Sunday, 17 March 2013

We have to pass these things among ourselves...a couple of salient messages thrown through the window last night.


We may have seen it ...or perhaps not.   It is worth looking over, thinking about, and studying.


     We remember the ATF and E, and other central government entities knocking doors down and taking firearms away from black people in New Orleans....simple pistols and rifles, when looters, common theives, and Crips / Bloods / etc. were carrying off everything, including the sacking of famous museums.   We might recall that Fats Domino's home....and his collection of numerous gold and platininum original records mementos, literally thousands of practise and pre-publication tapes,his incredible signature collection, his art collection, his personal papers, a manuscript of his memoirs, and everything of any value was carried off by organised, professional looters.
      The ATF and E and other people involved in central government law enforcement could not discern twixt coloured folks and scumbags.  So the rule was, quite literally, disarm the law abiding and let the looters, Crips, and Bloods ransack the Crescent City.
      On this particular point, it is true that the lynchings conducted by the Klan were curtailed substantially when white people bent or broke rules....and people like Strom Thurmond, moved to arm the decent Negro class (the vast majority of the population at that time) to the extent possible.   In certain central Alabama, in some areas in Mississippi, but in the North as well....this arming, with simple weapons...and the training that was rendered to older boys and the men, gave the decent class of Negroes a quick, simple, and effective way to stand up to what were essentially whitetrash bullies.
     Returning to Strom Thurmond, even in those days Strom was a segregationist, but he was a fair player, when measured by the times.  As Attorney General of South Carolina, he pushed a bill through the State Legislature prohibiting the covering of the face during multi-person, outside "events".  I think the bill also covered the "painting" of horses and mules involved in multi-person, outside "events''.   The issue of the horses and mules dealt with the thugs and bullies blacking their horses so as to avoid being identified by any reasonable witness, Negro or White, against them.
     The bill was overturned after a few years by a dumbo court of review....but by that time the Klan had already lost a lot of wind out of its sails.   And before anyone does a holier than thou strut, the largest State memberships for the Ku Klux Klan, in its a percentage of State's population or in gross numbers either one, was Indiana, and then was Illinois, and then Wisconsin.   This was during the 1925 - 1935 period.
THIS NEXT ENTRY PERTAINS TO THE HAUGHTINESS, ELITISM, AND ARROGANCE of the anti-2nd Amendment crowd.   It brings back haunting memories of someone saying, "We'll have to vote for the bill to find out what's inside of it."   And the other famous intonement, "The Pope is probably just unaware of certain things as it pertains to women's issues...." .   I believe the name of the deranged person is Nancy Pelosi, "the girl with the plastic face"....or "The girl who stood in the wind-tunnel machine too long" or something like that.   But now, a different arrogant elitist....different but exactly the same.

El Zorro observes, intones, and laments:

It is impossible to know what to say except that it is inconceivable that an elected Senator to the United States Congress could say to the world that “…none of the amendments to the Constitution are absolute.” This is what Dick Durbin stated in the Senate hearing on Feinstein’s Gun Ban bill. This was after Texas Senator Ted Cruz asked Senator Feinstein, and never got an answer, to the question (paraphrased) “Are certain Americans specifically exempted from the 1st, 2nd, and 4th amendments to the Constitution?”. The Constitution is the ONLY law that is fundamental and absolute. Senator Feinstein’s response is simply that the Congress makes the laws and the Supreme Court rules whether they are constitutional or not. It is a very troubling state of affairs when the legislators do not care about the Constitution. They write what they want and let the chips fall where they may without regard to the Constitution. Cannot treason be considered for all these anti-constitutionalists? Why does the media not cover Durbin’s ignorant statement? Then Feinstein gets away with no more than saying how educated she thinks she is and condescends to the superior intellect in the room. My kingdom for a republic.

Un saludo por una epoca mas sencilla!  Salud, Amor, y Pesetas
y Tiempo para Disfrutarlas!

El Gringo Viejo