NEVER FORGET IT! Okay. Mitt is a nice guy and a much better specimen of humanity than a duplicitous, mendacious marxist who presently holds the office of President of the USA. Death Panels are included in the Obama Socialised Medicine Initiative, as Sarah Palin said they would be and as they are in all socialised medicine countries. WMDs were used throughout the Iran - Iraq War by Saddam Hussein, and he also used them on at least three large scale cases against his own people with resultant casualties numbering between 30,000 and 40,000. He also blew the wells and he also drained the domain of the Swamp Arabs who had farmed on floating gardens, producing some of the finest vegetables and other fine produce for over 2,500 years on complicated floating plots. And al Qaeda explains itself, because it will kill anyone, especially Muslims, who disagree with their dogma. And Bush and Cheney revealed their medical records, school transcripts, and have unamended passports. They also won two wars without pridefulness and it was a shame that Obama has done everything possible to lose what had been gained. Petty, petty little mendacious, marxist, Manchurian delinquent.
This is placed here as a public service for any OROG who wants a quick response to anyone droning forth about the evils of Conservatives and Republicans.  Fight back.
El Gringo Viejo